March 15, 2010

Beyond the Scion - walkthrough

Author of the levelset: EssGee
Author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft


secrets: three

THE HATCHERY: The story begins where the original TR ends: inside the Great Pyramid of Atlantis. You will immediately recognize the settings. After the Pyramid door closed behind you, you can proceed. Enter the room ahead and pick up some revolver bullets from the floor to the left. To the right you'll find a switch. Flip it to open the first gate. Pulling of this switch will cause the light in the room to go off, and the shiny yellow holes on the walls will start spitting dangerous darts. So crouch and crawl under the darts into the corridor you've just opened. Proceed to the next dart trap.

Beyond these darts here you'll see a deadly slamming door. You need to crawl under the darts and to approach the door. Do not stand up here, you are not safe from the darts. Instead, remain in the crouch, and press Space as if you want to draw your pistols (but don't draw them, just make Lara kneel. Now watch the cycle of the slamming door. When it is about to open, press Sprint to make Lara roll forward while on her knees. This way she will rush through the door with no damage. Follow the long twisted corridor, picking up more revolver bullets from the floor.

Proceed to the next big room with small lava pools and mutant nests on the walls. Notice the keyhole to the left of the entrance, and proceed to the other side of the room. Somewhere in the middle, two flying mutants will hatch and you'll have to kill them. Use the classical strategy: do sideflips while shooting to avoid their fire cannonade. When you've shot them down, go to the opposite side of the hatchery, pick up some more revolver ammo from the far left corner, take a note of a switch in the far right corner, and proceed through the open doorway to a huge room with lava lake and ledges far above. Pick up a LM from the pedestal, and kill another flying mutant that hetches after the flyby.

Now return back into the hatchery and use that switch mentioned earlier. A timed door behind you will open, so immediately rool and sprint towards them, to go through before they close. In the next small room with a grating on the floor, you'll see a closed window in the near left corner. In order to open in, go into an alcove in the far left corner (it is well lit) and you'll hear a gate rising. Return to the window and climb through it into the next room. In the dark hallway pick up a SM from the pedestal before proceeding to the door to the right.

Inside this small room you'll see two shallow lava pits, so avoid stepping into either of them. The one to the left is more safe than the one to the right, so go to the edge of the left pit. Take a look to the other side of the pit. To the right you'll see a raised alcove. In order to get there, you'll need to bounce off the sloped rock in the far left corner of the lava pit. So aim your running jump to land on that slanted rock, and bounce off (jump) into the alcove above the pit. Pick up Atlantean Disk and save your game.

You can get back to the room in two ways. The one is to perform a banana jump from the alcove directly to the other side of the lava pit. However, this direct jump may be tricky: you have to take a diagonal running jump with a left curve in mid-air, to make Lara land on the safe part of the floor. The second way is even more trickier: jump onto the slanted rock closest to the room floor, then to bounce off with immediate roll in mid-air and hard curve to the right, in order to reach the other side of the pit. Go back to the hatchery and use the Disk you found to unlock the door that will now be in the far right corner of the hatchery. Go through, pick up laser sight from the pedestal and climb the ladders to the upper level. As soon as you enter, shoot two winged mutants avoiding their fire balls.

There are two closed doors and two movable blocks here. If you go around the perimeter, you will find another box of revolver bullets. Take it now or later, as you wish. First go across the bridge nearest the entrance and find one movable block in a large alcove on the opposite wall (between two closed doors) and push it onto a marked floor tile nearby. The door to the right will open, so you can go through.

Pick up some flares from the floor as soon as you enter the dark hallway beyond the door and proceed up the stairs. Once inside a small room with a ramp, you'll notice Lara keeps looking to her left. There is a reason for that, so approach the carvings on the wall and shoot a small reddish orb to break it. Save your game before going back down the stairs. Hop onto the ramp and lit up a flare. Sprint down the stairs to run away from a huge boulder that will start rolling from the top of the ramp. With a flare lit, you'll see the tunnel on the right in time to stop sprinting and make a right turn, to get to the safe spot. If you accidentally miss this turn, and fall into a shallow pit straight ahead, Lara will be flattened.

Return to the bridges above the hatchery and go across the nearest one, finding another movable block on the other side. Pull it so it stands below another pushable block stuck in the wall above. Climb onto the first block and push the higher block into the tunnel. Keep pushing until you reveal a tunnel to the right. Enter and shoot another ornamented reddish orb on the wall, to open the second door in the big room. Go back there, and through the door to the left, crossing the nearest bridge. Follow the long hallway and pick up the Revolver from the pedestal. Proceed to the big shaft with ledges above the lava pool, and kill two flying mutants that will hatch upon your entrance.

BIG CLIMB: Okay folks, this climbing is as hard as the corresponding one in Anniversary. It is not timed, however, but it is tricky. So therefore I recommend saving your game whenever possible. Also, you'll have to perform some new moves here, such as jumping backwards while hanging from a crevice (press Back/Down while hanging), or jumping upwards while hanging from a crevice (press Jump while hanging). All the new moves are described in Lara's diary, so refer to it first.

When you killed those two mutants, turn right and walk to the edge of the platform. Take a running jump to grab the crevice on the supporting pillar in the corner. Traverse around to the left. Behind Lara there are some swinging poles portruding from the wall. So jump backwards from the crevice, roll in mid-air and grab the first pole. Swing and jump to grab the second pole (with a small right curve in mid-air, if necessary). Swing around it too and jump to grab the next pole. Swing around once more and jump onto the ledge in the corner. From here jump onto the bigger ledge, pick more revolver ammo and save again.

Take a look at the broken pillar in the corner. The easiest way to get the work done here is to take a running jump onto that pillar, landing on the lowest part of the slope. That way you don't need to slide at all, just bounce off the pillar, make a right curve in mid-air and keep pressing Action + Up to grab the pole. Swing around it, leap off and land onto a small timed metal ledge ahead. This jump here is one of the trickiest in the levelset, so be patient if you need more than a couple of retries. The strategy that worked for me was this one: when you bounce off the pillar and grab the pole, do not swing around it, just leap forward, to save a couple of precious seconds and land on the nearer edge of the timed ledge. That way you'll have just enough space on the ledge to make two steps diagonally to the left, to the far outer corner. You don't have a split of a second to waste here, so quickly pivot Lara to the right and take a diagonal jump with a hard right curve, to grab the crack on the wall (to the right of the burner). Wait for the burner to go off, then traverse to the left and around the corner pilar. When on the other side of the pillar, jump upwards to grab the upper crack (while hanging press Jump), and from there take a backflip with roll in mid-air to grab the edge of another big and safe ledge where you will find a LM. Of course, two winged mutants will come to life, so deal with them.

Turn to face the shaft and look to the right, to the wall with some yellow spots, indicating that some swinging poles are retracted into the wall. In order to expand them, you need to shoot two little reddish orbs between retracted poles (they look the same as the previous orbs). This time use revolver with laser sight. All four swinging poles are now extracted, so you can proceed. Jump to the small ledge in the corner and pick up more revolver bullets. Take a running jump to grab the first pole, swing around and jump to the next. Swing around all four poles and grab the ladder on the pillar in the corner. Pull up and turn left. Ahead are some retracting ledges that are timed, of course. This is the easiest way to get across them in time. Take a standing jump without grab onto the first ledge. When you land, don't go forward, just take another standing jump, but keep pressing Forward while Lara is in mid-air, so that she can land onto the second ledge. From here, run forward and jump from the edge to grab the third ledge. Pull up and take two steps forward. Take a standing jump to grab the broken pillar ahead before the ledge retracts. If this does not work for you (if you cannot reach the second ledge the way described), then you can grab the second ledge, pull up, run forward and jump to grab the third ledge. You will have enough time to set your standing jump to the pillar, but you'll have less time than in the sequence described first.

Take a running jump onto the bigger platform, pick up a SM and shoot two flying mutants that will hatch from the sacks on the wall. Again, save before proceeding. Take a running jump to grab the crack on the corner pillar, traverse to the left and around the corner, back flip with roll to grab the first swinging pole behind you, swing and jump, grab the second pole, then the third, the forth, and finally, land onto the ledge in the corner. If you can jump from one pole to another without swinging around them, then you don't need to worry about the flame between the second and the third swinging pole. However, if you do swing before leaping, then you shouls continue swinging around the second pole and wait for the flame to subside before jumping to the third pole. It is not always the case, but sometimes Lara will catch fire if you swing around the second pole before jumping to the third.

Take a running jump to grab the bigger ledge, pull up and run to the other side. Take a running jump to grab the ladder on the broken pillar ahead. If you want the SM here, take it, then hang on the ladders (don't climb down) and back flip with roll to grab the bigger ledge behind. Then again run jump to grab the upper ladder and climb up. Pick up two boxes of revolver bullets and turn to face the room. Observe the ceiling and locate two square objects hanging. Use revolver with laser sight to shoot them to extract two dangling ropes you are going to need at this stage. Run jump to grab the first rope, swing, jump and grab the second rope, turn Lara to the left to face the large ledge, swing towards it and jump off the rope. Go left pass the closed gate and run jump onto the pillar with a LM.

After you've taken it, turn so the closed gate is on Lara's right. Hop back and grab the edge of the pillar. Let go the grab and press Action again to grab the switch below. This will open the gate above. Lara will land on a small ledge on the lower lever, so take a running jump onto the bigger ledge. Once more, climb to get to the ropes, use them to swing to the ledge with the open gate and go through.

Follow the hallway to the trap with two slamming doors. Time your going through and proceed to the next trap. The easiest way to get through the first dart trap, another slamming doors and the second dart trap is to crawl under the darts and crouch roll through the door and under the second dart trap. Proceed to the next room.

ROOM WITH TWO WALKWAYS: As you enter, a crawler mutant and a winged mutant will attack, so killed them both. After the fight, step on the orange pad in the middle of the room to retract two ledges below the burners on the opposite sides of the room. First sprint to the burner on the right (W), climb the ladder and watch out of the flame. When the ledge expands again beneath Lara, drop on it, turn around and wait for the flame to subside. Take a running jump onto the walkway, find the switch here and use it do lower the timed block in front of the second switch. Drop to the floor, step on the orange pad again, sprint to the ladders on the left (E), climb to hang between the burner and the retracted ledge, drop on the ledge when it extends, wait for the flame to subside and do a run jump onto the second walkway. Sprint to the switch before the block expands again and flip it to open the gate on the first walkway. Pick up a SM near the switch. Once again, drop to the floor, climb to the first walkway, and go through the door, taking care not to fall in the pit in front of it. Follow the hallway to another room.

ROOM WITH POUNDING BLOCKS: Do you remember this room in Anniversary? Fine, because this one is even more trickier than that one. You need to get across two sets of pounding blocks in order to use two switches and extend the bridge. The order is not important, just bare in mind that the left set of blocks is much easier than the right one. So go left and walk towards the first pounding block in the set of three. Approach it as much as you can, and stand near the edge of the lava pit. When the block starts retracting, run ahead only a little, to find yourself between the first and the second pounding block. Repeat the process to get to the safe spot between the second and the third blocks, then to the ledge ahead, where you will find a switch. Use it and return the same way back.

Go around the perimeter to the next set of pounding blocks. Now, this is very difficult, maybe this is the most difficult part in the game, so embrace yourself. Walk to the edge of the ledge facing the pounding blocks and observe the cycle of two retracting ledges between the blocks. You have to run jump on the first one when the ledges extend and the blocks retract, then standing jump to the second ledge, and then another standing jump to the ledge with the second switch. Use it to extend the bridge, and kill a flying mutant. Now you have to get back to the other side the way you came back (to make things even more difficult). This time, stand jump to the first ledge, stand jump to the second, and stand jump to grab the walkway and pull up. Cross the bridge and proceed to the battle area.

TORSO GUY: Approach the table in the room to start a cut-scene. Lara talks to Natla who claims that she will renew the Atlantis and rule the world, helped by the new breed of mutants as her army. However, Lara still stands in her way, and after they chatted a little, they both fall into the shaft with lava pool, but Lara manages to grab the ledge with a big sack that is about to hatch in a few seconds. You can guess what this is: a torso boss is going to hatch and Lara will have to deal with it. So use your revolver if you have any bullets left, circle around the boss avoiding its claws and bottom, flip to the left or right when you have the space, shoot, avoid the burners in the corners and don't fall off the ledge. When you kill it, collect goddies scattered around: three boxes of revolver bullets and a SM. The gate will open, so go through to the next area.

SILVER SECRET: Pick up revolver bullets and flares from the floor. Now jump onto a block to the left, and jump up to grab the opening above. Crawl in and go down the stairs. Enter a small room to the left and take a SM. Continue more down the stairs, and enter the huge cave with lava pit. Take a diagonal running jump with left curve in mid-air to grab the invisible crack in the left wall (jump off the middle of the path). Traverse to the right, and drop on the solid rock below. Take the Silver Artifact, which is Secret #1. To get back, you need to back flip from the middle of the ledge onto the slanted rock in the lava pool below. Slide a little then jump onto the next slanted rock. Slide and jump to grab the crevice on the wall. Traverse to the right then around the corner, and drop onto the solid rock below.

Turn left and run across the falling ledges in front of a boulder. Immediately make a turn to the right, to enter an alcove before the boulder starts to roll. You'll see another slope to the left, and another boulder ready to roll down. So sprint down the slope and turn right to avoid being splattered by the boulder. The third boulder slope is the most difficult. Start sliding the ramp and bounce off from the edge to land on the rock ahead. In order to avoid the boulder behind you, as soon as you land on the rock, roll to move away. Turn around to face the room then drop onto the lower block to the right. Enter a small room and sprint through it before lava gets you. Flip the switch to open the door and jump diagonally to the left to land on the solid rock instead of the lava stream.

There are several ways to get alive through the triple boulder trap here, but I give only the easiest, discovered by Duchy. One boulder will roll behind you, one will fall from above, and one will roll towards you across the lava pit. So here's the trick: run up the ramp and stay close to either wall. When almost at the edge of the lava pit, roll and press Action to turn around, drop and hang from the edge of the pit. Wait for the boulder above to fall, and for the one behind you to fall into the pit. Now you can pull up next to the boulder above you, and pivot Lara in this small corner to face the lava pit. Stand jump to grab the other side of the pit and pull up.

The next cave has a pool and a few pillars with burners. In order to get to the other side safely, walk to the edge of the path and stand in the right corner facing the first burner. Pivot Lara just a bit to the right and watch the cycle of the first burner. It goes off for only a second, so you need to be absolutely precise. When the burner is about to go off, take a running jump with a left curve to grab the pillar beyond the first burner. Pull up. Wait for the second burner to go off then run across the pillar to the other side. The third burner is straight ahead, and it is exactly the same as the first one. So use the same procedure and grab the opening ahead. Pull up and follow the tunnel to the end. Jump up to grab the opening to the left and pull up. The door in front of you will approach as you enter, so go through, take the left fork and crawl through the opening to get back to the hallway where you started.

CAVE WITH LAVA STREAM: Take a running jump across the lava to land diagonally on the rock on the other side. Take another diagonal running jump to land on the next rock a bit further and across the lava stream. From here take a running jump to land on a small ledge below the gate. Use your revolver with laser sight to shoot the reddish orb on the wall ahead and raise a ledge nearby. Run jump onto the slope ahead, slide and jump on the raised ledge in the corner. Hurry up, run to the left, and jump from the edge to grab the pillar ahead. Pull up and kill a mutant flying nearby.

Use the switch to extend a small metal ledge on the opposite side, two swinging poles and a large metal ledge further ahead. Both ledges are timed, so don't waste a second. Pivot Lara to the left and side flip to the left to land on the timed metal ledge you just extended. Make sure you land near the edge so that you have enought space to take two steps before the run jump. Grab the first pole, don't swing, just leap off, grab the second pole, leap off immediately, and sprint into the tunnel to the right before the big ledge retracts.

Follow the hallway leading to a large room with a centaur lurking inside. Find a switch in the far right corner and flip it to open the gate to the left. Go through the hallway and notice a high opening near the entrance to the centaur's room. Remember this, you'll come back here later.

THE ROOM WITH A POOL: As you enter, a winged and a crawler mutants will atack you, so take care of them. Go around the pool and enter the room on the opposite side of the pool. Inside you'll find a box of revolver bullets and a SM. Return to the room with the pool and find a covered reddish orb to the left of the doorway leading to the side room with goodies. Next to the covered orb there is a jump switch, so flip it to uncover the orb, then shoot to break it (if the cover lowers again, just use the switch again to reopen it). This will open the first gate in the pool. Find the similar jump switch to the right of the doorway and look up to locate another covered reddish orb. Flip the switch, hop back twice and use laser sight to shoot the orb before the cover lowers again. This will open the third gate in the pool.

The middle gate switch is harder to reach, but it will also lead you to the secret. Dive and swim down, and find the UW switch that extends a timed metal ledge in the room. Hurry back up, use the stepping stone to reach the metal ledge, pull up and rush into the tunnel before the ledge retracts. Jump over the lava pit and use the switch on the wall. Jump again to grab the edge of the opening, pull up and drop back in the centaur's room. In the nearest corner you'll now find a pushable block. Pull it out of the alcove and push/pull it into the nearest corner from here, between the wall and a rock formation. Climb the crate then onto a ledge above, and use the fire vents to traverse to the next corner. Just jump to grab the crevice of the fire wents and time your shimmying under the burners. When you hang on the last one, back flip and roll to grab the ledge behind. Time your jump to the next ledge avoiding the flame, and another jump into the opening, avoiding the other burner. Pick up a LM in the tunnel and walk to the edge of it. Jump diagonally to the left, to land on the pillar near the switch, then take a diagonal standing jump to grab the switch and flip it, thus opening the middle gate in the pool below. Climb over the rocks and jump into the pool. Swim down through the opened gates to the next area.

If you want the Bronze secret, don't swim down yet. Instead, climb the movable crate once again and up the rock formation. This time jump onto the ledge above the entrance to the centaur's room. Flip the switch there to open the door below, drop down and pull the crate out of the corner and through the door, so that you can climb it and reach the high opening with Bronze Artifact which is Secret #2.

BIG CAVE WITH LAVA FALLS: Observe the cycle of the burner to the right. When the flame subsides, take a diagonal running jump to grab the ladder next to the burner. Immediately climb around the corner to the left, to move away from the burner. From the ladder flip back and roll in mid-air to grab the ladder behind you. Climb up and to the right around the corner, and then drop on the solid rock. Turn Lara's back to the ladders and take a look at the pillar with a crack down below. Walk to the edge of the block and take a standing jump with Action to land on that crack. Watch the burner ahead, and take a running jump to grab the next rock when the flame subsides. Turn to the right and take a running jump to grab the ladder. Climb up to the crevice where you cannot climb any further. Release the grab and press Action immediately after, to make Lara grab the crack. Before she can pull her legs up, traverse to the left around the corner. Jump up to grab the upper crevice, then traverse back to the right and around the corner. Now you are hanging on the upper crevice, and canoot climb the upper part of the ladder. Flip from the crevice and roll in mid-air to grab the ladder behind you. Climb up and to the right, around the corner, and drop onto a small triangular corner ledge.

In order to perform a jump into the opening on the wall, you need to stand against the wall and sidestep to the right until Lara cannot sidestep any more. Then carefully pivot her to the right. She should be standing at the very corner of the triangle, the corner that is nearest the opening. From there take a standing jump to grab the opening and pull up. Enter and claim the Golden Artifact, which is Secret #3. Return back to the opening. To get back onto the triangular ledge, you need to perform a run jump, but (suprisingly!) there is not enough space here for Lara to perform a usual hop back before the jump. So you have to work around. Take three steps back from the edge of the opening, keeping close to the wall on the left (the ceiling is higher here), and pivot Lara a bit to the right. Now run, steering to the left, and jump from the edge to land on the triangular ledge. Climb the ladder and around the corner and once again back flip with roll to grab the ladder with cracks.

This time climb down the ladders, so Lara is just below the lower crack. Jump back to land on a small ledge below the first ladder. Turn to face the burner, then diagonally to the left. See that ladder below and across the lava stream? And a small ledge to the left of the ladder? That is your goal. Make sure Lara's health is at least 70 percent before this jump. Run jump with Action to land on the ledge on the other side of the cave. Now you can kill that nasty flying mutant that's been screaming for a while now, if you have a clear shot. If not, kill it later or just leave it be. Save your game here and brace yourself, since the next jump sequence will make you pull out your own hair. Just one tip before you start: my strategy in difficult jump sequences is to save when Lara is in mid-air (and in a new slot each time) if there is no safe spot to save normally.

Back flip from the middle of the block onto the slope below. After a slide, you'll end up on a sinking block. So don't waste time. Pivot Lara a bit to the right, side flip to the right to land on another sinking block, run and jump from the edge to land on the third sinking block, sideflip to the left onto the fourth sinking block, and finally, jump into the opening where you can save. Flip the jump switch here to open the gate on the other side of the cave. Drop back on the nearest sinking block, stand jump onto the next, so that Lara lands near the left edge of the block, run and steer to the right, jump from the edge to land on the third sinking block, stand jump onto the next, run and jump onto the higher one and hop back (only if necessary, if you don't have enough space to run before jumping). Wait for the burner to subside and run jump diagonally to the right, into the opening in the wall.

At the end of the tunnel climb up to the switch and flip it to extend the monkey swing nearby. Climb the higher ground, and stand jump from the opening to grab the monkey swing ahead. Monkey-swing to the end and drop onto another sinking block in the middle of a lava pool. Immediately jump forward to grab the ladder, climb up and take more revolver bullets from the corner and turn to face the lava stream, and diagonally to the right. Through your laser aim find another orb on the wall and shoot it to open the big gate nearby (it's located between two columns with red gliphs, in the lower part of the wall).

 If you found all three secrets, the small door here will be open. Enter this small room and pick up revolver bullets, shotgun shells, LM, flares, and Atlantis Trophy on the pedestal, the prize for collecting all three artifacts.

CONFRONTING NATLA: As you enter, Natla attacks, and she's a mighty enemy. She is immortal, so don't shoot at her and don't waste time. You can beat you in less than a minute, if you know the strategy. Use four switches in the big room to destroy Natla temporarily and flee from her. The problem is that Natla is fast and a good shooter, and darts are flying all over the place. The easiest way is to go around the room following either walls, until you make a full circle and flip all four switches. Just remember, sprint, then crouch-roll beneath the darts, and don't try to see where Natla is. She's behind you and you better hurry. If you are going clockwise around the room, the switches will be in hardly visible alcoves to the left of each supporting pillar, and vice versa. Use medipacks if necessary to replenish Lara's health, if darts or Natla's bombs injure her. After Natla has disappeared, she drops the Scion, the door opens, and the cut-scene for the next level loads.

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