March 20, 2010

Beyond the Scion - walkthrough

author of the levelset: EssGee
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level Five: Sri Lanka - Trail of Power

secrets: three

STAIRS: After the level loads, jump on the ledges to the left and right, shoot two crates and take two boxes of revolver bullets and additional revolver. Drop down to the floor and follow the passage up the slope to the end. Turn around and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up. At the first corner look at the wall to the left (West). Jump to grab the flat top of the wall and pull up. Climb the higher ground on the left and turn left (East). Use your binoculars to locate a small black statue close to the left edge of the high wall across. Use revolver with laser sight to break it and open a hole in the ground nearby. You can ignore the leaf monkey here, or you can kill it, if you want. Proceed down the green ledge South, go around a tree that is in your way, shoot the crate and take bonus laser sight. Drop in the pit and use the wheel to lower a pillar elsewhere. Return to the path with stairs and continue going up.

Turn right, then right again (you'll meet another leaf monkey along the way). Just before the next corner, there is a nice green ledge with stones to the left. Jump onto it and then into the pit in the corner. Turn the wheel here to open the door nearby, jump out, return to the path and continue up. Go through the gate and turn left, killing one tiger along the way.

COURTYARD: In the far left corner of the courtyard you'll find a switch. Pull it to lower the block in the pool. Dive in, approach the UW door that was blocked by the block, and pull it open. Get to the surface for the air, dive again and swim through the UW passage. When you enter a big flooded room, make a U turn and swim into an alcove to the left of the entrance (NW). You'll find a ceiling UW switch that opens the trapdoor above. Swim to the center of the room, then up, where you can surface.

THE TEMPLE: Swim into the right corner when facing the ramp and take shotgun shells from the bottom of the pool. Get out of the water and go up the ramp. Before you enter the next room, climb on the ledge to the right, follow it and turn left at the corner, to find more shotgun shells near a skeleton. Return to the doorway but don't enter yet. Climb the ledge on the left, go around the corner to the right and climb the ladder on the wall to the right.

Once up on the wide ledge, pick up a LM to the right, and go to the opposite side of the ledge (E). Stand to the left of the corner block and turn diagonally to the right. Notice the top white rim on the wall is a bit different there, because it is grabbable. Jump to grab and traverse to the right. You have to drop and use the jump switch below, but it is hard to notice the switch. If you look at the lower rims, you'll see that there is a small black gap in the lowest rim. That's the switch, so drop there and make sure Lara has at least 60% of her health. This will open the door inside the building, so you can proceed.

NOTE: The following walkthrough is slightly different from the one written by Duchy, in order to save some backtracking. Also, two War Elephants on the lower level appears later sometimes, so you cannot kill them from above in some cases, as stated by Duchy. If they do appear while you're still on the upper level, then shoot them from above, as advised by Duchy. If not, deal with them face to face once down at the lower level.

Enter the passage, turn the wheel on the wall to the left, to temporarily open the door to the right and enter the big room. Go to the opposite side, jump to the other ledge and kill one Royal Guard coming at you. Take the shotgun he drops. Also shoot to break two lion statues at both corners, to find shotgun shells and a LM. Don't drop down yet. Instead, face the wall to the right of the entrance, just above the central gap in the floor, and look for a grating on the wall above. Shoot to break it, stand jump diagonally to grab the opening, crawl in and find Bronze Artifact which is Secret #1, along with a LM. On your way back safety drop to the lower level (Lara will lose about 60% of her health in this drop).

On the lower level, kill one Royal Guard lurking here and take his SM. Later, two War Elephants will enter the room, so shoot them too (shotgun proved to be the most efficient). Fint the ring-switch on the wall S, pull it to open the timed door on the opposite side, roll and sprint through before it closes. In the small room you've just entered, avoid the moving barrels and go into the far left corner. Take the first Gold Coin from the pedestal and go into the far right corner, where you'll find another ring-switch. Pull it to open the timed trapdoor above the ladders, roll and sprint to grab the ladders and climb up before the trapdoor closes.

Back on the upper level, jump over to the ledge on the right, and back towards the entrance. On the wall to the right, between two pillars, find another ring-switch. Pull it to open a trapdoor on the lower level. Don't drop down yet, but instead, go to the right, jump over the gap, and further to the opposite side of the ledge. Behind the second pillar to the right there is a portruding ledge. Hang on its edge, drop and grab the jump switch to open another trapdoor on the lower level. Drop to the lower level. Go to the other side and in the far right corner from here. Climb down through the open trapdoor in the corner, take the second Gold Coin from the pedestal and return to the lower level.

Once up the ladder, turn to face the room and go into the far right corner (to the right of the closed door with four pedestals), where you've opened the trapdoor with the jump switch. Climb down and take the third Gold Coin from the pedestal. Climb back up to the lower level.

Go left to the middle of the room, then turn left, towards the ring-switch you pulled earlier. To the left of this switch, behind the pillar, there is a raised crawlspace. Climb in and proceed cautiously down the passage. Wait for the spikes to extend, jump over and enter the room with four pedestals. Don't approach them randomly. Take a look at the red and green panel at the opposite wall. It shows which pedestal is safe to approach: far right from the entrance. The other three pedestals are lethal, Lara will explode if she climbs the higher floor there. So approach the safe pedestal and take the fourth Gold Coin. Return back to the lower level.

Place four Gold Coins on four pedestals next to the door to open it. Enter and take Gate Key from the pedestal. When you return to the lower level, go left and into the passage, to find shotgun shells at the end of it. Return to the lower level, go to the other side of the room and into the far right corner, climb the ladders here and back flip to land on the upper level. The entrance door re-opened, so go through and back to the pool. Dive through the opening and swim back to the pool in the Courtyard.

In the large bushes in NE corner of the Courtyard, you'll find a SM. Go left (W) and to the right of the ramp. Use the key in the keyhole to open the gate, go up the ramp and through the gate.

INNER COURTYARD: Explore the area, meeting three leaf monkeys you can kill if you want. In the far right corner (from the entrance) there is a passage with some plants at the end, with revolver bullets hidden amongst them. Just to the left from the entrance (between the window and the tree) you'll find a ring-switch that opens the timed door to the right. Pull it, sprint to the right and through the door and kill a tiger lurking in a small yard. Take the prayer wheel from the ground near the skeleton. Another ring-switch for opening the gate is located on the wall to the left of two palms near the gate. Pull it, and hurry to go through the gate before it closes.

In the middle of the courtyard, near the gate you've just been through, and between two benches, on a sandy plateau, you'll find a small grey table. Pull it to reveal the opening below. Climb down the ladders, take flares from the bottom, climb the ladders just a little and back flip into the tunnel behind. Inside and to the right, above a shallow pool, you'll see a sign "Please dispose of unwanted torches here".

UNDERGROUND: As soon as you enter the underground chambers, turn right, then right again, and inside the alcove you'll find a ring-switch. Pull it to open the door nearby. Roll and run forward, to the next chamber, turn right and go through the door you've just opened. In the next room there are three closed gates, two of which can be opened by wheels on the wall. First go to the gate on the opposite side of the room, open the door with the wheel but don't go in. Instead, go to the door to the right (from the entrance), open it with the wheel and take the torch from near the dome. Return to the previous room, go left (back into the chamber), go straight forward to the end, then turn right and lit your torch on the burner in the corner. Return to the room with three doors, this time go to the room opposite the entrance, side flip over the fence around the dome and lit two burners in the corner to lower a block nearby thus opening a passage.

Jumb back over the fence, go to the left (from the entrance) and jump in the tunnel you've just opened. Drop the torch, take Gate Key and the Yang Piece from the floor, pick up your torch again and return back to the small pool where you should dispose of it (it is highly recommendable to do this, in order to avoid a possible flame bug caused with this torch being dropped somewhere else than this small pool). Now, if you want to find the secret here, don't go back to the Courtyard yet. Instead, return back to the chambers and to the burner where you lit your torch. Behind it, to the right, there is a raised opening. Climb in and use the wheel to open the third door in the room with three gates. Go in there and through the gate to the left. At the end of the passage you'll find the Silver Artifact which is Secret #2. Now you can go back to the rainy day. Once back up at the Courtyard, use your newest key in the keyhole opposite the entrance (the main temple is on your right). Go through the gate.

POOL WITH BUDDHAS: Kill two tigers roaming here. Notice the big empty pool with four Buddha statues at its corners. You need to flood it somehow. To the right of the entrance, on a raised ledge, there is a grating on the wall covering a crawlspace. Shoot to break it and crawl in. In a small room, opposite the entrance, behind a pillar in a small alcove, you'll find a jump switch that will flood the pool outside. Return back to the pool, go to the far left corner, take revolver bullets from the grass behind the trees, and a SM lying on the ground on the other side of the pool. Jump in the water, swim under the ledge and pull the ceiling UW lever to open the trapdoor at the bottom of the pool. Take a deep breath and swim down.

The UW passage leads to a small flooded room with movable barrel and strong current. Watch the barrel; when it goes to the left, swim to the right along the wall and into the passage on the opposite side, avoiding the barrel and swimming against the current. Continue swimming until you can surface in a small pool. Pull out of the water and proceed to the gate that will open in front of you.

PAVILIONS: Prepare to fight the Royal Horseman. My personal tactics is described here, although there are couple of other ways to fight this badass. While the Horseman is on his steed, you should use pistols because 90% of any ammo will be wasted in this fight. It is not easy to kill your opponent's horse, even with most powerful weapon. So use pistols and shoot as crazy, or, if you have ammo, you can try with Uzis. The point is to avoid the horse, by jumping around and running away. Also, bare in mind that this is a close combat: shooting from distance won't do you any good. You have to be close to your enemy to employ a successful shot, so wait for him to come (and shoot), side flip when he's about to run over you. When he's down, a new combat begins. Now you fight the horseman who has even more health. If you have enough shotgun shells, use it to kill the horseman quickly and easily. Just shoot at his chest while backing away from him and he'll be down soon. He'll drop the gate key, so find it and pick it up. Unlock the door to the left of the entrance and go through.

Inside the small room there is a slope: back flip on it, bounce off and grab the ledge above. Pull up and take the Yin Piece from the pedestal. A door nearby will open, so go through and just to the left locate the alcove with a lion statue. Shoot it and take a LM. Proceed down the hall to the opening above courtyard. Run jump diagonally to the left to land on the roof of the small pavilion, jump to the middle ledge, then to the roof of the second pavilion and shoot a leaf monkey if you want. At the opposite edge of the second pavilion, run jump diagonally on the terrace to the left.

To the left of the closed door there is a jump lever that opens it. Go through and save, in case the vertical spikes stab Lara as she goes. So walk cautiously to avoid them, then jump or sideflip over. After the spikes you will definitely know something is wrong around here. But before you proceed down the passage, pull the ring-switch in the alcove to the left, just after the spikes with skeleton. This will open the door nearby, as well as the door outside. But don't haste, because two rolling blades will activate in the passage. The best way to deal with this trap is to stay close to either wall, to crouch (just press Crouch, don't press Up/Forward) and to roll (press Sprint) to the other side when rolling blade rolls over in other direction. You should probably approach the blade as much as you can, because Lara's roll from crouch is about one block long. Proceed down the passage and out to the terrace, picking up a LM as you go. Run jump diagonally to the roof of the pavilion and safety drop to the ground.

Exit through the building you came here from and save before you dive in the small pool. The current inside the UW passage now is much stronger than before. Swim down and towards the moving barrel. The easiest way to swim against the current is to swim forward in a straight line, and to time your swim through the room with the barrel so the barrel doesn't harm Lara too much. Continue swimming to the big Buddhas pool, climb up the ladder, go around the pool and leave through the passage leading back to the Inner Courtyard. Go left and up the stairs to the main shrine gate. In your Inventory combine Yin with Yang Piece to get Yin Yang Symbol, and use it in the receptacle to open the shrine door.

INSIDE THE SHRINE: In this beautiful room go around to the other side and drop to the lower level. Use each staircases to get to the closed gate with prayer wheel receptacle on the wall. Place the prayer wheel here to open the door to the right of it and proceed through the octagonal tunnel. A moving stargate will start to move towards you. The easiest way to get through this trap is to crouch and wait for it to approach and to its blades to retract. Then immediately press Sprint to roll through it safely.

At the fork beyond the stargate go to the right and take a SM lying on the floor. Then return to the fork and take the other way. Turn the wheel to open the door in the shrine, and return there through the octagonal tunnel and the deactivated stargate. The door you've just opened will be on your right, so go in there.

In a beautiful and large room with Budhha and some ledges and trenches, drop to the lower level as you enter. Find two grey pushable blocks and push/pull them on the marked floor tiles nearby. This will open two doors on the wall opposite the entrance. Go in and use two wheels to activate the machine in the Buddha room. In the flyby you'll see a block raises beneath the opening on the wall, the burners on the high ledges activate, and waterfalls cascade down into the trenches. When you re-enter the Buddha room, go to the right, climb the raised block, jump into the tunnel, follow it to the other side and prepare for the series of tricky timed jumps across the ledges with burners.

From the opening take a running jump to land on the first octagonal ledge, aiming at the "corner" of it, where you are safe from the flame. Sidestep following the edge of the ledge, keeping away from the flame, to reach the opposite side and face the second ledge. When the flame behind you goes down, hop back, run jump and grab the second ledge. Pull up and wait for the flame to subside. Then run, jump and grab the third ledge. Use the same technique to get to the fourth ledge, and from there, to jump into the opening on the other side of the room. Proceed cautiously to trigger the blade, then crouch and roll to the other side safely. The door ahead will open by itself.

Enter the big room with ramps. To the left and right from the entrance, at the top of the ramps, you'll see two boulders. Go behind them and push them down the ramps. This will lower a wall opposite the entrance. Before you leave, pick up a SM lying near the burner where the right boulder stopped rolling. Also notice the closed gate at this side of the room: beyond it you can spot the Trophy. When you find the third secret, you'll be back here to claim your prize. Now proceed through the wide opening opposite the entrance and climb up two raising blocks ahead. As you enter the next room, take a good look around and save before dropping down to the floor.

SHIVAS ROOM: You see those two Shiva statues across the room? They will come to life and you'll have to fight them. To make things even more difficult, scattered around the room are some rotating blades and flames you must avoid during the fight.

Jump diagonally with action on the first ledge to the left. The rotating blades are conviniently placed on each safe (green) spots. So you must avoid them and be extremely cautious not to step on the shiny floor, because it's lethal.  As you go towards the room, the shivas will come to life. Pick up the shells and draw your faithful shotgun (hopefully you have 30-40 shells to deal with these creatures). As the nearest shiva approaches, shoot at it and watch the damage you make to it on the screen (lower left corner). Don't let shiva get to you. When he's too near, holster your weapon, run towards the next green patch and jump there. Continue running and jump on the last green area, roll and shoot again (watch the damage). Be very careful not to start shooting at the second shiva, because it is very defensive and requires a slightly different tactics. Again, don't wait the first shiva gets too close to you, holster and jump back to the first green ledge. Once there, roll and start shooting until the first shiva is down.

When dealing with the second shiva, bare in mind that you waste your ammo when it protects itself with his sabres. You have to holster your weapon and/or change your position, to make it attack again. You can damage this shiva only when it is attacking, not when it is defending. It will take a little longer to kill it than the first one, but if you repeat the moving maneuver I described above, you'll be able to get through this fight with minimal damage for Lara. Once you kill them, you can find switches that disable the floor, although you can find it while fighting with shivas and disable the floor trap, thus making your fight with them much easier.

The first switch you must use is located on the right hand window of the central structure (when faced from the entrance). Jump over to the green patch in the far right corner of the room and turn left towards the structure. You have to jump in the window with white lattice, and do a direct run jump with no Action whatsoever. Use the jump switch there and jump back to the patch. Jump on the patch to the right. Turn right and run jump onto the middle patch and from there, a run jump to the next. Straight ahead there is a pillar with a golden statuette on top of it. Jump to grab its edge, traverse around the corner to the right and drop to grab the jump switch below. You will fall to the shiny floor after this, but the floor is now safe. Now you can locate two pieces of Yin Yang Symbol (one is in the far left corner, the second is dropped by the second shiva). Combine them and use the symbol in the receptacle inside the structure in the middle of the room. An opening will be revealed, with the pedestal where you must place your Scion Piece 2.

Now you can leave the shrine, but not before finding the secret and taking your prize. Now a block is raised under the entrance, so you can climb back and return to the room with pushable boulders. Go to the left, towards the closed gate and climb the ledge in front of it. Turn around to face the room, and then diagonally to the right. A bit above there is an alcove with the last artifact. Jump to grab the edge, pull up and take Golden Artifact which is Secret #3. The gate will open, you can go in and take the Sri Lanka trophy, along with bunch of goodies: revolver bullets, shells, flares, SM and LM. Return back to the boulders room and go left into the passage to end the level.

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