March 15, 2010

Beyond the Scion - walkthrough

author of the levelset: EssGee
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft


secrets: none

TRAPPED CAVE: You begin this level in a dark cave, but save your flares as much as possible, you'll need them. Follow the twisted tunnel to a small cave with a wombat, not very dangerous enemy. Proceed through the other tunnel to the pit with spikes. Jump diagonally into the alcove to the right, and then into a higher opening across the pit. Climb the rock on the right, then the other one on the left, and proceed to the next curve to the left, with a boulder awaiting. This trap is so much fun, and I have to say that here, I was amazed at it. So, when you see and hear the boulder coming, just roll and start running away from it. This boulder is not so fast, so you'll have enough time. When you get back to the opening above the pit with spikes, jump across into the alcove. While the boulder is rolling down, jump diagonally to the alcove on the right or the one on the left, because the boulder can kill Lara if she stands in the middle alcove. When the coast is clear, return into the tunnel and proceed to the daylight outside the camp.

BILLY TWO-DOGS: Near the yellow jeep Lara will meet her contact, Billy Two-Dogs and have a nice chat with him. If you explore the area, you will find a SM and shotgun shells inside Bill's quarters, and one kangaroo will attack you in the fenced area. On the other side of the camp, two dingos will attack. Here, on the upper ledge, in some bushes, you'll find more shells (kneel and take them). If you approach Billy again, he will again speak to Lara a bit. You have to approach him several times, until he becomes Lara's guide. Two more kangaroos will emerge from somewhere as Billy finds some matches to lit up his torch. Now he can join Lara in her new adventure.

DEEP PIT: Billy will open the door of the cave, so you can come in. Along the way, Billy will lit up torches, open the doors and talk, talk, talk. Stick around him as long as you need him. In a larger cave use the ladders below to get down to the bottom (no need to jump to the central pillar, the ladders are on the rock Lara is standing on. Kill two razorbacks here and find a tunnel in the corner N. Make a turn to the right at the fork and find some revolver bullets hidden in an alcove. Return to the fork and take the other way. Turn the wheel to raise the ledges in the big cave and watch your guide jumping across them to the other side. Return yourself to the big cave and find flares in an alcove N. Climb two blocks along the northern wall and turn around to face the ladder. Run jump to grab them and climb up where you entered. Run jump onto the central pillar, then onto the wooden ledge raised before. From there run jump to grab the rock, pull up and leave this cave.

DEEP CHASM: Do not fall down in the water, it is too shallow and Lara will duy. Walk carefully here and follow the rocky ledge along the left cliff, to a SM. Return to the middle of the chasm, where triagular ledge portrudes over the pit. Across the chasm, another triagular ledge is portruding from the rock. Directly below that ledge there is another triangular ledge, where you must drop. You cannot hand from triangular ledges, so you have to walk off the opposite ledge to land on the ledge below. Approach the door and the guide will open it for you. Go through and follow him to the lower rock shelf above the chasm. He will open the door for you and go around the perimeter to lit up a torch on the other side. Follow him and pick up shotgun shells from the ground.

Your next goal is the lower rock shelf in the chasm. Turn to face the chasm from the torch the guide has just lit, and walk to the edge. Jump diagonally on the rock to the left, and hang on its edge. Lara will lose about 80% of her health in this drop, so make sure she has enough to spare. Enter the tunnel nearby and follow it to the switch, killing two wombats in the way. You will open the door near the guide, so you both can proceed from there. Return back to him and pay attention to the subtle tips the guide is giving you at this point. So, you must find a way to get to the bottom safely. First go left from the entrance and run jump across the chasm to the other side. Find revolver bullets in an alcove E. Return to the edge of the chasm, to the place where you landed. Do another running jump across, to grab the ledge, but this time drop onto the wooden platform below. Turn around to face S and run towards the wall. Also make sure that Lara has her health bar topped. When she runs off the wooden ledge, press Action to lower her arch and make her land on the slope. She'll slide to another wooden ledge. Hang on its edge and drop into water below.

LAKE: Follow the river to a lake and hurry to climb on the rock where you can shoot at giant croc from safety. Left to the entrance, on a small ledge, you'll find a SP. After that, approach the deep underwater pit, and lure another croc to appear so that you can kill him from safety. Dive and swim through a tunnel there. When you see an alcove to the left, swim straight there, to avoid a boulder rolling from the ramp down. It will roll back, either, so watch out. Stay in the alcove and wait for the boulder to roll to the right (when Lara is facing the tunnel) and quickly swim to the left, racing with the boulder which is coming back. Quickly swim into the next alcove and wait for the boulder to return and start rolling away. Swim out, then left, and up at the end of the tunnel, to another tunnel with rolling boulder. There is also an alcove here to the left where you can wait for the boulder, so use it to move out of its way. At the end of this tunnel you can surface and climb out of the water.

MAP ROOM: You'll emerge in the room on the other side of the door where the guide is waiting. To the right there is a huge map of the world on the wall, but you first need to let your guide in, to throw some lights on the map. Find a movable crate to the left of the entrance and push/pull it onto the tile that has the hand mark painted. Pull out the second crate from the wall and push/pull it onto the other marked tile. This will open the door for the guide to enter, so he can explain the map to Lara and you can finish the level.

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