March 25, 2010

Beyond the Scion - walkthrough

author of the level: EssGee
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level seven: Congo - Man or Beast Pt. 2

secrets: none

KONG FIGHT: Follow the passage to a small room where you'll hear your next enemy, a huge ape lurking outside. Use the lever to open the timed door nearby and sprint through to the courtyard with bridges. A tribesman will attack you along with Kong, this huge ape you heared. It is not so difficult to kill him, the best strategy is to let him come close and shoot from short distance. The ideal weapon is the shotgun, or bazooka, if you are eager to try it. When you kill the creature, pick up three grenades lying scattered over the courtyard, go to the other side and into a small open room where you'll find a LM lying in one corner. Return to the doorway and flip the jump switch just to the right of the door, to lower a block back at the beginning. Exit, go across the courtyard and enter the hallway you came in here from. If a tribesman appears, kill him.

DARK PASSAGES: On top of the ramp is the block you've just lowered. Enter here, go right and follow the tunnel to a T-intersection. First go left, pry the Carved Stone Piece from the wall with your machete, then drop in the pit to the right. Enter a small dark room, and shoot two crates in both far corners, to find Magnetic Winch and High Tension Rope. Climb into a larger room with a stone block in the middle, go to the other side, enter another passage and follow it to another room with central pillar. As you enter, climb the step in the middle of the room and turn around to face the entrance. Jump up to grab the ladder, climb and back flip onto the central pillar. Take the Stone Base Plate from the pillar and return back to the previous room.

In your Inventory combine Carved Stone Piece with Stone Base Plate to get Stone Mechanism and use it on the front face of the central block (S). This will open the wall to the left. Climb to a silver pushable object, and push/pull it onto the first silver floor tile to disable the first set of spikes. Push/pull it further onto the second silver floor tile to disable the second set of spikes. And finally, push/pull it onto the two remaining sivler floor tiles to disable the last double set of spikes in the passage. Go around the big stone block in the middle of this passage and combine Magnetic Winch with High Tension Rope to get Loaded Magnetic Winch. Use it on the back side of the big stone block to pull the big round stone from the wall. Go around it and pick up Temple Door Key from the floor. Return back to the room with central block, go left into the room with central pillar and use the key in the keyhole to open the door opposite the entrance.

In the corridor first go left and shoot a tribesman in a small room with skeletons. Then pick up a SM and revolver bullets from the floor, lit up a flare and read the inscription on the wall opposite the entrance. From left to right, here's what is says: "2 balls go kaboom, 2 trees are good, 4 balls go kaboom, big kaboom." Get back to the corridor and follow it to the other end. Then turn left and enter a room with a closed gate to the left. Proceed through the passage opposite the entrance and enter a pool room here. Dive in the water, and swim down the stream to the other side. To the right of four skulls on the wall there is a ladder. Climb it and back flip on the ledge behind. Go left (when facing the ladder), jump across the stream and find revolver bullets on the floor behind four skulls. Jump back to the central ledge, go to the right (S) and follow it to the end. Jump across to the ledge, go left, jump across once more and take a SM lying there (also notice a silver pushable object on the central ledge on this side).

TIMED PUSHABLES PUZZLE: We first need to do some preparation before attempting to use the timed floor button in the near right corner from the entrance. Push/pull that silver object to the East twice, then to the North three times. Stay on the central ledge, go to the side opposite the entrance (across the stream is the ladder), and find a jump switch near the corner to the left (when facing the ladders). Flip it to open the UW gate in the pool, dive in here and swim through into a small room where you'll find a chain. Pull it to raise a block in the pool on the other side. Swim back to the ladder, climb and back flip on the central ledge. Go back to the pushable object and now push it over the bridge you've just raised. Now, don't push the silver object on the nearest silver floor button (which is on the left when facing the bridge), but instead, push it to the right, towards the ladder. Push/pull it all the way to a single stone block to the right of the ladder (on the other side of this block you'll see another silver floor button).

Now return to the first floor button, stand on it to activate it and lower the stone block near the second floor button. Sprint to the pushable object and quickly push it once to the left (out of the corner, to stand next to the stone block). The block will raise by now, so return back to the first floor button and use it again. Sprint back to the pushable object and push it all the way onto the second floor button before the block raises again. This will lower a wall on the central structure.

In the room inside, go to the right and climb on a sloped block in the corner. Pull up, and back flip on the flat block in the next corner. Jump diagonally from the lower edge of the block, to grab the bars in the ceiling and monkey climb to the other side. Drop on the wooden ledge, turn right and jump to grab the hatch above and open it. Climb to the upper level and beware of two swinging spiked boulders in this room. Crouch and crawl between two boulders, and roll from crouching through spikes beyond. Take the Amber Stone from the pedestal and make your way back to the lower level. Leave and dive in the water, swim to the left and around the central structure, and return back to the previous room. Now leave and enter the room with closed gate where you were before. Use the Amber Stone in the receptacle to the left of the gate to open it and proceed through the passage cautiously. When you approach the first steam emitter on the floor, look at the textures on the wall on the left and right. See those nasty holes? That's where the spikes will extend when you approach them. So jump over to avoid them, and climb into the alcove to the right. Push the button to open the gate in this passage, jump back to the flooor, then across the second spike trap and proceed to the edge of the opening (don't even try to jump on the floating structure outside, trust me, you cannot make it).

SUSPENDED TEMPLE:  Draw the revolver and use the laser sight to find and shoot two greenish balls hanging on the suspended temple. The first is hanging on the left, just under the roof, and the other is hanging on the right, under the suspended temple (this is the first part of the inscription: "2 balls go kaboom"). After this, four blocks will lower in the passage behind you, revealing four buttons in the alcoves. However, you must not use all four buttons, but only two. This is what the second inscription you read before advise you to do: "2 trees are good". So use only two buttons with a tree symbol under them (the first button to the left and the second button to the right, when facing the passage with spikes). This will extend the bridge outside, so you can enter the suspended temple.

When you enter, turn right and then right again, to face the gap between the floating temple and the stone structure you came here from (the bridge is on your right). Now turn around, and drop to hang on the edge of the temple. Drop to grab the jump switch below, and be transported up on a small moving ledge. Once back at the temple, go into the far left corner from the entrance, where a block raised, making it possible for you to climb on a wooden ledge above. Climb there and hang from the edge so that the bridge is behind you. Jump upwards to grab the bars in the ceiling and turn around. Monkey climb forward, then to the right around the corner, then face the pillar with another jump switch below and drop to grab it. This will release four cover plates.

Now it is the time to locate and shoot four balls, as the third part of the inscription says: "4 balls go kaboom". From the jump switch turn to face the outside, and walk to the edge of the temple. Look to the left and down, at the small island with palm trees. Under the jutting ledge on this island you'll see the first greenish ball. Shoot it. From the same spot turn to the right and look to the stone building on the other side of the bridge. Just below the bridge and the doorway of this building, you'll see the second ball. Shoot it. Now go to the left side of the temple (when facing the bridge and the outside). You'll spot the third ball hanging on a tower outside the temple, you can see it through the opening in the temple wall. Shoot it as well. Now turn right, walk to the edge of the temple and face the bridge and the building on the other side. Under the doorway and the bridge, you'll spot the last ball (near the second ball you've just shot) and shoot it to trigger an amazing flyby showing burners activating, boulders falling and making fireworks, the central wall lowering and revealing a pedestal for the last part of the Scion. Climb to the pedestal avoiding burners and place the Scion on it. The central wall will raise, but the door behind you will open, so you won't be trapped.

In a small room behind, take a Thank You Note from the pedestal and read it in your Inventory: "If you are reading this note, then your quest is complete. Please accept this gift as a token of our eternal gratitude. We rest for now in immortality. Qualopec & Tihocan". From the same pedestal pick up Atlantean Gold Coinset, your reward from the immortals. The block to the right will lower, so go in the passage and save before climbing down the ladder.

ESCAPE: This last part is particularly tricky, because of many traps along the way, and the fact that the camera is fixed. Save whenever you can (for example, I save when Lara is in mid-air during a jump). Climb down the ladders until you can see Lara hanging. Drop and start sliding. Jump across the spike pit, slide further, jump across the blade and continue sliding. You'll hear a boulder behind you. When you see a green plant hanging from the ceiling, jump over the pit, immediately jump over the spike pit, slide a bit then again jump across another spike pit. After this pit keep holding Action button to make Lara grab the edge of the slide. You can save here, while hanging, so when you reload this save, Lara will drop on the next slide. When you drop, slide a bit and jump over the spike pit one square before the pit. Slide just a bit after, and jump to grab the monkey climb above. Immediately start monkey swinging forward, to avoid a boulder coming from behind. Keep monkey swinging until you finish the level and the game.


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