March 15, 2010

Beyond the Scion - walkthrough

author of the levelset: EssGee
author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft


secrets: none

THE TEMPLE: When you begin the level, first turn around and locate the jump switch at the end of the tunnel, and flip it to open the entrance to the temple. Follow the tunnel to the small courtyard and enter the temple. Jump over the blade and turn right into another hallway. As soon as you step onto a tile with holes, start sprinting through this hallway, to avoid many traps here, including the ceiling spikes which are coming down fast. When you enter a room with a small pool, go to the left and pull the dead bloke to reveal and take his revolver (you have to grab him by the shoulders). Dive in and locate an UW lever on the central structure. Pull it to open the gate above, climb out of the water and leave through open gate.

Find a movable crate straight ahead and push/pull it onto the tile marked with a circle (it is on the step near the entrance). This will lower two central blocks so you can now manuever with the second movable crate in the center of the room. Push/pull it onto dark-grey tile where one of the lowered blocks previously were. This will lower another block nearby, which you can now use for climbing to the upper level. This block is on the wall W. Climb to the upper level and go left. Near the corner you'll see a closed door, and a jump switch to the right of it. Jump to flip it and drop onto the lower level. Climb back up and go through the door.

When you enter the big room here, first go to the left and climb the ledge on the left, where you'll have a clear shot at two panthers lurking below. Crouch and crawl into a small opening with revolver ammo hidden inside. When you touch the floor again and proceed further, two more panthers will come from the previous room, so shoot them down, too.

KAYAK RIDE: In the next area you'll find a SM in the bushes to the left. Turn right around the corner, climb the rock and drop on the other side, in the water near the kayak. Jump across the water to the ledge and climb the higher rock here. Go left and drop into a shallow pit where you'll find a SM. Approach the kayak and press Action to climb into it. Paddle through the opening behind the waterfall straight ahead, and replenish Lara's health bar if necessary, after going through some spikes. In the next room leave the kayak and notice the closed gate in the far left corner, and a locked door with a keyhole straight ahead. Enter the tunnel opposite the locked door and climb on the ledge. Proceed through the tunnel and into another room. Go to the left into another area.

Climb the central pillar here and take Uzis. Drop down to the floor, jump over the pool with a waterfall and climb the ledge to the right of the statue behind the waterfall. Drop into a small pit here and take Uzi clips. Return to the waterfall and go through the passage E. Swim over to the ledge with water running across it, climb on it and take a running jump to grab the ladder straight ahead. Climb up into the opening, then onto the block to the left. Crawl backwards and hang from the edge above the pool. Jump up to grab the upper ledge, and use Look button to observe the spikes above. When they are about to retract, jump up again, grab another crack and immediately back flip with roll to land into a tunnel behind.

Proceed to a small room with a suspended ledge in the middle. Turn to face W and stand on this ledge. It will start to descend, so you can jump to grab the next suspended ledge ahead. Pull up, turn right and wait for the ledge to descend all the way. Jump to grab the jump switch on the wall, and drop into the pool below. Swim through now open UW gate and take the Gate Key from the alcove. Surface and climb out on the ledge in the middle of the pool. Climb onto either blocks and take a diagonal run jump to grab the middle alcove on the opposite side of the pool. From there run jump diagonally to the ledge near entrance. Return all the way to the kayak and use the key to unlock the door on the ledge. Enter the small tunnel and flip the switch on the wall to open the gate. Climb into the kayak and paddle through the gate and down the channel. Some baddies will start shooting at you, so replenish Lara's health along the way. When you get to the closed gate, leave the kayak and shoot three local mercenaries behind you. You have to climb out of the water as soon as possible, because those blue thingies swimming around are two piranhas. You can kill them from the dry ground. Follow the ledges back towards the entrance to find a LM on the floor. On your way back to the kayak, find more Uzi clips in the tunnel with dead mercenaries.

Return to the closed gate and climb the bank to the right (where one mercenary ambushed you). Turn to face the building you came here from, and follow the wall on your left, until Lara falls into the bushes at the end of the bank. Attached to the building wall there is a hidden switch, and your moves and camera are very limited here. Sidestep until you can flip this switch, to open the gate. Return to your kayak and continue the ride. Follow the long channel to the pool with a trapdoor on the bottom. Leave the kayak here and return to the bulding you came here from, and find more Uzi clips in one of the alcoves to the right. Go back to the kayak and paddle down the open trapdoor.

In the lower level paddle through the tunnel and follow another long channel through a building, avoiding spikes and a pair of blades, until you reach another building with a channel of water. Somewhere inside this building leave your kayak and explore the area, to find two SPs. Continue along the channel in your kayak, to the next closed gate. The switch is right there, on the wall to the right of the gate, so use it and proceed to the next area.

BIG LAKE: Hurry to leave the kayak in the next open area and to kill the Local Mercenary that will start shooting at you. Climb out of the water to the ledge where the mercenary was standing, and turn left, towards the rock formation that looks like a pyramid. Dive into the lake and swim keeping close to the wall on the left. Swim between the left bank and the pyramid to the next lake. Continue swimming close to the left wall and pass an UW alcove with a closed door. In the far left corner of the second lake there is a left turn. Don't go in there yet, just turn around and locate the UW lever on the wall here and pull it to open the UW door you've just passed by. Return there and swim through, follow the long and twisted tunnel, avoiding spikes, to the surface.

Climb out of the water, and follow the tunnel to the switch. Flip it, then walk to the edge of the opening. Run jump onto the island below and ahead and kill a macaw flying around. Walk along the left edge of the island and take a look down, to the closed gate and a mercenary lurking around. Kill him from here. Return near the opening you jumped here from. Take a look down. See that window with water and a key? Run off the island here to land into the lake near the door you've opened. Swim to the left, towards the first lake, and climb onto the wooden platform you've just raised. Climb on the rocks next to the platform, then jump onto a flat rock on the left (if Lara is facing the lake). From there, take a standing jump onto the higher block, with some grass on it. Walk to the other side of this rock, and run jump into the alcove with the key. Take another Gate Key and jump into water. Swim through the UW door underneath and return to the island.

This time, when you land onto the island, make a U turn and stand facing the way you came, a bit to the right. Run jump onto the long stone ledge on the mountain. Follow this ledge and turn left. Use the key into the keyhole to open the door next to it. Proceed through here. Follow the tunnel to a hole with the spikes at the bottom. Jump diagonally onto the slanted rock to the left, slide backwards and grab the ladder. Climb down until Lara is hanging just below the lowest horizontal stripe on the wall. Back flip from the ladder and land onto a small ledge in the corner. Near the window you'll see a jump switch. Flip it to open a door nearby.

From the corner ledge jump to grab the ladder. Climb up, pull up onto the slanted rock, flip back with roll to grab the edge of the opposite slope and traverse to the right and around the corner, until you can pull up where the floor is flat. Return outside to the ledge and dive into the lake below. Turn around under water and this time swim into the passage near the UW lever you used. Climb onto the wooden platform and take a diagonal running jump onto the ledge with pillars and opened door. Go through and find Spike Trap Tool from the ground. Climb back on the wooden platform floating in the water, face the tunnel you came from and jump to grab the monkey swing. Monkey-swing into the opening where you will find flares and two pairs of Uzi clips. Return to the opening, jump into water below and return once more to the island above the lake.

This time jump onto the rocky ledge and follow it all the way around, turning right at the fork and jumping across the slanted rocks. Use your newly obtained tool to disable the spikes on the slanted block ahead. Climb this rock, walk to the outer edge of the ledge and run jump onto the higher ledge diagonally to the right. Pick up Uzi clips and a SM and turn to face the slanted rock in the middle of this ledge. Just to the right of this rock there is a small ledge you need to jump onto. Once there, turn Lara's back to the island and hop back to grab the edge of the block. Release grab and grab the switch below. Fall into the lake. And again, swim and climb back to the island, jump over to the ledge, and return to the rock with disabled spikes.

Stand so the island is on Lara's right. Make sure her health is 100% and take a running jump with Action from here, to land on the slope below. Grab the edge, pull up, and bounce off into the opening behind you. Walk to the edge of the opening and take a running jump to grab the switch ahead. This will open the door on the ledge where you previously killed a patrolling mercenary.

Now swim to the right, and climb on the wooden platform near the ledge where the mercenary you killed from above was patrolling. This door is now open, so you can enter. Kill two panthers lurking inside. Follow the tunnel to a fork. Turn left, slide just a little down the slanted rock, bounce off and land into an alcove ahead, to move away from the boulder coming from the other tunnel. When it lands in the pit, jump across and go to the top of the slope, to take a LM. Return to the alcove above the pit. Proceed to the closed gate at the end of the tunnel. Few steps before the gate, the ceiling above Lara is much higher, and there you should spot the jump switch that opens the gate. From the edge of the opening take a running jump to land onto the slanted rock diagonally to the left (land on the slanted block that has no wholes, because the rocks with holes indicate spikes here). Slide backwards and hang from the edge. Traverse to the right to the end, then pull up, bounce off with twist and grab the ladder behind you. Climb up then left, to drop into the opening above.

Follow the tunnel, walk to the edge and take a running jump to grab a slanted rock diagonally to the left. Traverse all the way to the left, pull up, slide all the way to the edge, bounce off and make a curve to the left, to land into the opening here. Follow the tunnel to the switch, flip it to open the door and enter the room with a bell. In the far right corner of the room there is a movable block. Pull it out of the alcove, climb on top of it and use the switch on the wall to raise the bell. Go down, then to the base of the bell, and claim the Sun Disk. The door in the far left corer of the room will open, so proceed through there.

Enter the room with spikes. Turn right and go into a corridor, where you'll find a SM. Return to the main room, cross the floor with holes and flip the switch there. Immediately roll and sprint back, to avoid the spiked ceiling coming down, and to rush through the floor spikes that will injure Lara anyway. Return to the lake and jump in water. For one last time, swim through the open gate and then climb back to the island above the lake. Run across it diagonally to the right and approach a pedestal here. Approach it from the S, and press Action to place the Sun Disk on it.

In the following cutscene you'll see the central structure in the centre of the island moving towards the centre, while the inner statue raises revealing a golden column inside. Also, one golden ray activates a waterfall nearby, and one door with spikes in front of it finally opens. After the cutscene, deal with four mercenaries that will attack you, and collect two boxes of shotgun shells they drop. Also, you can run away from them, if you want, but you won't get their ammo that way.

Run to the south and jump into the lake below. Swim straight forward and into the far right corner (NE). Now the gate is open, and the spikes are disabled, so you can swim through to the next level.

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