October 16, 2009

Himalayan Mysteries - Walkthrough (level three)

Author of the level: Titak
Author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level Three: Debonche Monastery

secrets: three

IMPORTANT: Just like in the original TR2, the monks on this level are your friends, so don't shoot them. Even if you try to kill them, you can't, as Titak explained in her Readme file.

CORRIDORS: Before surfacing, collect flares from the bottom of the pool and hurry up to climb out of the freezing water. Then enter the northern hallway and turn right. Draw your guns, backflip onto a slanted block, bounce off and shoot the bell to open a door elsewhere. Return to the pool and enter the southern hallway which is now open. At the very entrance there is a raised crawlspace to the left. Crawl in and drop into a small corridor. Turn Lara's back towards the crawlspace and go to the right. At the end of the corridor turn right again and press the button in the window (oh, you can easily go past this window and not even notice it!). This will open the door in the southern hallway, so return there via the crawlspace and go through the open door. But don't rush when inside this corridor, because it has some traps. Don't turn left, but stand with your back against the wall to the right. Take only one step forward towards the first blade and take a standing jump to clear it. Between two blades take another step towards the second blade and jump over it. Enter the room beyond and talk to the monk (face him and press Action).

Lara greets the head monk and apologizes for trespassing, but she is nevertheless welcomed. The monk knows her by name and knew she would come, although they never saw each other before. Lara warns him about some nasty men wanting to plunder the monastery. The monk explains to her that these goons are after the Yavi'ny Artifact hidden inside the monastery. He also explains to Lara that his father foretold that she would come and that her destiny was to take this artifact and unravel its mystery. She knows nothing about Yavi'ny Artifact, but she has no time for asking, since the goons will attack any moment now. The monk tells her that the artifact is hidden on the other side of the sanctuary, but that she has to prove herself worthy of the task by conquering the traps and puzzles within the monastery. He also tells her that his brothers the monks are informed about her arrival and mission and welcomes her warmly. After the dialogue, the door opposite the monk opens. So go through.

Straight ahead in a small alcove you'll see a mirror attached to the wall. You cannot take it yet, so go left into a big corridor with a monk. There is a doorway to the left, but don't go in there yet, you'll be back here soon. Go straight (south) and through another corridor to an intersection. Go left at the intersection. In another hallway you'll see a locked door to the left. So you can only enter the room straight ahead. Take the Spear (crowbar) in an alcove to the left and return via the corridor with the monk to the mirror and pry it off the wall. You don't need to use that mirror right now, you can wait until you return from the Sanctuary.

Go back to the corridor with the monk and enter the doorway to the left. You are inside a small storage room with movable crates. As you enter, there will be a single red movable crate (1) to the left. Leave it there for now. A bit further there are some stacked red crates you need to move. The first crate on the right has no crate on top of it, so you can also move it. Pull this crate (2) away from the wall. Now go back to the crate (1) and pull it away from the wall, so that it is in line with crate (2). Push the crate (1) against the crate (2).

Climb on top of these two crates and pull crate (3) onto the crate (2). Get off the crates, go around the crate (3), climb behind it and push it onto the crate (1). Turn around, approach the crate (4) and pull it away from the wall. In this way you reveal an opening behind the last crate, with some drums. Climb down on the floor with drums and turn around towards the room. Above you is a shaft with a ladder. Don't climb them yet, you've just prepared your way for the timed run that awaits you at this point. Return to the room with the head monk and approach the button (the wall opposite the head monk, the right corner). Before you press it, save your game.

Pushing the button will put out the fire in the fireplace next to the monk. You have to be very quick when climbing into this fireplace and to take the key hidden inside of it before the fire reappears. There are several ways to complete this timed run, and here I described only one, which is in my opinion the easiest. Press the button, sprint into the corridor with the monk, sprint into the storage with crates, hurry up to get behind the last crate and climb the ladders as quickly as possible. Pull up and run towards the second ladder. Don't jump to grab them, just run off the ledge and press Action to make Lara grab them during the fall. Release Action button to land onto the fireplace. Take one step back and pick up the Sanctuary Key. Quickly approach the ladder again and jump up to grab it. Climb up only four times and back flip onto the ledge behind (climbing more than four or five times will result in Lara's banging into the wall behind her and falling down onto the fire). Climb down the first ladder and leave the storage.

In the corridor with the monk go left to the intersection. Turn left at the intersection, unlock the door opposite the burner and enter the Sanctuary.

THE SANCTUARY: Sorry, friends, but this huge and beautiful area is very complicated, and you have to use your compass a lot to be able to find your way around, even with this walkthrough. There are several possible ways of collecting all the necessary items and secrets in this area, but here I'll describe the route that has the least backtracking of all. Also be careful not to fall into the pool below, since you'll have to backtrack a lot to get back where you were before.

Upon entering the Sanctuary, take the path to the right (east) and turn left around the corner. A bit further to the right you'll see a big red panel with four tiles and a button. Press this button to open doors around the Sanctuary. Turn around and look to the left. You'll see a doorway with the symbol of a bowl. That is your next goal. On the ledge with the button go left (east) and around the corner, and then up the ramp to the right. Straight ahead is the first door you've just opened. Follow the tunnel to a room with a pool. Enter the doorway to the right (south) and enter the room to the left.

THE FIRST BELL: There is a bell high above the slanted ledges above you. You need to jump from one ledge to another to reach the highest ledge which is flat. It may seem easy, but it is not. For a start, stand on a raised block in the middle of the room. Jump up to grab the first slanted ledge. Pull up, bounce off it and roll in mid-air, pressing Action to grab the edge of a long slanted ledge on the opposite wall. Shimmy all the way to the right. While hanging next to the wall on the right, shimmy twice to the left. Pull up onto the slope, bounce off to land onto the third slanted ledge behind you, and immediately jump off it with a hard curve to the left, to land on the next slanted ledge above the long one. Keep Jump button pressed to bounce off this ledge and land onto the one behind. Once again bounce off and grab the highest ledge which is flat. Shoot the bell with pistols until it sounds to open two doors in the room with the pool. Return to the room with the pool and enter the doorway on the opposite wall (north).

THE SECOND BELL: This is the similar task like the previous one (bouncing off slanted blocks to reach the bell high above) but the raised block in the middle of this room has a burner, to make things even more difficult. So save before you try to step on this block. Go around the burner-block (between the burner and the northern wall) and face the lowest slanted block. Draw your pistols. Carefully walk towards the burner-block step by step. It may take several tries, but it is possible for Lara to stand at the very edge of the burner-block without catching the fire. When she does, watch the cycle of the burner. When it goes out, jump forward onto the lowest slanted block and keep Jump button pressed to make Lara bounce off and land onto the second slanted block. Bounce off and land onto the third slanted block. Bounce off the third block, roll in mid-air and shoot the bell. Immediately holster your pistols and press Action to make Lara hang on the edge of the second block. You cannot see the burner from here, but you can hear it. When the flame goes out, release grab to land on the burner-block and immediately roll to avoid the fire appearing again. Whew! You've made it!

Return to the room with the pool and go left (east). You've opened both doors here and you can take Ghiwang Medicine from the pedestal. Return to the room with the pool and go through the doorway straight ahead (west) to return to the Sanctuary. As soon as you enter the sanctuary (before the ramp) turn right (east) and left around the corner (north). At the end of the ledge jump on a little higher ledge ahead, and continue going in the same direction (north). Go straight at the intersection, follow the ledge and go left around the corner. At the end you'll see an opening to the right. Ignore it for now. Your goal is the opening a bit farther away, with a yellow tile with a symbol. To get there, take a running jump onto a higher ledge to the left (south), go down the ramp (west) and turn right to face the opening with the tile. Take a running jump to grab the ladder beneath the opening (or to land directly into it), slide down and enter another area.

TIMED BURNERS: To the right you'll see a pool with burner-ledges. You have to get across the pool, but for now it is impossible. So go straight ahead to the end of the hallway. To the right there is a raised slanted block. Back flip onto it, bounce off and grab the edge of a raised alcove on the opposite wall. Press the button to put out the burners and hurry up going back to the pool. The burners are timed, so be very quick when jumping from one burner ledge to another. If you fail and Lara catches fire, jump into the pool, go back to the button and try again. When you reach the other side of the pool, go left and turn right around the corner. Ignore the tunnel to the right for now, and enter the room to the left.

MORE BURNERS: Using the ledges with the burners you have to reach to the top of the central pillar. At the entrance turn right, then right around the red pillar, and stand with your back against the wall (you're facing the room). Straight ahead there is the first burner-ledge. Take two steps towards the first burner-ledge and use Look button to watch the flame cycle. When it goes out, take a running jump to land on the outer edge of the burner. Sidestep to the right and don't worry about the flame, it won't harm Lara as long as she standing at the very edge or even better, at the very corner of the ledge. Save your game, and do it after every successful jump in this area.

Take a diagonal standing jump to grab the edge of the next burner and shimmy to the left around the corner (the central pillar is behind your back). Pull up at the next corner and turn left towards the third ledge. Take a diagonal standing jump to grab its edge. Shimmy to the right around the corner and pull up facing the fourth ledge straight ahead. Wait for this burner to go out, run across it and jump from the edge to grab the fourth ledge. Shimmy to the right and pull up in the corner. Turn left towards the last burner. When this burner goes out, take a running jump to grab it, shimmy to the right around the corner and pull up in the next corner. When the flame goes out, take a diagonal running jump onto the central pillar and take the Mustard Seed from the pedestal. Jump into the pool, swim towards the doorway, go out and turn right to return to the intersection. Turn left this time, follow the twisted tunnel to a ladder and climb up to the top. Slide down to a T-intersection. Leave the area to the left for later, and go right to get back to the Sanctuary.

At the intersection go right (north) and around the corner to the left (west). Follow the ledge to the end. Take a running jump to grab the roof straight ahead (west) and pull up. To the right is a raised opening. Pull up into it, follow the tunnel around the first corner to the left and the next corner to the right. Jump over two blades (hug the wall on the right and take standing jumps over the blades), go to the ladder, climb up and when you reach the darker wall, back flip into the room behind.

MIRROR ROOM: Press the button on the wall and save your game. The floor of this room is lethal: one wrong step and Lara will be smashed. Although the safe and deadly tiles are textured the same, you can see the safe tiles textured differently in the mirror on the opposite wall. So use the mirror to locate the first safe spot and take a standing jump onto it. Save again. The next safe spot is in front of the tunnel to the west. Jump onto it, enter the tunnel and take Vermillion Powder from the pedestal (also visible only in the mirror). A door will open elsewhere. Return to the mirror room, and stand onto the safe spot at the tunnel entrance. Take a diagonal standing jump towards the mirror to land on the second safe spot. From there jump onto the tile with the button, climb down the ladders, jump over the blades, follow the tunnel back to the open door to the left. Enter and take the Small Bowl from the pedestal (combine it with Vermillion Powder). Return to the Sanctuary.

Once on the roof again, turn diagonally to the right (south-west) and go to the edge of the roof. Jump onto the ledge below, and go across the next roof (same direction). You'll see a doorway to the right, with tiles with the symbol of herbs. Before you enter, look to the left when facing the doorway, and you'll see a window. Go to the edge of the roof, take a standing jump to grab the windowsill, pull up and take LMP. Jump back to the roof and enter the doorway.

BOULDERS: Follow the tunnel to a T-intersection. To the right is a slope with a deadly trap: a huge boulder. So don't step onto this slope accidentally. The easiest way to deal with this trap is to turn your back towards the slope, to hop back onto it and immediately to run to the left before the boulder smashes Lara. Wait for the boulder to stop completely (and I really mean this!), and go up the ramp. Follow the tunnel to the second ramp and save before it. This boulder trap is much trickier than the previous one. You cannot trigger the boulder like you did a moment before, because the trigger for it is at the top of the ramp, and the boulder is just above Lara, so you cannot run away from it. The only way to go through is to stand at the base of the ramp close to the wall to the right. Then sprint up the ramp and turn right to avoid the boulder.

Before you go outside, take a little detour to get a secret. You see that slope where the boulder rolled down? Back flip onto it, bounce off and grab the ladder above. Climb it and back flip into the room behind. Time your run so that you can avoid two rolling boulders, approach the pedestal and take Secret #6: the fifth Prayer Wheel. Go past two rolling boulders, climb down the ladders and go outside (left).

RESERVOIRS: Go down the stairs and observe the lake. In the middle of it there is a high pillar with a herb on top of it. Jump into water and swim towards the pillar. To the left of it you'll find Reservoir Key. Go up to the shoal and carefully enter the doorway straight ahead (south). Save your game at the entrance, since the strong current will suck Lara in if you miss the next jump. Turn diagonally to the left, towards the ledge above the water (see the screenshot below). You have to take the running jump in the shoal to land there. If Lara doesn't hop back, but walks back instead, then jump in place once and immediately press Backwards button to make her hop back and run for the running jump.

Once on the ledge, save again. Jump over the first blade, go forward and jump over the second blade which is just around the corner to the right. Follow the tunnel to another pool. Don't go into the deeper water since the current in this pool is strong and it will suck Lara in. Stand at the edge of the shoal. If Lara won't hop back, try jumping in place, then immediately hopping back, and take a diagonal running jump to land on the ledge to the right. Push the button at the end of the ledge to open a door outside in the lake.

Return to the other side of the ledge, take a diagonal running jump with Action into the tunnel to the right, jump over the blade (if Lara won't hop back but walks back instead, jump in place and then immediately jump forward over the blade) and onto the ledge in the first pool with current. Walk to the outer right corner of the ledge, turn towards the doorway and take a diagonal running jump into the doorway, where the water is shallow. Go out and then left through the open door.

Climb the ladder between the waterfalls, then the second ladder, and don't harass the monk practicing martial arts here. Go to the right and around the pool to the right to find a SMP. Drop onto the ledge between two smaller pools to the left and use the key in the keyhole to open the door in the first pool. Go through the door and push/pull two movable crates through the doorway into the first pool, to block both small openings in the corners. This will trigger the flyby showing a huge wheel turning, closing of two doors and flooding the lake outside. Climb the ledge with the ladder, jump into water and swim through the tunnel back to the lake. Now you can climb on the central pillar and take the Durva Grass from the pedestal. Swim up the stairs and go through the tunnel back to the Sanctuary.

MEDICINE PUZZLE: Once you get to the roof outside, go forward and to the right on the next roof. Walk to the opposite (east) edge of the roof and look down. You should see that red panel with the button you used when you entered the Sanctuary. A dark pillar is on your left. Jump diagonally to the left to land near the button. Turn your back towards the button and go to the right (west) and around the corner (south). Turn right around the corner (west) and return back to the monastery corridors.

Once inside, turn right near the burner, and enter the room to the left. Place the mirror on the stand to open the door behind you. Enter this room and place four herbs into four bowls around the central pillar (combine Vermillion Powder and the Small Bowl if you haven't done so already). Each time you place a herb in a bowl, a boulder will roll from the top of the Sanctuary and fall into the pool below. Use the Look button to give Lara her perspective back if it does not happen after the flybys. Once all four boulders have fallen down, the underwater gate will open. Leave the room and the corridors and return back to the Sanctuary.

SHAFT WITH TRAPS: From the entrance go back to the button. From there go up the ramp to the left of the button (east) and up the ramp where you went before to collect the first herb. At the intersection above the ramp turn left, follow the ledge to the end, and jump into water ahead (north). Enter the underwater doorway and swim to the right. Follow the twisted tunnel to a shaft where you can surface and climb out of the water. Ohhhh, what lovely noise of the traps can you hear here! Brace yourself, it will be tricky, and of course, save your game. The noise isn't helping at all, on the contrary.

All right, let us begin the climb. Jump diagonally to grab the ladder above the water. Climb up towards the blade, and stay three bars below the blade. Back flip from the ladder to land on the slope behind. Jump off it with a hard curve to the left and grab the second ladder (if you miss, you'll slide down near the water, so you can try again... and again... and again...). Once you grab it, climb up towards the second blade. Three bars below the blade back flip and roll in mid-air to grab the next ladder behind you. You think the worst is over? Oh, you're so wrong.

NOTE: Normally you wouldn't be able to save here, while climbing, but however, there is a way to save your game on this ladder. Just climb to the top of the ladder, and press F5 to enter the savegame menu. Save in a new slot, and once the game reloads, immediately press Action to make Lara grab the ladder before she falls.

Climb this ladder up (or if you saved like I recommended, then climb down) until you are approximately in the same level with the ledge with the boulder behind you. Climb to the right, but not all the way to the right, because you have to be able to see the boulder behind you. Once the boulder starts rolling to the left, back flip from the ladder and roll in mid-air to land on the ledge with the boulder. Immediately (if not sooner) jump with a curve to the left to grab the next ladder before the boulder returns. Climb up then left into the opening where you can save your game... Finally!

Before climbing the ladder in this opening, go and get the secret cleverly hidden in this shaft. Grab the ladder below the opening, and climb all the way down, then left around the corner (you are now below the ledge with the boulder). Inside the dark passage you'll find Secret #7: the sixth Prayer Wheel. Getting back is a bit trickier than the coming. Walk to the edge of the opening with the small ladder to the left. You cannot climb them, so you need to jump and grab the ladder outside and to the left. Sidestep to the left, pivot Lara diagonally to the left, hop back and take a running jump with a left curve to grab the big ladder. Climb up and then left into the opening above.

Climb the ladder here, slide down into the tunnel and follow it to the pit with burner. Stand close to the wall on the left or right, time your running jump over the pit, and also over two more similar pits, to emerge at the balcony on the top of the Sanctuary.

THE TOP OF THE SANCTUARY: As soon as you arrive at the balcony, turn right and go around the corner to find a button. Press it to open the door nearby. Go to the opposite side (south) of the balcony, and ignore the passage to the left (east) for now. Don't harass the monk, of course. Enter through the open door and climb the ladder. You are now at the top balcony with a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and go left and down two slopes and into a small room with burners. Press the button to the right, take a running jump over the burners (jump between two burners), and press the second button to raise a cage in the Sanctuary. Exit through the door to the left of the second button, jump over slopes to emerge back on the bridge.

Cross it once again and climb down to the lower balcony. Now enter the passage which is now to the right (east), slide down and save in front of the opening. Halfway down the ladder there is a blade, and climbing through it is very tricky. You can try to climb to just above the blade and to time the release of the grab when the blade retracts to the right, or you can try and use a glitch here which may help you to go through this trap with no loss of energy. If you don't mind cheating just a little, turn your back towards the opening and sidestep all the way to the left. Then hop back and grab the ladder. Climb down and don't let Lara bend her legs and have a foothold, she has to hang on her hands only. In this way the blade won't even touch her and you can drop to the bottom when above the blade. However, if you don't want to cheat at all, then use the "default" way of going through, as described above. Once down, follow the tunnel to the Sanctuary.

When you enter the Sanctuary for this last time, go right and follow the ledge to the end. To the right there is the opening you haven't visited yet. Take a diagonal standing jump to the right to grab the edge of the opening and pull up. In the hallway place four Prayer Wheels in the receptacles on the walls. The door ahead will open. Enter, turn right, place the last two Prayer Wheels in the receptacles to open another door. Go in, approach the pedestal and save your game. Take Secret #8: Lotus Flower from the pedestal and immediately back flip to avoid being crushed by a huge boulder falling from the ceiling. Return back to the Sanctuary by jumping diagonally to the left to grab the ledge.

Before you finish this level, go for one more pick-up. Turn your back to the opening with the secret. Ahead and a bit to the right there is a raised ledge with a ramp. Take a running jump to land onto it. Turn right, go down the ramp and under the roof, jump over the gap, go forward a little more and jump on the ledge to the right. Enter the room (west) and take the LMP. Go out and jump onto the ledge to the right. Go up the small ramp (south) to the roof, and take a diagonal running jump to the left. Go up the ramp, jump into the hole and swim through the tunnel and under the blades to emerge in the room with the. Climb out of the water, enter the next room through one of the passages, hear Lara saying that her quest for this artifact was awesome, and save before you take your prize.

Finally, take the Yavi'ny Artifact from the pedestal, watch the flyby showing two underwater doors opening, and prepare for another merciless timed run. After the flyby the room you're in will be flooded, so quickly swim towards the pool in the previous room, and down into the tunnel. When you reach the T-intersection with blades, swim to the right, under the blades and through the open door to the right. You have to be very fast and to swim smoothly in order to get through the other timed door before it closes You don't have a single second to waste. So keep swimming as mad, and if you make it in time, the current will carry Lara to the next level. If you're late, the second red door will be closed and you'll have to reload the save and try again. Good luck!

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