March 17, 2010

Beyond the Scion - walkthrough

author of the levelset: EssGee
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft


secrets: three

CORRIDORS AND LAVA ROOMS: At the entrance to the temple, locate the jump switch hidden behid suspended plants to the right in front of the entrance. Enter the temple and go past the locked door to the left. When you get to the second locked door at the end of the corridor, turn left and shoot the breakable wall to the left of the door. Enter the dark passage, find a SM in the corner and a lever in the other corner, and pull it to open the door outside the passage. Return to the corridor and approach the pedestal to the left. Pick up Gate Key, return to the first door and unlock it.

Go around a short pillar in this passage, to a small room where you have to kill a snake. Face the slanted blocks and jump over to the higher floor, but jump in the middle, because that is the safest place when the spikes extend from both walls. Wait for them to retract and quickly run forward, steer to the left, jump from the edge with a curve to the left, and grab the opening on the left wall, high above the lava pit. Pull up and follow the crawlspace to the next area. Crawl out backwards and hang on top of the ladder. Back flip and twist to grab the ladder behind you. Climb up then to the right around the corner, and then again around the corner. Back flip from the ladder to land in the passage behind.

Find the movable block in the tunnel and push it into the room behind, against the opposite wall. Climb onto this block, jump into the opening from there and follow the passage to a ladder. Climb down and retrieve Keystone from the pedestal. Climb up the ladders, return to the previous room and find another opening, just to the right of the entrance (if Lara's facing the entrance). Jump in, go to the floor button and press it to open the timed door down in the room with lava. Rush back, then make a U turn to return to the big room with lava and run jump to grab the ladder. Quickly shimmy around the corner once, then upwards a little bit, and backflip into the passage before the door closes behind you. Crawl into the tunnel and take Bronze Artifact, which is Secret #1. Jump back to the hanging ladder and traverse to the left around the corner. Back flip onto the ledge behind, climb the ladder here and squeeze in the small opening where you entered. Return back to the previous area.

When you reach the end of the long crawlspace above the lava pit, crawl out and land on a solid rock directly below. From here take a diagonal standing jump to land onto the ledge with spikes, sprint through and return to the corridor where you entered the temple. Kill the snake lurking here or just ignore it, and go to the end of the corridor. To the right of the second door (where you found the key) you'll see a panel in the wall. Approach it and place the Keystone here to open the concealed door behind the panel. Go through.

ROOM WITH LEDGES: Shoot the old crates and take flares hidden beneath one of them. Go left, to the other part of the room, find a SM lying near one skeleton, and kill two Natla's mercenaries that sneak from behind. Now return to the entrance, and jump to grab the lowest part of the crack on the pillar just to the right of the entrance (if Lara's facing the entrance). Traverse to the left so that Lara hangs on the highest part of the crack, and jump up to grab the ledge above. Pull up.

Turn to face the room, then diagonally to the right. Run jump onto the ledge to the right of the entrance. Approach the pillar to the left (if Lara is facing the wall), sidestep all the way to the right and jump up to grab the crack on the pillar. Jump up to climb on top of the pillar. Drop on the other side, approach the next pillar, jump up to grab the crevice on it, traverse to the left and around the corner, until you can drop onto the next ledge. Jump to grab the top of the next pillar, pull up and crawl towards the outer edge of the pillar. Hang on this ledge and slowly traverse to the left and around the corner. If you hang at the very corner, the burner below won't harm Lara. Drop on the ledge with burner when the burner goes off. Immediately roll and run behind the burner to avoid the flame. Observe the wall behind the burner; see those white bars attached to the wall? These are crevices, of course. In order to reach the nearest one, you need to time the run jump to avoid the fire, and also, you need to steer Lara in mid-air to make her grab the first crevice. So pivot Lara diagonally to the left, but still facing the first crevice. When the burner goes off, take two hops back and start running. Near the edge jump and make a curve to the right to make Lara grab the crevice. Traverse to the left and drop on the middle ledge.

Notice the jump switch on the pillar here. If you want to find all the secrets, you'll be back to this switch later, so let it be. In order to get the secret here, you need to perform very tricky banana jump around this pillar with the switch (a run jump with hard curve to land on the ledge on the other side of the pillar with switch). Once there, climb on the broken pillar ahead, and jump to grab the bars on the ceiling. Monkey swing to the next ledge, shoot the crate and claim Silver Artifact, which is Secret #2. You can return to the switch the way you came, or you can drop to the floor and use the same path as before to get back there (only this time you won't have to deal with the burner, now it's off).

Once back at the switch, take a look at the dropped ledge to the right. Flipping this switch will raise this ledge, but only for a short period of time. In my opinion, this timed run is the most difficult in the whole game, so save before using the switch, and be very patient. Jump to use the switch, immediately roll and start runnin, steering first to the right, then to the left (you need to face the ledge and to prepare for the big jump), and jump on the ledge, landing on the very edge of it (not in the middle). Continue running and jump at the opposite edge before the ledge drops, to land on the stone ledge on the other side of the room.

Climb a bit up the ladders on the corner pillar. Back flip with twist to grab the edge of the broken pillar behind you. Walk to the edge, hop back and run jump to grab the crevice on the next pillar. Traverse to the left around the corner, jump up to grab the top of the pillar, and continue shimmying to the left until you can drop onto the next ledge. Kill one mercenary who attacks you from the ground (use laser sight if necessary). Turn around and take a look at the broken pillar ahead: you'll see a switch that opens the timed door on the other side of the pillar. Ignore it for now, and instead climb on the broken pillar, crawl and drop on the other side (next to the door), turn around to face the pillar and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb to the ceiling and jump up to grab the monkey climb above. Monkey-swing into the opening in the E wall. Inside you'll find the Golden Artifact, which is Secret #3. Run jump diagonally to the left (on the ledge with the door), get back to the switch, flip it and go through the door before it closes.

BACKYARD: Run jump over a deep pit, then over a lava pit a bit further. Follow the passage to the closed gate. Inside this small room you'll find a shootable wall, to the right of the closed gate (lit up a flare to find it more easily). Squeeze between the statue and the wall and take Gate Key from the pedestal. This will open the gate, so you can go out to daylight.

Kill the jaguar sneaking to the left and another one hiding in the far left corner (and enjoy beautiful music from TR Legend). Before you explore the ramp ahead, go into an alcove to the right (in the first room) and locate the ornamented floor tile. Remember this place, this is actually a retracted raising block you'll need to use to get on that high ledge above. Go up the ramp, drop in the pit behind the statue to the right, and pull the switch on the wall to raise a block elsewhere. The block is timed, so better hurry. Here's the easiest and quickest way to beat this timed run: when you flip the switch, pivot Lara to the left a bit and hop back. Stand jump on the block with the statue, jump once more on the ramp (maybe you'll need to steer Lara to the right in mid-air, sprint down the ramp, steer to the left at the corner, and make a U turn into the alcove with raised block. Jump onto the block, turn to face the ledge above and stand jump to grab it.

Once up, proceed to the opposite side, and stand on the edge of portruding block. Run jump from there to grab a stone rim on the wall. Jump up to grab the edge of a crawlspace, squeeze in and take a SM. Return to the opening, hang and traverse all the way to the left, until you can pull up on the higher ledge. Run to the far left edge and run jump with a curve to the right to grab the crevice on the pillar. Traverse to the left around the pillar, and on the other side let go the grab to grab the jump switch below. This will release a rope from the ceiling. To get up there again, you'll need to repeat that timed run on the raising block, to jump on the first ledge from it, to traverse to the higher ledge, and to run jump to grab the rope. Swing to the other side and leap to grab the higher ledge on the other side of the room. Pull up, and take only one step forward. Then hop back and press Action to make Lara fall on the ledge below (also, you can jump on the lower ledge directly from the rope, if you're lucky).

Enter the room here and find a marble movable block. Push/pull it into the NE corner (there's a marked floor tile here) to open the door. Save as you enter the room with many traps.

OPENING THE TEMPLE: Wait for the boulder to roll to the right, and run into the left alcove with the ladder. Quickly climb up a little and flip back onto the upper level. Turn around and go into the alcove in the far right corner (NE). Find a jump switch inside and flip it to trigger a cutscene. Drop down when the boulder rolls away and sprint into the tunnel with spikes, and through the spikes. In the next room flip another lever to watch the same cutscene: obviously your work is not done yet. Return past the boulder and through the room with movable block back into the Backyard and drop to the floor. Once more, you'll need to use that switch to raise the timed block, and to jump to the first ledge, and climb back up to the rope. This time jump from the rope on the highest ledge on the other side, go to the left edge and jump to grab the monkey climb above.

Monkey-swing all the way around the room and observe what Lara will do at the end of the ladder: she'll spontaniously flip one ceiling lever before dropping onto the ledge above the entrance. Jump into the opening in the wall, enter the passage and find a jump lever when you turn to the right. Flip it to finally release the boulder from the ceiling of the courtyard. It'll fall into the trench and trigger light beams that will open the temple door. Proceed further through the passage and drop to the floor of the Backyard. Enter the temple.

LAVA ROOM: The floor will open in front of you, so watch your steps from falling into the lava pit. Jump diagonally to the left or right, and face the lava pit. Run jump to grab the rope above the lava pit. Turn to face the jump switch squarely (it's in the far left corner from the entrance), swing and jump to grab it. Lara will fall onto the raising block, so wait until it's raised completely. Jump to grab the opening above and proceed to the next area.

ROOM WITH CAGED BOULDERS: As you enter, take a look at the near left corner. Next to that closed gate there is a stone rim on the wall. The door on the upper level is closed, so don't go there yet. In the corner far left from the entrance you'll find a jump switch. Flip it to open the door above. First go to the rim mentioned before, jump from the highest part of the floor to grab it, and flip back onto the ledge above. Go through the door and follow the passage to a switch. Use it to open the gate below. Return back, drop to the floor and leave through the open gate in the near left corner (from the entrance). Follow the tunnel to a fork, turn right, and left at the next fork. In a small room with a chain, jump to grab the chain, climb all the way down the chain to the lowest level. Unlock the door with the key you found much earlier and go through.

ROOM WITH DOG STATUES: In the near left corner there is a pillar on top of which you can climb. From top of it run jump diagonally onto a small ledge above the gate. Run to the other side, steer to the right and jump from the edge to grab a crack in the wall near the entrance. Jump up to grab the upper crack, traverse to the left and pull up in the low opening. Crawl into the passage, climb the block ahead at the fork (but make a notice of the passage to the right, with blocked tunnel; you'll be back here soon) and use the switch to raise one dog statue partially (if camera view won't end, press Look button to give Lara her perspective back). To the left of the switch the door opened, so stand at the edge of the opening and jump up to grab the monkey ceiling. Monkey-swing to the other side of the room and drop in the passage. Approach the switch, flip it to raise partially the other statue, and immediately flip back from the trapdoor beneath you that will open and reveal a lava pit. Turn around and follow the tunnel to the room with movable cage.

Leave the cage for now, and jump into the opening instead. Walk to the lava pit, run jump across and use the lever there to raise the second statue completely, return to the movable cage room and walk to the edge of the opening to the left. Jump diagonally on a small pink platform back in the room with two dog statues. Turn so the entrance door is on Lara's right. Then pivot Lara a little bit more to the right and run jump to grab the opening where you pulled the first switch. Pull up, follow the passage to the left, now the tunnel is open so you can use the switch there to raise the first statue completely, triggering the light beams and raising of the metal ledge above the exit door. Return to the edge of the opening and run jump diagonally to the right, to land onto the pink ledge above the exit door. Enter the pushable cage room, and push the cage out on the metal ledge you've just raised. This will open the exit door. Return to the room with two dog statues via the tunnel with the second switch and the burner underneath it. Go through the open gate to the next area.

In the next passage kill one grey scorpion, enter the room with pillars and go to the right, killing two more scorpions along the way. Enter the long passage to the right and follow it down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp jump over the lava pit to avoid boulders behind you and to pass through the spear trap safely. The door ahead will open.

ROOM WITH PILLARS: When you enter, find a pushable crate to the left of the entrance. Pull it out of the alcove twice, go around it and push it once towards the pit. Now pull it towards the entrance, climb on top of it, face the entrance and jump to grab the ladder above. Climb up to the ceiling, grab the monkey swing and monkey-swing to the other side of the room, dropping in the high passage. Follow it to the end, crouch and crawl into the opening to the right, go down the ramp to another crawlspace, crawl backwards and hang from the edge. Let go the grab and grab the opening below. Squeeze in and use the lever here. Crawl back to hang from the opening, jump up to reach the higher crawlspace, pull up and return to the opening high above the room, with monkey climb above. Take a look at the slanted greyish rock to the right. Jump up to grab the monkey swing, traverse forward under the fire of a Natla's mercenary (feed Lara with MPs if necessary), drop onto the slanted rock, slide backwards and grab the edge. Release the grab to use the switch underneath, to flood the room and fall into the water. Hurry up to climb out of the water, and kill that nasty mercenary, taking the LM he won't need any more.

Dive in and swim down and to the right, through the passage. Surface in a small room with ladders, approach the ladders and climb them from the water. Half way up, backflip with twist to grab the ledge behind you and pull up. Stand on the step in the corner and face the pool. Run jump to grab the bars in the ceiling, and monkey swing to the other side. Drop to grab the switch on the wall and flip it to open the Burial chambers door. Return via the UW passage to the big room, surface and climb on the ledge to the right. The door above is now open, so you can go through.

BURIAL CHAMBERS: Enter the passage and then the tunnel in the left corner. At the fork turn right, but remember the locked door ahead. Follow this passage to a door that will open in front of you. Explore the room with a small pool to find some flares and shotgun shells on the floor (the left - North - side of the room). On the right side of the room you'll find a lever. Pull it to open the UW door. Roll, dive in and swim towards the bottom and straight forward and through the raised gate. Follow the passage to another pool.

Climb out of the water, pull up onto the ledge, then once again and go through the door. Enter a big room with pushable crate in the middle. If you explore this room, you won't find any goodies, but you'll have two more kills in your statistics, because two grey scorpions are hiding here. Now approach the pushable crate in the middle of the room and push/pull it in the far left corner (from the entrance), next to the column with a rim. Climb the crate, jump to grab the rim, traverse to the right around the pillar, jump up and climb on the pillar. Turn left and jump onto the big stone structure. Go to the other side and run jump to grab the crack in the pillar ahead. Traverse around the pillar and back flip onto the next stone structure.

Notice the floor button here and a dropped metal ledge on the wall to the right. Turn to face that ledge, hop back onto the button to press it and raise the timed ledge, run forward and jump from the edge to land on that ledge. Roll to face the room, hop back if necessary, and run with jump diagonally to the left, to grab the rim on the pillar to the right of the next huge stone structure. Traverse to the left around the pillar and back flip onto the structure. Climb the base of the small pillar here and jump up to grab bars on the ceiling. Monkey swing forward, then to the right, and drop to grab the opening in the wall. Squeeze in and follow the tunnel to a floor button. Step on it to raise a block on the first structure, return to the opening and use the monkey swing to get back to the previous pillar. Drop to the floor, go to that pushable block again and climb on top of the first structure. Pull up on the block in the middle, and from there jump to grab the ladder above.

Climb into a small room, go around the hole in the floor and jump to grab the ladder above. Climb into the upper room and take Teardrop Gem from the pedestal. Climb down both ladders and return to the room with four stone structures. The only stone structure you haven't climbed on is the one to the right of this one. Safety drop to the floor losing a bit of health and go to the right, towards the last stone structure. Next to it a black block against the wall has been raised meanwhile, so use it to grab the rim on the structure, then jump up and pull on the top of it. Go to the right, hang from the edge and flip the switch below to open another underwater door back in the big flooded room. Return there.

Once back in the big pool, swim forward and up, and find the opening behind one statue (South). Swim through, follow the passage and surface in the next room. Use the lever on the wall to open another UW gate in the main pool, swim back and through the opened gate directly opposite (here as well the passage is hidden behid the statue). Swim down the passage, surface and climb out of the water to the right. Enter the hallway there and use the floor button to reveal a lever back in the room. Crawl under darts that are activated by the button too, return to the previous room and use the lever to open two blue buttons down in the main pool. Swim back, then to the bottom and use both blue buttons to drain the room.

Find the ladder on the wall S, climb them to the top, shifting to the right along the way, and drop on the bridge below. Directly ahead is a grey movable statue. Pull it from the alcove to open the door nearby. Turn to face the room and run jump diagonally to the right, and press Action, so that Lara can jump into the alcove. Follow the passage, killing one grey scorpion along the way, to a deep pit with ladders. Climb down and take another Teardrop Gem and new Gate Key. Climb back up and return through the passage to the opening. Turn diagonally to the right, stand jump and grab the edge of the corner pillar. Pull up and jump onto the other triangular ledge on the pillar. From there, stand jump onto the ledge in front of the statue. Turn left and run jump to grab the ledge in front of the statue on the other side. From there jump to grab the ladder and climb up, pulling up in the upper room. Turn right, shoot two Natla's mercenaries who will drop a SM and shotgun shells, and proceed through the passage the mercenaries came in from. At the fork turn right and unlock the door leading to the next area.

SANCTUARY: If you explore the right side of the room, you'll see two burners preventing you to place two gems into their receptacles. So you need to find the way to turn them off first. Kill a jaguar lurking here and go left from the entrance. Close to the wall you'll see a large black rectangular object. Go behind it and use the jump switch to turn off one of the burners. Go back to the pool, go left and around the pillar, to find a lever and disable the second burner. Now you can approach two receptacles and place two Teardrop Gems there to open the door elsewhere. Two Incan Stone warriors will attack you, but you can easily outrun them. I recommend you run away instead of trying to kill them, since they act like mummies, and they soon come back to life after you stun them. Pick up the shotgun from the higher floor near the skeleton, on the right side of the room. Head for the passage you've just opened, it's opposite the entrance. Climb the corner ledge and jump to grab the block beneath the opening. Go in and take Stone Disk Lock from the pedestal. Now it's time to get back to the room with caged boulders.

Leave the Sanctuary and enter the passage. At the fork go forward and enter the flooded room with pillars which is now on the right. Swim to the other side, get out of the water, go left and over the pushable block you moved earlier and enter the tunnel behind it. Jump over the pit with spear trap, and proceed up the ramp and into the room with two dog statues. Exit and enter the next tunnel straight ahead. Use the chain to climb to the top level (flip back on the metal floor) and save when the game prompts you to.

OPENING THE EXIT: Once back here, the gate behind you will close. Use that rim just to the right of the gate to back flip onto the ledge behind. Turn around (W) and jump on the ledge along the wall. Go right, jump over two blocks with pillars, take a LM and return back to the central ledge. Now jump on the ledge on the other side (E) and go left. Jump over two blocks with pillars and use the Stone Disk Lock in the mechanism on the wall. The caged boulders on the floor level will lower so that you can push them around.

Push the rightmost cage towards the barred window on the wall opposite the entrance. Once there, the window will open, so push the cage once more on the pressure pad inside the window. Repeat the same process with other two cages. Watch the flyby showing how the big door opens and four snakes will attack Lara immediately after it is finished, so prepare to kill them. Approach the pedestal in the other room and place the piece of Scion there to hide it. To the right of the pedestal there is an opening in the wall. Jump in and go straight ahead at the fork (provided that you've found all three secrets and that this gate is now open). In the trophy room collect your prize for collecting all the secrets: Peru Trophy from the pedestal, as well as some goodies: a SM, a LM, Uzi clips and shotgun shells. Return to the fork, go left and down the slide to end the level.

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