March 23, 2010

Beyond the Scion - walkthrough

author of the levelset: EssGee
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level six - Congo: Man Or Beast pt. 1

secrets: three

SHAFT: Inside a small room where you begin this level, find the pushable block and pull it away from the wall. Flip the switch you revealed to open the ceiling trapdoor to the left. Climb in the upper passage and jump into a small alcove behind you. Lower yourself and crawl into a short passage to find a LM. Return back to the opening, jump across diagonally and proceed cautiously to the blade. Jump over and carefully enter the shaft with bounce pad in the middle. Do not step on the bounce pad yet. Stand in a corner and shoot the forest tribesman high above you who shoots darts at you. Then kill the other tribesman who confronts you directly.

When they're dead, stand on the left of the bounce pad, face North and run onto the pad. Keep Up cursor key pressed and press Action also to grab the opening high above. Enter and find Machete (a crowbar). Turn around and run jump with Grab into the opening on the opposite side of the shaft. Turn to face the shaft and run jump diagonally to the left into the opening in the wall (press Action too). Use machete to cut the roots blocking the tunnel, go beyond and use the lever to open the door on top of the shaft. Now safety drop to the ground, use bounce pad to get to the top alcove like before, but this time run jump on either wooden ledges across the shaft, and then jump through the door. You can kill the mandrill walking around, or you can leave it be. Proceed through the passage into the room with other mandrill.

Once you enter the room, go to the other side and shoot to break two wooden crates, to find LM and Magnetic Winch inside. You already noticed the second bounce pad, now you can use it. Stand just to the left of the entrance, facing the room (N) and run on the bounce pad. Keep Forward and Action, to grab the wooden ledge above. Climb on the corner ledge and walk/sidestep to the very outer corner of the triangular ledge. Save before trying to jump to the other side, this jump is quite tricky. From this spot you cannot run jump directly, because the corner behind you prevents you from hopping back before run jump. You have to pivot Lara to the left, just enough for her to have space behind for a hop. Hop back, run, with slight steering to the right, jump and make another slight curve to the right while in mid-air, then grab. If you miss and break all Lara's bones, try again, this one is tought.

Once you grabbed it, pull up, go right and run jump diagonally from the corner with curve to the right to land on the stone ledge ahead. Turn to face East and jump up to grab the wooden ledge above. Pull up, jump on the square ledge, go around to the other side and take a SM lying on the floor. Finally, go into the room beyond, and use the timed lever to raise a block at the entrance (notice the door to the right of the lever, you'll open it very soon). Sprint back to the entrance, climb the raised block to the left and immediately jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the other side of the room. Drop to grab the jump switch on the opposite wall, and to open the door next to the lever. Drop and go through.

TORCH: Drop to the lower ground, go into the left passage, take revolver bullets from the floor just around the corner, then shoot the crate to get High Tension Rope hidden inside, combine it with the Magnetic Winch and use Loaded Magnetic Winch on the crate with shiny plate on it. This will move the statue away from the wall, thus revealing the opening behind. Go through and around the pedestal with a torch, but don't pick it up yet. Use Machete to cut through the roots of plants and proceed. At the fork, go forward, through the cobweb, and climb into the opening to the right. Take some shells from the ground and return to the fork. Open the trapdoor above you, climb up and take Temple Door Key from the pedestal. Drop down and finally take the torch from the first pedestal.

Return back to the timed lever and lit your torch on the flame in the passage. Return back to the room, and ignite two wall torches attached to the blue ledge below the entrance to the room. This will lower a block nearby, so enter the room to the left (from the entrance), drop your torch to unlock the door with the key, go get the torch back, go through the door and throw the torch into a small pool like you did in the previous level, for the same reason.

HALLWAYS: Go to the right, crawl under dart trap, climb the higher ground, crawl under another dart trap, and at the fork first go to the left, lower yourself and take a SM from the crawlspace. Return to the fork, go the other path, jump over the next dart trap and enter the hall beyond. Go up the stairs to the right, and find a pushable block in the wall. Push it inside the hallway beyond, and keep pushing it around the corner to the left, and place the block under the switch in the far right corner. Climb up, use the switch to open the door, and go through. At the top of the stairs you'll see a LM, but don't take it yet, since a death trap will kill Lara at this point. Find a pushable block on the ledge to the left of the entrance, and pull it out a couple of times, so it stands directly under the X sign on the ceiling. This will open a crawlspace in this room. It is located in the near right corner from the entrance. Go there, squeeze in and take another Temple Door Key from the pedestal. Return back.

In order to deactivate the spike trap above the goodies at top of the stairs, go back to the first pushable block and push it back to its original position. To the right you'll see a small alcove with another lever high on the wall. Push the block inside, climb it and pull the lever to disable the trap. Return to the staircase and take a LM and Uzi clips which are now safe to pick up. Return back to the hallway where you found the first pushable block. To the right is a staircase with a closed gate. Use your key in the keyhole to open the gate and leave. As soon as you exit, go to the right and shoot the crate to find another LM along with revolver bullets. Proceed to the left, towards the pool.

THE POOL: Follow the ledge to the right side of the pool. Somewhere on the middle of this ledge, turn left and look at the planks covering two openings in the pool. Shoot one of them to break it. Climb over to the left ledge of the pool, climb the higher block and take flares from a small alcove. From this higher ledge take a diagonal jump to grab the ledge to the left. Pull up and go left around the corner, to pick up revolver bullets from another small alcove. Drop down onto the ledge to the left of the bridge and turn to face the pool. In far left corner shoot another planks, and another in far right corner (next to the stairs).

Dive in and swim through one of the openings you shot first. Take a SM from the corner and swim to the left. On the opposite side of this small flodded room there is an opening. Swim through and to the left, keeping close to the floor or ceiling, to avoid the blade. Down the tunnel, another blade will activate, so avoid that too by keeping close to the ceiling. At the end of the UW passage, find a chain to the left and pull it. Return back to the pool avoiding two blades on the way. Once back at the pool, swim to the left, into the opening you shot second (far left corner from the bridge). Follow the tunnel to a room, and find another chain in the far right corner. Pull it to open the door to the secret area. Return back to the pool and swim towards the stairs and into the left corner, where you shot the third planks. Swim through the open gate to the left, then up the shaft, surface and climb the ladders. In the secret room take Uzis, 4 pairs of Uzi clips and the Silver Artifact from the pedestal, which is Secret #1. Once back at the pool, hurry to climb out of the water and kill a tribesman blowing darts at you.

Climb the ledge to the right of the stairs like the first time. Only this time, a horizontal pole is extended (after you pulled that first chain). Stand jump to grab it, swing around, leap off and steer to the left or right to grab the edge of the ledge beyond (don't try to grab the bridge above). Go forward and find a jump switch on the back side of the pillar. Pull it to raise the bridge above the pool, which is timed to drop again soon. So hurry up, dive into the pool, swim towards the stairs, climb on the ledge which is now to your left, sprint towards the dark block to the right, jump on it, jump on the higher ledge, sprint to the right, then across the bridge, before it drops.

When you enter the passage ahead, turn left and look inside the opening in the wall. Use revolver with laser sight to shoot a small green ball. This will lower a block nearby. Proceed down the passage, turn left and inside a small chamber find a wooden crate to the right, shoot to break it and take shotgun and some shells inside. Proceed further in the hallway, and shoot to break the planks to the left. Enter a dark room and take a SM and revolver bullets from the floor. Return back to the room where you've found the shotgun. To the left of the wooden crate you broke earlier, is an opening with small pillars supporting it. Climb on it and walk through the gap between pillars into the next room. Find a jump lever high above, between two windows with pillars. Use it to open the blue gate on the other side and go back to the daylight.

Turn right and enter through the doorway into a dark room with many traps. All in all, there are two swinging spiked boulders, two blades on both sides and three spikes beyond, on tiles with holes on them. Go towards them, keep close to the wall to the left and run jump diagonally over the left blade to land on the ledge to the left. Once there, pull the pushable block on this ledge towards the X sign on the ceiling. Pull it until Lara cannot pull it any more. Turn right towards the traps and drop down to the patch of the floor which is safe. Turn diagonally to the left, wait for the nearest swinging boulder to go to the right, and jump to another safe floor tile. Move away, that swingin boulder returns quickly, avoid the tiles with holes on them and jump on the ledge behind the crate. Push it under the X sign, to lower a block near the entrance. Drop on the floor where there's no spikes. Walk to the safe floor patch between three spike tiles. Turn diagonally to the left or right. You have to jump on the next safe tile when the swinging boulder swings away, then jump again over the blade and run into the alcove near the entrance. Flip the switch to open the door outside. Exit and turn right. Run jump to grab the switch on the wall, which extends a pole high above the pool.

Jump into water, swim to the stairs and climb back to the bridge. To the left when facing the bridge is the pole you've just extended. Jumping from this pole is a bit tricky. For me this was the easiest way to do it: stand to the right of the pillar supporting the bridge and turn diagonally to the left to face the middle of the pole. Stand jump to grab the pole, swing around, leap off and grab the edge of the slanted pillar beyond (this way you don't have to steer Lara to left while in mid-air). Traverse to the left and pull up on the ledge.

CHAINS: Find the switch on the wall and pull it to open the gate. Go through and to the left. To get through the spike trap in this hallway, stand as close to the trap as you can, right in the middle. Crouch and roll through (Sprint key) when it retracts. Enter the room with chains and go right, climb on a block here, kill a tribesman, jump over the slanted block and save before using bars on the ceiling. Jump up, monkey climb across the room and watch the blade ahead of you. You have to stop the blade when it is against the wall, so that you can go further. If the blade stops blocking you the way, monkey climb back a little, then towards the blade again, to re-trigger it and stop it again. Proceed to the other end and drop to grab the opening below. Crawl in and find Wooden Cog. Get back to the room with chains.

Just to the left of the entrance there is a passage, go in and climb a couple of blocks to flares. Follow the low tunnel to the end, hang from the edge on the left and jump up to grab the monkey climb above. Monkey swing to the end, then turn to the right and monkey swing to the opening on your left. Drop to grab it, pull up and find Wooden Hub. Drop back to the floor, go to the far left corner from the entrance, combine Wooden Cog with Hub to get Wooden Cog Switch and place it on a bigger wooden cog on the wall. This will pull the chains and raise a platform in the middle of the room.

If you want the second secret, immediately run to the raising platform and pull up onto it. When it reaches its top position, jump up to grab the opening in the ceiling. Squeeze in and take Bronze Artifact from the tunnel, which is Secret #2. Drop back to the platform, then down to the floor.

THE PIT: Use the ladder on the other side (when facing the pit from the wooden cog, to climb down to the lower level (climb down then left, then backflip to the ledge). Pick up 2 pairs of Uzi clips and a SM from this ledge. Jump back to the ladder and climb all the way down, then drop to the level below. Go to the right and on the portruding ledge above the pit. Turn to face the pit, then walk to the outer left corner. Turn diagonally to the left (SE) and look down in the pit: you have to face the opening below. Hop back, run forward and run off this ledge, pressing Action to land inside this opening. Use the switch here to open the door one level up. From the opening jump to grab the ladder across the pit, climb up, go around the pit and through the doorway. Follow the twisted tunnel to another area.

ROOM WITH SPIKES: Drop to the floor of the room ahead, but don't proceed further, because the floor is trapped with deadly spikes. Go left and climb the ladder. You have to traverse all the way to the right, when two cylinders turn inside. Once on the other side, climb down the ladder and drop to the floor. Roll and run forward, avoiding the spiked floor to the right. On the opposite wall there is a jump switch. Flip it to raise two timed blocks, roll immediately and jump onto the first raised block just ahead. Run across the block steering Lara to the left, jump over the spiked floor, and grab the second raised block. Pull up and use the switch here to open the door above the first timed block. Quickly turn to face the first block and run jump over the spiked floor from the back side of the block. The first block sinked meanwhile, so quickly flip the jump switch again, roll, jump on the first block and pull up in the doorway. Go out before the gate closes. If you cannot jump from the second block because it sinks too soon (and provided that you play the normal version), you can jump over the spiked floor to the other side, since spikes there are now deactivated. Just back up a step away from the nearest spiked floor, hop back and run jump over near the first raising block.

NOTE: I was stuck here for days failing to complete this timed run, and I could have never made it without the help of some people from TRLE Community. Thank you, Bedazzled, Vimmers, Tom, Bene and Mugs, you saved me here!

OUTSIDE: As you enter the inner courtyard, draw your guns and first kill the forest tribesman blowing darts at you from top of the wall to the right. Then kill two mountain gorillas lurking around. On the other side of the courtyard and to the right, you'll find a wooden crate. Shoot it to find two rockets hidden inside. Climb the ledge to the right of the closed gate with ramp, and use the switch to open the door on the opposite side of the courtyard. Sprint through the doorway and proceed through the dark passage to a big room. Except of several burners and slides, in the flyby you will also spot the golden artifact on the plain sight, waiting for you to get it.

ROOM WITH FIRE GAUNTLETS: Walk the end of the bridge and run jump onto the slope ahead. Slide all the way to the end, jump and grab the ladders above the deadly floor, and climb to the left and around the corner. Climb all the way to the left edge of the ladders. Back flip from the ladders, land on a small slanted block behind, slide and jump on the next, slide off on the small slanted block here and immediately jump to grab the ladder on the wall with some burners. Climb up the ladders a bit, then to the right, above the burners, and up again on the other side. Jump up with roll to grab the monkey climb above, and traverse to the other side. Drop on yet another slanted block, slide and jump from the edge to grab the ladder. Climb around the corner to the left, then climb almost to the top of the ladder. Back flip onto a flat block behind, which is a good spot to save.

When facing the ladder, turn left and stand jump to grab the ledge above. Pull up, take a LM from the pedestal and run off the ledge back to the block. Turn to the right to face the wooden ledge in the corner of the room. Run jump to land there and enter a small dark tunnel. Use the machete to cut through the roots, enter the room beyond and pick up Temple Gate Key from the pedestal. On the other side of the room is a switch for taking the last secret, and if you want to grab it, use the switch, watch the flyby and wait for the trapdoor to drop again. Then save before using this switch for the second time.

Flip the switch again to raise the trapdoor near the artifact. Immediately roll, sprint to the other side and to the left into the opening. Keep running across the wooden ledge in the room with gauntlets, steer to the left and jump from the outer corner with a curve to the right to grab the block and pull up. Run steering to the right, jump from the edge on top of the pillar with ladder, slide and jump with a hard curve to the right on the trapdoor, grab the Golden Artifact which is Secret #3, roll, run again across the trapdoor steering to the left, jump with the left curve to land on the flat block. If the trapdoor drops before you can go back across it, then pick up the artifact and turn to face the room. The ladders with burners are on your right. Take a running jump from here to land on a slanted block below, slide onto the lower slanted block, jump from there and grab the ladders above the burners. Return back to the flat block like you did the first time.

Jump back to the wooden ledge and jump up to grab the bars on the ceiling. Monkey climb to the other side, towards the blade and swinging boulder. Don't monkey climb all the way to the end. Instead, drop when hanging on the third ceiling bar from the end, close to the wall on your right (when the boulder starts swinging towards you). You'll fall onto the slanted block, so jump immediately with a hard curve to the right to land on another slanted block, jump again with a hard curve to the left, slide and jump to grab the wooden ledge ahead. Go left and through the passage, back to the inner courtyard. Use the key in the keyhole to the right of the gate to the left and proceed through.

When you enter, approach two wooden crates ahead. To the left of them you'll see a white object with a square hole on it. Use your machete here to operate the lever and open the door outside in the courtyard. Now shoot two wooden crates to take bazooka and two rockets hidden inside. If you collected all three secrets, the door beyond will be open, so go in, take Congo Trophy from the pedestal, plus some goodies scattered around: LM, two sets of Uzi clips, another rocket and shotgun shells. Return to the courtyard and climb on the ledge to the left, go through the doorway and end the level.

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