April 9, 2010

Lara and the Four Shafts - walkthrough

author of the levelset: Elke Schwarz a.k.a. Eelkemama
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft


secrets: seven

GARDEN WITH PYRAMIDS: Open the gate with the jump switch above Lara, go in the garden and kill two dogs in the way. Stand to face the first pyramid, and the entrance door on your left. Go in the far left corner of the garden to find an LMP which is secret #1. On the wall on the right you'll find a jump switch hidden behind a tree. Pull it to open a door elsewhere. In the second bush behind the entrance you'll find the green key that opens the gate on the other end of the garden.

ALLEY: Once out in an alley, go left and through the open door. Just to the left of the door you'll find a pushblock. Pull it out twice and go into the opening behind to use the floor tile that will lower a block in the other corner of the room. Go there, drop and use the lever to open another pit in the room. Climb back up, drop in the second pit and flip the switch to open the other door back in the alley. Exit, go left and through the door you've just opened. Use the jump switch just to the right of the entrance to open the door at the end of the alley. Go out, then left and into the water at the end.

Straight ahead you'll see a closed gate. Remember it and swim into a long tunnel to the right. Follow the tunnel to a UW lever and an air pocket above where you can surface. Use the lever to open the timed gate back near the entrance, roll and swim back to the gate before it closes. If it is closed, use the lever again to re-open it. Once beyond the gate, climb out of the water, then up the ladder above the pool, squeeze inside a small opening, and use the jump lever in the small room to open the door back in the previous room. Return there and enter the house through the open doorway.

HOUSE: Enter the library to the right. Climb into the middle opening between book shelves, and push the block here to the left. This will open the secret door in the library, so go through, pick up revolver ammo from the floor to the right and use the switch here to open the gate outside in the alley. Also use the jump switch on the other side of the entrance to open the exit door back in the dining room. Go back, then out to the alley, and go right, through the open gate on the other end.

COURTYARD WITH THE WELL: Kill a dog here, and climb the small ledge to the left. Behind the gate you've just gone through there is a concealed jump switch that opens the steel door in the far left corner of the courtyard with the well.

ROOM WITH BIG SLIDE: Go through and don't slide immediately down the slope when you enter the big dark room. Instead turn left and jump on the pillar next to the wall and climb down to the left to find a LMP which is secret #2. Jump back to the slope and slide down into the room. Kill a soldier lurking around and drop in the room below the big slide. Go around the slide and find the red key. At the bottom of this slide there is an opening with ladders on both side. Turn to face the slide and hang on the edge of the opening. Drop to grab the opening below, crawl in and follow the tunnel to another big room with h-shaped ledge.

There's no need for you to drop on the floor of this room. Your goal is to push/pull the block in the near left corner to the far right corner over the h-shaped ledge. But the ledge is missing some blocks, and you need to find the way to fill the gaps. So use the switch in the near right corner to raise first two raising blocks (and the fifth) and push/pull the block along the ledge, to the intersection. Pull/push the block over two raised blocks to the last block of the central ledge, which is stable. Return to the switch and use it again to lower blocks 1, 2 and 5, and to raise blocks 3 and 4. Push/pull the block over these blocks too, to the next gap. Use the switch once more to raise the block 5 again and finally push/pull the block onto the checkered tile in the corner, to open the passage in the upper room. Return via the crawlspace to the room where you found the red key and climb into the opening above the ladder.

Follow the long tunnel back to the room with big slope, climbing several blocks along the way. Once in the big room, go to the back side of the slide and climb the ladder to the top of it. Slide just a little and jump to grab the ledge above. Pull up and return to the courtyard with the well. Climb the opposite ledge and use the switch to the left of the bathroom window to open the door back in the house.

INNER ALLEY: Return there, go across the dining room into the library, then to the right, and through the door you've just opened. Inside the passage, climb into the alcove to the left, then through the opening above, to find a LMP which is secret #3. Drop down to the floor and go to the alley with a glass panel. The ladder here is useless for now, so go all the way around the perimeter, and flip the switch at the end of the alley, to open the timed door nearby.

Go into a room with slopes and ledges. Climb on the slanted block, back flip and land on top of the central pillar. Turn to face S, run jump and grab the sloped ledge ahead. Shimmy to the left around the corner, pull up and back flip with Roll and Action to land on the ledge behind. Run jump diagonally with a left curve to the next ledge, then again to the next. Turn to face the ledge with spikes and walk to the edge. Hop back once to prepare for carefully timed run jump. When the spikes are down, run and jump to land on the ledge with retracted spikes. Immediately jump forward onto the next ledge before the spikes extend again. Jump on the last ledge with checkered tile to lower two blocks down on the floor level. Drop down and go through the new opening.

As you enter, turn right and go into a small passage with a jump switch on the left. Use it to lower a block nearby, and climb on the ledge on the left side from the entrance. Push the block off the ledge and into the pit with the checkered tile to open the steel door, and enter the next room. Kill a soldier shooting at you. From the entrance, go left then around the corner, and climb the ladder. Climb another ladder, follow the tunnel and drop into a pit with a switch. Pull it to open the gate down in the passage behind you and go down the stairs and through the gate you've just opened. You'll pass past another gate that is closed. Enter a small room with central pillar, climb on it on its right side which is lower, and use the lever to open the second gate. Go out to a small courtyard.

Shoot the wasp nest in the treetop to open the gate and proceed through. Take the flares in the street and find a pushblock near the end. Push it to the end wall, climb up and drop on the other side of the wall. Inside this small room you'll see four glass ceiling tiles. Jump up through the one nearest the entrance and pull up to the roof, where you'll find an LMP which is secret #4. Drop down to the lower room. Enter the inner alley on the other side of the glass panel. At the end of this alley you'll see a note on the screen asking you if you have collected the red key. If you forgot to pick it up, use the switch in the alcove above the red keyhole to lower the blocks on top of two ladders in the glass panel, thus opening the shortcut back to the courtyard with the well. If you have the red key, just unlock the door with the key and proceed through.

EQUATION PUZZLE: When you enter, look to the left, and you'll see a blue panel. If you look through it, you'll see two equations: 12=x+7 and 9=x*3. So remember the results: 5 and 3. Enter the room to the right and go into the far right corner of this room with wooden floor. Look up in the ceiling above the right most lamp in this room and notice the pendulum swinging. Shoot it to raise the block in the alcove on the opposite wall, climb it then into the opening above. At the end of the hallway find revolver clips which are secret #5. Drop down and return back in the corner near the pendulum you shot. In the corner you'll find a pushblock. Push it out of the corner twice, then once to the left. Enter the passage behind and pull levers 3 and 5 to open a gate nearby. It is located in the far left corner from the entrance to this room. Go there and use the lever to open another gate. Turn around, make a few steps forward and turn right to stand against the wall. The opening is right above you, so climb up and drop in a corridor. Kill two soldiers on the right.

CORRIDOR: Go right and climb the next ladder. Inside a small room above the pool, jump into water and swim into the far left corner. Climb out of the water and go to the ledge above the pool. Straight ahead on the wall you'll see a jump switch. Flip it to raise a block back in the corridor. Then climb back to the higher block, turn to face the water and diagonally to the right, and run jump onto the middle ledge. Go left to the wall, and drop on the lower edge left. Use the checkered tile to raise a block above the pool and climb back up to the middle ledge. Go right, jump on a single ledge to the left, then jump to grab the raised block, pull up and turn to face the middle ledge. Run jump to grab the jump switch that opens a door in the corridor, jump back on the raised block and turn to face the ledge with burner. Use a diagonal standing jump to land on the corner of the burner ledge when the burner is off. Lara should be safe in the corner. Pivot her towards the pillar with a ledge behind it. Jump there, then pull up into the opening, and back in the corridor.

Once there, climb the block you've raised in the pool room, then up in the room with glass ceiling. Drop in the lower room, go to the other side and take the LMP which is secret #6. Pull the switch near the secret to raise another block which will allow you to get back to the corridor.

Enter the open doorway, and follow the passage to the right. Go up the stairs and climb on the upper level, where you will find a checkered floor tile that opens the other door in the corridor. Return there and enter the other room. Pick up some flares from the floor. Climb into the opening in the far left corner of the room and use a jump switch to fill the room with sand. In the far right corner from the entrance now you will find another jump switch that opens the door above. Then use the sand mound to climb to the doorway.

ROOM WITH PIT: Drop next to another closed gate which is on the left. Go right and to the edge of the green pit. Run jump diagonally to the left to land on a wooden ledge above the pit. Jump to the other side of the pit and turn left. On the wall you'll find the ladder, climb up then left into the cobwebbed opening. In the tunnel beyond use the checkered floor tile to raise a block in the room with the pit. Go to the opening above the pit, but don't drop down to the wooden ledge. Instead, jump up to grab the ceiling bars and monkey climb forward, then to the right. When you approach the wall, drop to grab the ladder, and shimmy to the left. Use the jump switch here to raise another block on the other side of the pit. Slide down into the pit, use the pillar with a ladder to climb up, then jump to the ledge with raised blocks, climb them and use the jump switch above to open the gate near the entrance to this room. Go to the other end of this ledge, jump on the wooden ledge, then diagonally jump in the doorway and go through the open gate.

PIANO ROOM: Enter the white passage with two windows. You can climb through the first window to find revolver clips which are secret #7 to the room with a fireplace and a piano. Go to the other side of the room, to the closed door. To the right, on the fireplace wall, you'll find a switch. Use it to change the room, go to the other side of the fireplace and this time you'll have a ladder here. Climb up then left, then up again. Once on the top, climb to the right and use the jump switch to open the door. Drop down and go into the bathroom.

LIBRARY: Use the lever to the right to open the door of the library. Push open the glass door to the left and proceed to the library which is on the right. When you enter, go to the left and behind the open door and pry the Southern Shaft Key from the wall. Find the revolver ammo on the other side of the library, as well as another switch that opens the door in the hallway. Before you leave the library, climb the ladder on the bookshelf, and inside the tunnel above use the checkered floor tile to open the door back in the room with the equation. Leave the library and go right, through the door you've just opened. You're back at the corridor. Climb the first ladder to the right, back to the room with equation puzzle. Go to the right, climb the low ledge to the right (where the equation is) and jump on the pillar under the gate. It will open meanwhile, so you will be able to proceed through here. But, if somehow you forgot to take the shaft key in the library, this door will remain closed, and the game will prompt you: "Door closed - shaft missing!" In that case, return to the library and take it.

HELICOPTER: Climb down the ladder on the opposite wall. Go left, then around the central pillar, and into the far left corner of the room. Use flares or binoculars to locate the ladder and climb up to the roof with helicopter. Behind a plant on the Northern wall you'll find a switch. Use it to raise a block near the helicopter. Climb on it to end the level.

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