April 12, 2010

Lara and the Four Shafts - walkthrough

author of the level: Elke Schwarz a.k.a. Eelkemama
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft


secrets: none

BIG GARDEN WITH POOL: Park your bike here, take shotgun shells from the ground to the left and use the jump switch on the wall to the left to open the big gate. Enter the big garden beyond the gate. Place four shaft keys in their receptacles on the other side of the green wall to the left from the entrance. This will open the big gate in far left corner. Before proceeding to the next room, use the jump switch on the right green wall (climb the reddish ledge in the middle of the garden and go to the right end of it). This will open a gate in the pool in the next garden. Make sure to collect the green key from the middle reddish ledge with plants (it's hidden between two plants in the middle of this ledge).

Now you can proceed to the next garden, which has a pool. Jump into water and swim to the other side. Go into the shallow water in the far right corner of the pool, and use the jump switch on the wall to open the hatch at the end of the UW passage. Turn around to face the entrance, dive in and swim into the passage under water. Follow the long twisted tunnel to the opened hatch and pull out.

CAVES: Inside this small dark room you'll see two closed gates to the left and right. Climb the blocks straight ahead and go through the passage beyond (S). When you enter the cave, use both metal floor tiles (to the left and to the right) to open both gates in the previous room. Go back there. To prevent some backtracking, first go into the room to the left (W).

COLOR SPHERES PUZZLE: Inside this room you'll see some color spheres and colored floor tiles. You guessed well: you need to push/pull the spheres onto their corresponding tiles. However, the green sphere is in a pit and unavailable at the moment, and another (gold) sphere is on a raised block, also unavailable. One colored floor tile is also raised, thus making it impossible to push the sphere onto it. So, you need to raise the green sphere to the floor level, to lower the yellow sphere to the floor level, and to raise the white sphere on the raised blocks in the center of the room. Here's the sequence:

Use the switch in the near left corner from the entrance to raise a block next to the yellow sphere which is in the near right corner from the entrance. Go there, climb in the alcove behind the sphere and push it onto the raised block. Now return to the switch and use it again to lower the block and getting the yellow sphere in the floor level. The white sphere is nearby, so push/pull it so it stands to the left of the closed gate opposite the entrance (when facing the closed gate). Climb the ladder in the far right corner of the entrance and pull a switch to raise the block under the green sphere thus bringing it to the floor level. Go in the far left corner, pull the green sphere out of the corner and push it onto the green tile nearby. Use the switch behind the green sphere to raise a block under the white sphere, thus bringing it to the same level as the white tile. Now you can push/pull remaining spheres to their corresponding colored tiles and open the gate.

Go through then to the right. Climb the block and use the checkered tile to lower a block elsewhere. Return to the color puzzle room, then to the first cave. Go through the doorway on the opposite wall and find flares, an LMP and an SMP on the left side of the cave. In the far right corner there is the block you've just lowered. Go there and use the jump switch to open the gate in the room beyond the color puzzle. Return back there and go left, towards the open gate.

BOULDERS: Climb into the opening and go backwards, one floor tile by one. On the third floor tile you'll hear the boulder, so sprint back to the room and to the right to get out of its way. Then climb up the ramp to the second boulder. Push the boulder down the second ramp and slide down into the water. Climb out and turn to face the water. Jump across to grab the opening, pull up and climb the stairs up to a vase. Shoot to break it and use the switch behind to open the gate at the bottom of the second ramp. To get back there, climb into the opening to the right of the switch and use another switch to open the gate to the right. You are now back to the room where you found the second boulder. Slide down the ramp backwards, grab the edge, pull up and back flip through the double gates doorway. Slide into the passage.

Inside the big room with windows and another closed gate on the opposite wall, find the ladder on the last brown pillar on the left and climb into the opening. Go left and flip the switch to open the door on the other side. Drop down to the floor, cross to the other side and climb the ladder on the last pillar to the right (from the entrance). Inside the alcove flip the switch to open the door nearby and take the red key. The door you've opened is on the right, so go there and enter the maze.

Go forward then left and follow this passage to the end. Flip the switch to open the exit gate on the other side of the maze. Return to the entrance and take the other way. Follow this passage to the end and exit through the open gate on the left. Unlock the door with the key and go through the doorway.

UNDERWATER: Dive in the pool and pull the UW lever to open one gate in the tunnel (to the left of the tunnel). Swim into the tunnel and turn right at the intersection. Swim to the end of the passage and pull the UW lever to open the other gate at the intersection. Swim back to the intersection, then left, to get some air in the pool. Take a deep breath, swim back to the intersection, then left and to another UW lever. Pull it to open the third gate, swim back to the intersection, then left and through the passage, to emerge in a big pool. Use the jump switch in far left corner to open the big gate and go through.

ALLEY WITH TREES: In this alley, go to the right side of the central pillar and use the jump switch to disable the spikes on the corner tile in the next area. Go through the gate into the garden with pyramids, then to the left, into the garden with spikes. Go to the wall opposite the entrance and turn to face the spikes and the brown ladder in the corner. Time your run jump across the spikes when they are retracted, and land on the square where spikes are disabled. Climb the ladder and enter the alley with slanted walls. Go left and pull onto the single slanted pillar. Back flip from it, roll and grab the edge of the slanted wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up onto the flat pillar. Run jump onto the next pillar (run jump because the ceiling, though transparent, is too low). Use the lever to the left to lower a block back in the garden with pyramids, and climb back up the ladder above the spikes. Time your run jump to land on the spike filed when they are retracted and sprint away before they pop up again. Go right, back to the garden with pyramids, and to the left, where you've just lowered the block.

BURNING LEVER: Inside this room with red floor, there is a lever to the right, but it is burning, so you cannot use it. Go to the other side of the lever and stand to face it. Just to the right of it there is a low step that can be used as a needed boost to get on top of the wall. Run jump to land on the other wall and use the checkered tile to lower a block down at the floor level. Go into the opening behind the lowered block, and into a tunnel. Go right, turn right around the corner, then again right. Look up to the right to locate the jump switch on the wall above. Use it to open the trapdoor of the fish tank, and proceed to the end of the passage. Climb down the ladder through the opening right.

Go right (W) and around the fish tank. At the end of the passage two tiles are steaming, so avoid stepping on them. Run jump from the highest part of the last red block to grab the pillar on the other side of steaming tiles. Climb to the top, pull up and step on the checkered tile to disable the burner in the room above. Drop on the other side of the pillar, go to the other side of the tank and up the ladder to the passage above. Follow the passage back to the room with lever and now use it to open the gate back at the entrance to this room. Exit the way you came in and go right, into the passage.

As you go, you'll see a pushable sphere in this passage, ignore it for now. Follow the twisted passage to the end, where you'll see the closed gate. Directly opposite this gate is a jump switch. Use it to lower a block back at the pushable sphere. Return there and push/pull the sphere onto the checkered tile to open the gate at the other end of the passage. Finally, go back to the gate and enter another big room.

BOULDERS PUZZLE: In this room notice the closed gate to the left. Jump onto the wooden ledge above the burner pit, run and jump on the second wooden ledge, then to grab the stone ledge opposite the entrance. Use the jump switch here to open the gate. Jump back on the second wooden ledge, then on the first, then drop into the pit on the other side of the wooden ledge. Use the switch here to trigger one of three boulders in the next room and make it land on the triggering checkered tile. Jump to grab the wooden ledge, jump on the stone ledge near the entrance, go right and enter the room with three boulders. The second boulder is already triggered, but the first two boulders are still waiting at the top of the ramps in this room. Go up the ramp between second and third boulder and drop into a shallow pit. Lower yourself and use the checkered tile here to trigger the second boulder. Return back to the boulder room. On the pillar high above the entrance is the lever. There is also an invisible crack in the wall lit up with red light. Jump up here to grab the crack and shimmy to the right until you can pull up on the block. Use the switch to trigger the first boulder and open the gate opposite the entrance. Enter the next room.

TIMED BLOCKS: In this room you'll see another closed gate in the far right corner, and a high opening you cannot reach. Turn around to face the entrance and shoot the vase in high alcove to raise a block in the middle of the room. Climb on this block and run jump diagonally (no Action) to land inside the opening. Climb up to the left on the upper level. You'll see a switch nearby. Flip it to raise couple of timed blocks on the other side of the room. Immediately roll and sprint towards the blocks. Jump on the first one, then on the higher one, roll and jump again on the upper level (you don't have time to pull up on these blocks, you have to jump onto both of them). Run into the opposite corner (SW) and pull up into a raised crawlspace. Drop on the other side and use the checkered tile to open the big gate outside. Return back to the gate and go through.

BIKE RIDE: Ride the bike which is parked to the right behind the gate. Drive up the long ramp and to the end of the road, where you'll see a closed gate and two keyholes. Of course, you are missing the keys, so choose which route you will play first.

SLIDING LEDGES (YELLOW KEY): Enter the room to the right, and avoid falling on the deadly floor below. Slide backwards to the end of wooden ledge. Grab the edge and shimmy to the left and around the corner. Pull up onto the second sliding ledge, slide forward then to the left, until you stop on the metal edge at the end. Pull into the alcove above and take the yellow key. Grab the monkey climb above and monkey swing back to the entrance.

TIGHT ROPE (BLUE KEY): When you enter this room, save your game, because you can only use the tight rope once. If you fall into the pit, you'll be able to climb back up, but you won't be able to walk on the rope again. So in that case, reload the save and try again. Once on the other side of the rope, pick up the blue key, drop into the pit and climb the ladder back to the entrance. Use both keys in the keyholes to open the gate.

ALLEY WITH LAVA PITS: Drive your bike through the gate and the breakable wall beyond. Park it here and cross the shallow pool to the left. Go to the edge of the first lava pit. Jump diagonally to the right to grab the crack on the wall and shimmy to the left, to the other side of the pit. Drop on the other side and follow the alley to another lava pit with breakable ledges above. The easiest way is to do a standing jump to grab the first ledge. Shimmy all the way to the left, run diagonally to the right and jump with a left curve to grab the second ledge. Pull up, run and jump in the alley ahead. Follow the alley to another lava pit. Shoot two vases on the other side of the pit to trigger the appearance of the swinging rope above the pit. Then use the jump switch mounted on the pillar next to you to open the gate at the end of the alley. Run jump to grab the rope, swing and jump to the other side. Follow the alley to the end, climb on the block to the right of the open gate to take the red key, and enter the room beyond the gate.

NOTE: If you failed to pick up the green key at the beginning of the level, the game will prompt you to get back and take it. You cannot get back the way you came (because you don't have those breakable ledges any more) so you have to find the shortcut. In that case, climb on the raised green ledge in the middle of this garden. Turn to face the pillar in the near right corner (to the right of the locked gate). Take a diagonal running jump to grab it, and pull up. The checkered tile here raises two blocks nearby. Drop to the ground, go to the far left corner from the entrance, climb on the raised block and into the opening. Drop on the other side and you'll back at the first garden. Find the green key and return back the way you came.

LAST GARDEN: Unlock the door with two keys and enter the garden of Croft Manor. Push open the door to the right, enter the house, then the study which is open and on the other side. Push open the door to the left, and when you enter the bedroom, the game is finished. Great work!

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