November 2, 2009

Lara and the Old Abandoned House - walkthrough

Author of the level: Lukasz Croft
Author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level one: Ireland, Sewers, 2009

secrets: three

NOTE: You begin this adventure with completely empty Inventory. You have no guns, no health and no flares at the beginning. You'll collect some medipacks, shotgun shells and the shotgun, as well as some flares and other ammo, but you won't be able to use them on the first level. They won't appear in your Inventory (except of a few SMPs) until you finish the first level. Obviously this is not a bug, it is meant to be so. I also strongly recommend conserving your ammo and health supplies as much as you can for the last level. Luckily, the zombies, even the toughest enemies in metal armor can be outrun and avoided. So avoid them and run away whenever you can.

GARBAGE DUMP AREA: When the level loads, go to the opposite side of the room, ignore the opening with water to the right for now, and jump into a hole in the ground where you'll find Secret #1: shotgun shells. After that, go back to the opening with water, jump in and swim down, then up into a pool in the middle. Get out of the water and avoid the steam vent. Observe this room and notice two gray floor tiles in the corners. Stand on both tiles to open the trapdoor above the vent. Climb onto the block with the steam vent, and then into the opening above the trapdoor.

In the tunnel go left at the intersection, but remember the closed trapdoor ahead, because you'll be back here soon, when you open it. Crawl under the pipe, and stand up between the pipe and a huge fan. Stay as close to the wall to the right as you can and walk into the corner behind the fan. Turn carefully to the left, stay close to the wall on the right and squeeze between the wall and the fan to get to the other side. Pull the lever behind the fan to open the trapdoor. Repeat the same maneuver to get back to the pipe, return to the intersection and go left, to the open trapdoor. Drop down through it.

To the left you'll see some breakable barricade, but since you don't have the guns yet, just remember where it is. In the far left corner, close to this barricades, you'll find a jump lever. Flip it to open an underwater trapdoor elsewhere. Proceed to the right (east) and enter the large room with a metal pillar, and remember more breakable barricades to the left. Go to the right, towards a huge pile of dirt, and find the Crowbar in the right corner. Then swim through the opening in the shallow pool in the middle of the room. Follow the underwater tunnel to the left, and climb out of the water in the pool under more steam emitters. Carefully time your run to grab the flares in the middle of the room, to avoid being scorched by the steam. Run off the central block to the left or right, go around the flames and approach the dark door between three "Restricted Area" signs. Use your crowbar to open them and enter.

A rat will start biting Lara, just ignore it for now and get out of its way as best as you can. Go into the far right corner of the room, where you'll see a bin. Go around the bin, and jump over the slope into the opening above. Go to the left, towards a huge barrel, climb onto the higher ledge and go into the far left corner behind the barrel, to stand on a tile that opens a trapdoor elsewhere. Climb down and turn so the big barrel is on Lara's left. Above you'll see an opening with a ladder. Climb up and press a button in the tunnel to blow out the trash bins. Return back to the room with steam emitters, crawl under them and swim back through the tunnel to the room with big metal pillar.

Climb into the opening to the right of the metal pillar, and pick up the Shotgun and shotgun shells. You cannot go through the small opening with a fan beyond, so go back to the room with the pillar. A soldier will start shooting at you from above, so move quickly. To the left when facing the pillar there is a tunnel where the barricades exploded. Enter this tunnel and avoid the right side of it, because there are some mines on the ground. In the left corner you'll find some herbs (SMP) on the ground. Return to the metal pillar and go right, into the first tunnel. Enter the tunnel straight ahead, where you saw the first barricade. Follow the stairs down to the Secret #2: flares and spray (LMP), avoiding the rat. Return back to the room with metal pillar.

Climb on the pile of dirt to the right, jump over the steep parts and jump in the tunnel through the open door (if you can't make it, jump over the first slope on the pile, directly below the opening. Turn diagonally to the right and jump over the second slope, keeping Forward arrow key pressed to make Lara land onto a flat part. From there jump diagonally into the opening). Make a U-turn to the left and climb on the upper level, where the soldier is. For some reason you still cannot use your weapons, and for that very reason, the enemies will usually be frozen. And this soldier, too, will be frozen and won't attack Lara. Go to the far left corner of the room, press the button on the floor to lower the door, go through it and follow the tunnel to another frozen soldier. Climb onto one of the blocks, jump over the shallow pit and proceed to the room with the pyramid. In the far left corner you'll find more flares. Finally, enter the room beyond.

SEWERS: At the end of this room there is a trapdoor under a burner. On the middle block to the left you'll find a button. When you press it, the trapdoor will open, but after just a couple of seconds it will close. So you have to be very quick and, at the same time, to avoid being burned by the flame. If you are collecting all the secrets, before you press the button go and take the last one on this level. It is located on the high pillar to the right of the trapdoor. In order to get there, position Lara so that she can back flip diagonally onto the slanted block to the left of the trapdoor. When the flame subsides, back flip onto the slanted block, bounce off and land on the high pillar. Pick up Secret #3: flares and drop to the floor. Now go to the button to open the trapdoor. Time your pressing the button when the flame is about to subside. In the lower tunnel climb in the crawlspace, crawl through, roll into a shallow pit and climb in the other crawlspace, to emerge in a huge duct with water.To the right there is a keyhole and a trapdoor in the water. Remember this and go to the left. Climb into the opening.

On the other side of the water there is a frozen soldier who won't bother Lara at all, but also, there is a very alive rat you need to avoid, too. Next to the soldier there is a button on the wall. Press it to open the door and go through. Pick up some flares directly ahead, turn right and go to the end of the room, where you'll find more shotgun shells behind the pile of waste. Enter the tunnel in the middle of the room (west), climb the block near the entrance and take SMP, and proceed further to the intersection. Save your game here.

ROOM WITH RATS: You have to move fast inside this room, because you're unarmed, and a couple of huge rats will chase you and chop off large parts of Lara's energy. Run/sprint to the right, go to the far right corner, enter a short tunnel to the right and go past the burner. To the left you'll see a pipe. Crawl under it and take an SMP from the ground. Crawl back to the tunnel and go left. Quickly climb the block in the corner, next to the pipe you've just crawled under and press the switch there to open the timed door in the opposite corner of the big room (it's the far left corner from the entrance). Sprint back in the main room, steer to the right to avoid climbing the steps, keeping close to the wall to the right, and climb into the triangular opening before the door closes.

In the next room go left at the entrance, to find some shotgun shells in an alcove on the other side of the pile of trash. In the next alcove on the same side of the room you'll find a button. Before you press it to reopen that timed door leading back to the room with rats, make sure to collect Keys from the box near the southern wall. Now go back and press that button, but don't sprint to the door yet. Just pivot Lara to the right and observe the button. When it returns back to its original position, sprint forward, steer to the left and continue sprinting through the door and back into the room with rats. Run to the right avoiding the rats and return back to the room with big pile of dirt. Leave through the open door to emerge back into the sewer near the frozen guard. Jump into water near the open door and pick up SMP from the bottom of the pool. Now return back to the first sewer and open the trapdoor in the water using the keyhole on the wall to the left of the pool.

BACK IN SEWERS: Swim down and around the central pillar. Pull the lever attached to the pillar to open the trapdoor on the ceiling, in the far left corner, and get out of the water. Climb the ladders and make a U-turn to the left, climb on the block, crawl and take another SMP. Climb down from the block and turn to face the fan. To the left of the fan there is another block. Take a diagonal jump to grab its edge, pull up and walk towards the wall ahead, in order to get behind the fan. Run off to the floor and climb into the opening in the other corner. In this small room open the boxes lying around, to find 5 sets of Uzi clips, 6 boxes of shotgun shells and 4 SMPs (if a box won't open, try opening it from the other side). A trapdoor above will open, so you can climb up in the bedroom of an abandoned house. Ignore a small rat and go into the other room to finish the level.

Level two: Ireland, Old House, 2009

secrets: two

SMALL BEDROOM: First take flares in the southern corner, near some plants. You'll also find a SMP near the plants in the east. Press the button to the left of the bed and enter the storage. Pick up Dual Pistols, Uzi clips, 3 boxes of shotgun shells, Shotgun, Binoculars and another Crowbar. Return to the bedroom and go left. In the corner around the box to the left, you'll find another button. Press it to open the door next to it, go down the stairs picking up Uzi clips as you go. The door at the end will open in front of you.

ANTECHAMBER: Proceed to the room with two dead zombies. Go left, press the button on the wall to open the big door and go through. Shoot the barricade in the hallway, then shoot the wooden box. Climb onto the step in the middle of the room and jump while shooting the grating ahead. Pull up into the opening and pick up some Poison Arrows. After picking them up, turn around and flip the jump switch above to open one door in the previous room. Return there and go through the first door to the left (the only open at this point). Flip the lever here to open the second door on the left, and go there.

DINING ROOM: Press two buttons to open the door to the right (the first button is to the left of the bed north, the second button is on the left of the bed south, hidden behind a chair). Go through the door and face your first enemies: all dead bodies will suddenly rise and attack. There are three zombies in the dining room, plus some birds that you cannot kill. Don't try to kill the zombies at this point, it would be a useless waste of ammo and time.

Inside the dining room run to the left towards the big table. In the far rightcorner you'll find a switch. However you cannot press it before you move the poor dead man aside. When you pressed it, approach the panel on the southern wall (have some flowery pattern) and use your crowbar to open the concealed door. Inside a small bathroom you'll find Secret #4: LMP and Revolver bullets. Return to the dining room, go to the right into the window, pick up Explosive arrows and press the button to open the trapdoor near the corpse you moved. Go through the open trapdoor, avoid a zombie lurking in the dark basement, light a flare and find a lever in the left corner. Flip it, and the Crossbow and a key will magically appear in the Dining room. The entrance to the dining room is now again opened. Climb back to the dining room, pick up the weapon and the Golden Key from the table, and return back to the small bedroom (you can easily kill the zombies with explosive arrows, but I strongly recommend conserving the ammo for later. Those undead creatures are slow and you can easily outrun them).

Return to the Antechamber, then back to the first bedroom. Enter the bathroom in the far right corner, and use the key in the keyhole to the left to open the door here. The door of the Freezer will open but only for a second, so time your run when the door reopens. Enter the Freezer with more birds you cannot kill, climb on the ledge to the left and pick a SMP lying there. Crouch and crawl under the first row of meat and stand up between two rows of meat. Press the button to open the door in the corridor with stairs. Return to the bedroom and go down the stairs as if you want to get back to the antechamber. This time turn right and go through the door you've just open, and up the stairs. Go around to the other end of the hallway, pick up the Uzis and the door nearby will open, so go through, avoiding two zombies who will attack.

STORAGE: Shoot the barrier, enter the storage, run into the far right corner and pick up more Revolver bullets near the window. Climb the crates and find flares in the pit in the middle of the stack. Climb over the crates once more and go all the way around them, in the back corner of the storage. To the left you'll see a barrel and to the right you'll see a wooden box blocking the opening. First go around the barrel and push it towards the wooden block. Now pull it towards the window several times. Finally, approach the wooden box, pull it out of the opening, jump over it and pull it towards the window once. Jump over it once more and enter the hallway once blocked with this box.

Follow the corridor to the room with steam vents and more movable barrels (that have no use). Climb the ledge with wooden boxes and shoot the electric box on the wall. Now pull the nearest box once. Go to the other side of it and push it against the wall. Turn around and pull the second box once. Go to the other side and push it against the first block. Turn around and pull the third box. Go to the other side and shoot the other electric panel on the wall. Flip the lever hidden inside to open a door in the Antechamber. All you need to do now is return there, avoiding zombies in the way.

LIBRARY: Once in the Antechamber, go straight forward, through the doorway behind the clock. Since you have a lot things to do in this area, kill two zombies lurking in the room (use explosive ammo), take Laser Sight from the floor near the bookshelves (north) and an SMP from the window behind the sofa (south). Climb on the raised floor with the TV. To the left and to the right, on the walls, there are two jump levers. Flip them both to open a ceiling trapdoor above the window where you found the medipack. Go there, stand against the window and jump up to grab the climbable wall. Climb all the way up and then to the right, to end in an attic. Shoot the grating to the right and crawl into the next room.

Kill three zombies lurking here and go to the other side of room, where you will find a movable block. Push it to the left or right and pick up flares hidden beneath. Moving the block will trigger the zombie in the next room, so shoot him too. Go to the far left corner where you'll see a burner. Pick up Uzi clips from the floor, to the right of the burner (behind a chair). Wait for the flame to subside and proceed to the room to the left. Shoot two boxes in front of two steam vents, and carefully walk between them. Turn to the right and wait for the right steam to subside. Quickly open the box to find an SMP and Keys. Immediately crouch and crawl away from the vents. Another zombie will attack (where did he come from?) but don't shoot it, just run away and return to the crawlspace leading back to the Library. Once in the Library, avoid two new zombies and approach the flowery panel to the right (east). Just like that one in the Dining room, this is a concealed door you can pry open with the crowbar. Open it and proceed to the Gym.

GYM: One zombie and birds will attack you here. You can use your crossbow equipped with the laser sight to aim to the zombie's heads to kill him more quickly. Luckily, the door will close behind you, thus preventing the other two undead fellas to join the attack. In the middle of the gym you'll find another dead body. Move it aside and pick up the Revolver. In the far left corner of the room you'll find more Explosive arrows. Climb the block labeled with number 2 and from there jump to grab the edge of the stack labeled with number 1. Take Revolver bullets from the top of the stack. Go up the slope labeled with number 3 to open the entrance door. From the top of the slope take a running jump into the doorway (if you step onto the mate with number 8, the door will close, so jump over it). Return to the Library and then through the open door opposite the door to the Gym.

Enter the smaller library and use the keys in the keyhole to the right. This will open the bookshelf next to it and you can enter the Parlor. Better kill two zombies lurking here so that you can continue with more ease. In the near right corner of the room there is a closed door. In order to open it, you need to shoot a blue orb hanging from the ceiling above the door. Use revolver with laser sight (or crossbow) to break the orb. Climb into the doorway and pick up some Ultra Grenade-gun Ammo in the next corridor. To the left there is a closed door and to the right there is a wooden movable block. Push/pull this block all the way around the central pillar, to the other end of the corridor, onto a wooden tile. The door to the left of the entrance will open. Go back there and as soon as you enter, pick up more Revolver bullets from the floor. Make a U-turn to the right and enter another corridor with windows. Go through the open window to the left, avoid or kill a zombie and proceed to the left and through a dark passage into the Basement.

BASEMENT: Return to the glassed corridor and find the wooden block you've just pushed around. Pull it once into the glassed corridor. You cannot pull it any more, so go around the pillar to the left, time your run in front of the steam vent, and make a turn to the right to emerge near the wooden crate. Push it once to reveal the opening to the left. Enter and go around the long corridor, back to the door you first open by moving this box onto the wooden tile. Return to the wooden box on the other side and push it once. Return the way you came and push the box once into the dark room. Go to the right, time your run pass the steam vent, and go around the pillar to the left, back to the wooden crate. Pull this crate along the glass and towards the closed door. When you cannot pull it any longer, go around it and push it against the wall. Climb on top of this crate and flip the jump lever high above on the wall. This will open the door next to the crate, for you will need it soon.

Go through the dark passage to the right of the wooden crate. Straight ahead, on stacked wooden crates in the corner, you'll find Secret #5: Crossbow. Climb down and enter the big dark room to the right. Kill two zombies lurking here before you continue, and avoid the left side of the room, because some blocks will fall from the ceiling. Trigger them carefully by walking around. Now go back to the crate and push/pull it into this big and very dark room. Place it in the middle of the room, beneath the ladder and the trapdoor above (use your Binoculars to observe the ceiling and locate the ladder and the trapdoor). When you do, go around the pillar on the other side of the room and use the lever to open the trapdoor at the top of the ladder. This door is timed, so you better be very fast. Sprint to the crate, jump on top of it, grab the ladder and climb up and through the trapdoor. If it closes before you reach the other side of it, go back to the lever and flip it twice to reopen it.

FLOODED AREA: Once above the trapdoor, crawl into the opening and jump into water on the other side. Swim forward, picking up an SMP from the bottom, just around the first wooden crate to the left. Continue swimming forward and notice a yellow door that is closed at the moment. Swim to the right around the corner and find a lever in the middle alcove above the dead guy lying on the bottom. Before you pull it, you may return to take some air if you need it. Pull it to open the yellow door and hurry to get through it before it closes.  Get out of the water, follow the dark tunnel and shoot the barricade at the end (you need to crouch to be able to blast it).

BIG ROOM WITH PILLARS: When you enter this room, immediately turn right and find a movable wooden crate. Go around it and push it once against the wall. Climb on top of it, get down on the right and push it into the corner (to the west). Climb on top of it, get down on the left and pull it once to fit between the wall on the left and a supporting pillar to the right. Climb on top of the crate and use the jump lever attached to the pillar. When you land back onto the crate, get down to the left (when facing the switch) and push/pull the crate back towards the entrance and around the corner. Between two supporting pillars on this side (east) there is another jump switch high above. Squeeze the movable block between these two pillars and use the second switch.

Finally, push/pull the block back against the wall and then to the right, against the high ledge with doors. Follow the ledge to the right. Notice another jump switch attached on the second pillar to the right. Take a running jump to grab it and flip it. This will open a trapdoor in the alley. Climb back on the ledge and drop in the alley to the left. Before dropping through the trapdoor, pick up the shotgun shells near the door to the right. You'll hear a sound of a block rising nearby. You can use this block to go back to the ledge in case you forgot something. If you already opened the trapdoor, there's no need to go back. Just drop into the opening and slide to the next level.

Level three: Ireland, Basement and Cells, 2009

secrets: one

ALLEYS AND CELLS: You begin this level in an alley with three undead creatures. You don't have to kill them, if you don't want or want to conserve the ammo. Run forward to the other side and shoot a huge orb in the far right corner to open the trapdoor. Drop down and carefully approach the edge of the pit with spikes. Take a running jump to clear it and proceed to the next room (you can also grab the ceiling and monkey climb to the other side). Shoot two crates and pick up Super grenade-gun ammo hidden under the left crate, and press the button hidden behind the crate to the right. This will open the door ahead. Enter this room and avoid the right side of it until the boulder falling from above lands into the pit ahead. Kill one more zombie if he attacks you (or just avoid it). Drop into the pit to find Frag Grenade-gun ammo and climb back out.

To the left of the entrance there is a slope. Back flip onto it and bounce off, grabbing the ledge above the pillar. Pull up and walk to the left. Jump into the opening on the left wall. Walk to the edge of the pit with spikes and jump to the other side. Enter the room beyond and kill two big rats inside. Go left when facing the candle and the T-rex head on the wall, and shoot the crate near the wall to the left to collect an LMP. Turn around, go to the other side of the room, in the far right corner (south-east), and flip the jump switch to open the trapdoor in the opposite corner (north-east). The switch is just above a slope, so in order to grab it you have to jump diagonally to the left. Drop through the open trapdoor and use the switch on the wall to turn off a burner in the previous room. On your way back beware of the spikes that are triggered by this button. Return to the room above and jump diagonally from the higher floor to grab the opening opposite the candle. Pull up, jump over spikes pit and return to the room with pillars. Approach the box where the burner was and open it to find Grenade-gun, more Super grenade-gun ammo and the Golden Key. The door leading back to the alley has reopened meanwhile, so return all the way back to the alley, killing one zombie on the way. Use your key in the keyhole to the right, to open the door, and go through.

PIANO ROOM: As you enter, you'll see a piano and some breakable crates scattered around the room. Shoot the second stack of crates to the right, and kill one zombie near the piano. Behind the crates you've just blown up there is a library. Drop down and pick up some Frag Grenade-gun ammo from the pedestal to the left. In the far left corner there is a door you need to open. Return under the opening where you dropped from the piano room, and climb the wall to the upper ledge. Turn to face the library, sidestep to the right to face directly a small ledge in the far right corner and take a running jump to grab it. Press the book on the shelf to open that door below, roll immediately, run off the ledge, make a U-turn to the right and dash through the door before it closes.

POOL WITH HAGS: Kill the zombie lurking in the tunnel, and kill another zombie that appears in the intersection. Follow this other tunnel to a crawlspace to the left. Crawl in and find Secret #6: two sets of Uzi clips and flares. Return to the tunnel and go to the right, to an area with the pool and water-wheels. Jump into water, pick up an SMP from the block and pull the lever below to activate some deadly spikes on the block where the medipack was. Before you continue, save your game.

Of course, you should by all means avoid the spikes and the wheels, so swim to the other side of the  pool and through the opening. The first hag should appear immediately. You have to swim fast and smoothly, since the hag can kill Lara pretty soon. Light a flare or two, swim to the right then around the corner, meeting two more hags in the way, and swim into a large pool through the opening in the fence to the left. Swim around this room once and hurry to get back to the pool with water-wheels. Feed Lara with medipacks as you go, and hurry to climb onto the block above the lever, that now covers those spikes. As soon as you climb, the hags will die. Now you can go back to the hags' liar and collect some goodies. As you enter, you'll find Revolver bullets to the left, and in the large pool behind the fence you will find Keys behind the crates on the other side. Hurry to get back to the pool with wheels, before Lara drowns.

Climb onto the raised block and jump into the tunnel. Kill one more zombie in the way, turn left at the intersection and press the button to open the door leading back to the library (if the door won't open, press the button again, and again, until it opens). Return back to the Piano room, go left and back to the Alley. Approach the door to the right, and use the keys in the keyhole to open it.

TORCH: In a small room beyond the door, shoot the crates to the right and pick up the torch. Lit it on the flame in the next room. Return to the first room and use the torch to lit two high white pedestals. This will open a ceiling trapdoor in the room with the burner, and trigger the appearance of another zombie. Kill it or avoid it. You can drop the torch now. Go back to the room with burner and move the metal crate to the left under the open trapdoor in the far left corner. Climb on it and into the upper tunnel. Shoot the grating and crawl through.

LOBBY: Enter the room and kill two zombies. On the other side of the Lobby you'll see a door with two receptacles shaped liked crosses. Go all the way around the perimeter, to find an LMP. After that go in search for two crosses that open the door. Begin your search by going down the stairs in the middle of the lobby, crawl in the lower tunnel and shoot the grating at the entrance to the next room.

CELLAR: When you enter here, go to the left and take shotgun shells in the corner to the left. In the corner to the right go around the bookshelf and pry the first cross off the wall using your crowbar. Then go to the other side of the room and around the last bookshelf. Carefully pass near the blade (stay close to the left wall) and use the crowbar to pry open the wooden door to the left. Enter the big room.

Go to the left diagonally and kill one zombie near the piano. Keep going around the perimeter in the same direction, and enter the hallway to the left. Kill another zombie, go to the far right corner and move the dead body aside to collect the flares. Return back to the piano and find a movable wooden crate nearby. Pull it once towards the room to reveal a door. Push this door open and kill another zombie inside. Inside you'll find a keyhole for which you don't have the key yet. For now, just remember where it is.

Climb the ledge with another movable block, then on the highest ledge with breakable crates and blast them away. Pick up more Explosive arrows and return to the second movable block. Equip the weapon with laser sight and shoot to break the gratings to the right. Now you need to stack the crates so that you can reach this high opening. Move the first crate (that concealed the pushable door) against the ledge with the second crate. You'll find the third crate near the dead soldier where you found the flares. Push/pull it against the first crate. Now climb on the crates and pull the second crate onto the first one. Push the second crate from the other side onto the third crate, climb on it and then in the opening.

When you drop in the next room, climb on the block ahead and press the button to open the timed door on the opposite side of the room, behind the supporting pillar. Sprint and jump into the doorway before it closes.

ROOM WITH SLOPES: Enter the room with several sloped pillars. Go to the right and shoot two stacks of wooden crates, to find an LMP and Revolver bullets hidden beneath. Your current goal is to get on top of the high pillar between these two stacks of crates. In order to get there, back flip onto the sloped pillar to the right of the high pillar, bounce off and make a hard left curve in mid-air to land on top of the pillar. Take the torch and lit it on the burner next to it. Drop down to the floor, return back to the timed door, throw the torch so it lands close to the button and press the button. Immediately pick up the torch and wait for the button to return to its original position, and for the door to open. In the next room lit up the high white pedestal in the far left corner to open a trapdoor nearby. Drop down and take the Keys from the pedestal. Climb back up, then onto the block with the timed switch, jump to grab the crawlspace and return back to the Cellar.

Once back there, look to the left, and notice a dead body lying on the floor in front of the candle. Move it aside and collect Golden Key that you can use in the keyhole in the passage opposite the movable crates. Open that door and proceed to another keyhole that you unlock by the other keys in your Inventory. When the second door opens, enter the next room and prepare for a challenging fight. One zombie in white metal armor will attack you (it's the horsemen actually, difficult to kill, which means that you have to shoot at his chest with most powerful weapon, the Revolver is perfect if you have the ammo). I recommend entering the room and fighting with this fella, and not retreating to the Cellar, because then you will be attacked by four metal zombies instead of one. Kill this one and take the second cross from the wall opposite the entrance.

Return back to the Cellar to be attacked by three more metal zombies. You can kill them if you want, and you can also run away from them by leaving the Cellar, escaping through the small library where you found the first cross. Go left in here, climb the middle block and crawl back to the Lobby where you can now open the big gate. Enter the room beyond and kill one zombie who will wake up when you enter. Go to the right around the pillars and find an SMP on the floor. Continue going in the same direction and around the corner, and find two buttons on the wall opposite the entrance. Press them to open the door and go through. Keep as close to the wall as possible to avoid the blade in the corridor.

Enter the dark room ahead and go left. Kill another metal zombie and take his SMP when he's dead. Find a button in the first alcove to the right (behind the candles) and press it to open the door at the end of the room. Before you go through, save your game.

SLOPE WITH BOULDERS: The easiest way for me to avoid being smashed by two boulders on the slope ahead, was to slide down the slope backwards. The boulder on your left will roll down first, and as soon as it moves past you, side flip to get out of the way of the second boulder on your right. When you land at the base of the slope safely, climb the block in the middle of the room and take Revolver bullets. Look down to the right corner to see a closed trapdoor. All you need to do now is open them. Turn to face the slope. Use your binocular to observe the ceiling above the entrance. You see a blue orb swinging in the corner? Draw a weapon equipped with laser sight and shoot to break this orb and open the trapdoor. Drop down and follow the passage to another area.

LIVING ROOM: Follow a narrow corridor with bookshelves and enter the living room. Kill three metal zombies and one normal zombie here. Opposite the entrance you'll see a huge wheel turning near a door. Crawl under it to finish the game.

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