November 2, 2009

Lara and the Old Abandoned House - review

name: Lara and the Old Abandoned House
release date: October 2009
class: survival horror, mystery
number of levels: 3
author: Lucasz Croft
exe: patched, no TRLE needed
size: 79 MB
type: TR4

download link:


Lara learns that an old abandoned house, there is an ancient powerful artifact, without hesitation, going to the house, but it is closed, Lara must find a way to get into, can waste water? On the spot, it appears that the truth about an old abandoned house is completely different...


Levels made by Lukasz Croft are always waited with great expectation by custom TR fans. This name is famous and credited in many awesome custom levels. So much more it is surprising that this short game has so many failures.

The idea of the game is great: survival horror where the mummies and horsemen are transformed in zombies, and you can (with quite a few exceptions) choose to avoid or fight them. Contrary to that, the realization was not so great, especially when the level is signed by Lusacz Croft.

He used complex editing of the script and thus caused some unexpected bugs to appear. We all know that the Level Editor itself is buggy, and therefore builders either go around some problems in order to avoid bugs or make even more complex change to the .exe file to make it work. Some bugs are killers; other players found many bugs, and I myself could not open the first trapdoor on the third level, because in my game I had no big gray orb to shoot in the alley... I could have never finished this game and this post and the walkthrough could have never been written, without Tom from Germany who was kind enough to share the savegame file and help me continue (TRLE Community Forum @

Yes, the author managed to make a good survival horror, with all those zombies waking up unexpectedly, with similarities and references to the Resident Evil, one of the best games of the genre, and the overall impression is good. The atmosphere with creepy background sounds and music is mysterious and scary, the gameflow is great, when you manage to go around some bugs. The game is dark, maybe even too dark, there is a lot of action, not so many climbing and jumping sequences, a lot of pushing and pulling around and enough puzzles to solve and quite a few timed runs. You are definitely not bored in this old abandoned house, although you are frustrated when you are stuck somewhere.

It is a good game, but it could be a much better game should the author payed more attention to details (crack mode, for example) and prevented some bugs from being triggered. I know that this sound harsh but I expect from Lucasz Croft to release only perfect levels, like he did in the past. I am a great fan of his and that's why I am allowed to criticize this mini game. If the author was anyone else, I would be quite satisfied with this game, but since the author is Lucasz Croft, I am not satisfied as I could be. We all know what this fella can make, and the Old Abandoned House is at moments way under his level. It is not easy to make a custom level, and especially not a level of this kind, and I appreciate the author's effort and invested time and love into making of this game. I only complaint about bugs and minor technical and aesthetic neglects that will considerably lower the ranking of the levels on this blog.

My ranking: 7.8 out of 10. Good work that could be much better...

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