October 13, 2009

Himalayan Mysteries - Walkthrough (level one)

Author of the level: Titak
Author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is an authorized walkthrough of this custom adventure which is really excellent and sufficient, and it helped me at certain points, especially when I replayed these levels and collected all the secrets. However, I give my own walkthrough here, to clarify some parts and to give more details, especially in tricky parts, and they are quite a few. Sometimes the tips will be different than in the original walkthrough, and if you find my way of going through this game difficult, you may by all means refer to the original walkthrough, and see if G&D Productions came up with a better solution.

Level One: Crashed!

Secrets: 1

Watch the introductory cut-scene, showing young Lara flying across the Himalayas in a plane. Suddenly, her plane crashes in the middle of the mountain range and Lara needs to find her surviving gear, including warm clothes, food, compass, weapon etc. The final goal of this game is to retrieve the mysterious artifact she has lost in the crash. We see this artifact melting the snow and falling down through the hole onto something that will later turn up to be an alien spaceship.

You begin this adventure inside the crashed plane. Enter the cockpit straight ahead and pick up Pilot's Key from the floor to the right. Taking this key causes some electric cables to start dangling in the doorway leading back. To go through them safely, face them and side-step to the right. When cables dangle to the left, jump through the doorway. Go to the other side of the plane, open the door of the toilet to the left, to take a LMP, and the door to the right, to take a Bottle of Water. Use the key in the keyhole beyond the toilets to the left, to open the door in the back. Go through into the other room, open the floor trapdoor and safety drop into the cargo of the plane.

Pick up Lara's Notebook from the floor and examine it in your Inventory if you want. Go out of the plane, and observe the plain with the wreckage. To the left there is a cave opening. You have to jump over the slope where the slope is lowest, to enter it. Inside, at the end of the cave and to the right, there is a raised crawlspace. Crawl into, get out on the other side, and inside a small cave with skeletons you'll find another LMP. Return back to the cave, slide down to the plain with the wreckage, and approach the crate in the middle of the plain. Pull it towards the plane, go around it and take Dual Pistols hidden beneath it.

Carefully approach the edge of the pit across the plain. Take a look down and to the left. On a snowy ledge below you'll see something dark. Slide down onto this ledge and pick up Lara's Boots. A big snowy ball will fall onto the plain above, but it won't harm Lara. Jump up twice to return back to the plain, face the plane and go to the left, onto the snowy ledges and into another cave. Follow the tunnel to the movable rock, push it through the tunnel until you've revealed a passage to the right, go through it and follow it to an intersection. First go forward, to another movable rock, and pull it once. Go through the tunnel to the right, to emerge on the other side of the movable rock, to find Canned Food (SMP). Return to the intersection, enter the cave with a shallow pit, and drop into it.

Crouch and shoot the thin ice in the pit. Crawl into the passage, follow it and enter a large cave with icy slopes. Before you attempt the first jump, save your game. There are a couple of ways to reach the secret from here, and this one is the easiest, at least it was for me. Walk to the edge of the flat ledge where you entered the cave. Face the cave and side-step all the way to the left. Then side-step only once to the right. Hop back and take a running jump to grab the edge of the first pillar. Pull up, slide to the end and jump onto the second slanted pillar. Do not slide here, but immediately jump to grab the edge of the third pillar. Before pulling up, shimmy all the way to the left, pull up, slide all the way, jump from the edge with a hard curve to the left to land onto the fourth slanted pillar. Slide all the way to the edge, jump and grab the crack in the opposite wall. Shimmy to the right until you can pull up into the opening in the wall. NOTE: The official walkthrough recommends here to slide down the second pillar and to jump onto the third one directly, without grabbing and pulling up, but that's a more difficult way, since you have to make a curve in mid-air twice instead of only once as suggested here.

This is Secret #1: Yeti bone. To get back to the entrance to this cave, first save your game, just in case. Take a standing jump to grab the edge of the first pillar, which is flat, and therefore, safe. Pull up onto it, approach the second pillar, sidestep all the way to the left, grab its edge and pull up onto its slanted top. Slide, jump from the edge, slide down the third pillar, jump from the edge with a hard curve to the left onto the fourth pillar, slide and jump onto the last pillar, and immediately jump and press Action to lower Lara in mid-air and avoid her banging into the overhanging rock and smashing her bones after that. Return back to the plain with the wreckage.

Turn to face the pit and go to the right side of it (jump across the steep rocks). Take a look down before you proceed. You should safety drop onto the top of the flat pillar on the right. When you do, climb down the ladder on this pillar, and drop onto the snowy rock below. Turn left (left if facing the pit) and take a diagonal running jump onto another block ahead. Then once again a running jump onto a snowy ledge, and one more jump onto the rocks in the corner. Climb down the ladder attached to this rock, and slide backwards down the slope, but grab its edge at the end. Pull up, bounce off and roll in mid-air, and grab the edge of the ledge behind you. Pull up and find your backpack on this ledge. Lara will say that this wasn't so hard, but suddenly ground begins to shake and Lara falls down to the bottom of the pit.

Go towards the burning crate. To the left of it there is a mound of snow. Jump over some steep sides, and stand on the highest part of the mound. Turn your back to the burning crate and jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Shimmy to the right, pull up and take Suitcase with Clothes. Safety drop to the bottom of the pit and roll to face the burning crate. Go ahead to the other side of the pit and go left and around the pillar to the left of the burning crate.

You have to climb up to the rim of this pit. Since you'll get back here later, remember this route from bottom to top. Climb the ladders here. Once on the ledge above, turn to face the block with some icicles ready to fall. Take a running jump to grab its edge, pull up and wait for the icicles to fall. Go to the other side of the ledge with icicles and jump onto the next ledge. Take a running jump to grab the ladders on the pillar ahead, climb up then right around the corner, and up again, and pull up onto the rock in the corner. Turn to face the pit, and take a look at the ledge to the left, around the corner. That's where you have to jump now. Before trying, save your game. This jump is called banana-jump, and it sounds more difficult than it actually is. Turn to face the pit, then turn diagonally to the left. Take a running jump from here and make a hard curve to the left while in mid-air, and press Action in the last moment to grab the edge of the rock. Pull up, then climb onto the rock above. Climb the ladders here. Once on the rock above the ladders, turn left, so the ladders are on your left. Hop back to grab the edge of the rock you're standing on. Shimmy to the right around the corner, all the way to the other side of the pit, and release grab when above the ledge in the opposite corner. Pick up your compass and immediately hug the wall in front of you, to get out of the way of a huge avalanche falling down. In a flyby you'll see snow falling into the cave, filling the gap and making it possible for Lara to reach the other side. Shimmy back to the previous rock, pull up and climb the rock ahead. Go towards the other ladder, climb one more rock, then the ladder. Go left and slide back to the plain with the wreckage.

Climb into the opening where you found the first secret. Follow the tunnels back to the cave with falling snow, and go to the other side of the pit, to the ledge with icicles above. Carefully avoid the icicles on the way, to emerge in another cave with dry trees.  Approach the first tree on the right and press Action to break its branch that will represent a torch for you. Return to the plane wreckage, enter the cargo and lit your torch here (you can also lit it in the bottom of the pit, but it is easier to locate the burning torch after you've threw it into the pit). Go to the pit, drop onto the rock on the right side, turn left (left when facing the pit), walk to the edge and save before throwing your torch down. Climb the ladders, drop down the right edge (right when facing the pit), let go and slide down backwards, grab the edge, let go and slide down to the bottom. Find your torch and ignite the oil spill in the corner of the pit.

The oil will burn the hole in the ground, revealing an underwater lake beneath the ice. Bare in mind that the water is freezing, and save your game before diving in. Then dive in and swim into the underwater lake below the burning crate, go right into a long twisted tunnel and follow it to a small cave where you can surface and climb onto a flat rock. But be very fast to reach this cave in time. Of course, you can feed Lara with medipacks when she is at the verge of freezing, but try not to, since you'll need that health later in the game.

Draw your guns and jump while shooting to break the ice on the wall. Then jump to grab the crevice you revealed and shimmy to the left and around the corner. While hanging on the edge of the last rock, go around its corner to be able to climb on it. Above you there is an overhanging rock with ladders, but you cannot jump to grab them directly from this rock. Instead, turn around and take a look at the slanted rock to the left. Back flip onto it, bounce off and grab the ladders. Climb them, and immediately jump back when Lara pull herself up onto a slanted rock above the ladder. You'll jump onto another slanted rock, so keep jumping back and forth with left curves in mid-air, to finally land onto a flat ledge to the left, with LMP and Cargo Space Key on the right. Before you proceed, make sure Lara's health meter is 100% full and save your game. Jump into the opening with ladders and quickly swim back to the oil spill. Hurry to climb out of the water, and while Lara is pulling herself up she'll say she has only two minutes to get back to the plane before she dies of cold. So you better hurry.

The timed run begins as soon as Lara pull herself up from the water. The pillar with ladders will be straight ahead, so climb them quickly. Follow the route described earlier (without shimmying for the compass), but you won't have time to hop back before any running jump. Just run, jump, climb, smoothly and as quickly as you can. When you slide back on the plain with the plane wreckage, sprint into the cargo of the plane before the time runs out and use your newly obtained key to open the cargo and finish the level. I won't describe the cut-scene, I leave you to enjoy the Titak's masterpiece in full.

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