October 16, 2009

Himalayan Mysteries - Walkthrough (level two)

Author of the level: Titak
Author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level Two: Icy Waters

Secrets: four

You begin this level above a huge chasm beneath the crashed plane. As you begin, turn left and jump diagonally on the snowy ledge. Once again, jump diagonally to the left and take Secret #2: first Prayer Wheel. Turn to face south (and the plane above), and take a diagonal running jump onto a jutting ledge a bit to the left. Take a running jump to grab the ledge to the east (across the pit), pull up, take a few steps forward, then quickly run back almost to the edge of the ledge, to get out of the way of the avalanche coming to smash you. When the snowy boulder falls into the pit, proceed and turn right, towards another ledge. Take a running jump to land there, wait for another snowy ball to fall from above, and walk to the other side. Take a look at the stone around the corner, to the left. Take a diagonal running jump with a curve to the left, to land on it. Turn diagonally to the right and take a standing jump to grab the crevice in the wall. Shimmy to the right and fall onto another snowy ledge.

Climb on the higher rock and take a diagonal running jump onto a flat rock to the left. Jump diagonally onto the ledge around the frozen waterfall, go around it and enter the tunnel to the left. Kill two snowy leopards lurking inside a small cave, and take SMP lying on the ground near skeletons. Get out of the cave and slide backwards down the waterfalls. Immediately kill three leopards at the bottom of the pit. Turn to face the waterfalls you used for sliding down, and go towards the cave to the left of the waterfall. Approach the opening of the cave, sidestep all the way to the left, jump up to grab the opening of the cave and shimmy to the right until you are able to pull up. Go to the far right corner of the cave, turn right and jump up to grab a raised crawlspace. Pull up and follow the tunnel to a small room with Secret #3: the second Prayer Wheel. Slide down through the corridor to the right to emerge near the frozen waterfall at the bottom of the gorge.

Go to the north and turn right, towards an opening to a big cave. Approach the left edge of the opening and jump diagonally onto a ledge to the left. Drop onto the ledge below and take a running jump to grab the next ledge. Pull up and turn right. Take a running jump onto the ledge across the cave, but as soon as you land on it, hop back immediately and grab the edge, and remain so to avoid two huge snowy boulders rolling towards you. When they fall down, pull up and enter the tunnel ahead. Turn left and crawl into an opening. Save before going down the slanted block. In order to avoid a boulder falling down when you crawl onto the slanted block, crawl backwards an inch by inch, and when you think the boulder will fall, crawl forward to get out of its way (you have to try several times to match the timing). When the coast is clear, climb the ladder and claim the reward: Secret #4: the third Prayer Wheel. Return back to the big cave.

As you enter the cave again, turn right and jump onto the ledge below the monkey climb. Use the monkey climb to get to the other side and enter the tunnel there. Turn left at the intersection and save as you enter a large icy cave. Stand at the top of a small mound of snow and back flip onto a slanted rock. Immediately bounce off and grab the monkey climb above. Monkey swing to the other side, but not all the way. As soon as you reach the last block, let go the grab to land on a slanted pillar facing downhill, slide and jump from the very edge to grab the ladders ahead. Climb down to the bottom of the pit.

Turn to face the pit and go into the passage to the left (jump over the slanted rocks). Enter a small cave and take shotgun shells hidden inside the rib cage of a skeleton. Return to the cave and take the second tunnel to the left. When you approach the hole in the ground, be ready to act: take a standing jump over the hole and immediately back flip over to avoid a huge boulder coming down from the top of the ramp. Or, if this is too hard for you, you can go into the hole in the ground, climb up to the slope with the boulder and then immediately flip back over. Go to the end of the tunnel, turn right and jump to grab a raised crawlspace.

Crawl in and crawl out on the other side. Walk here and turn slowly to face a pit with deadly spikes below. Save your game before proceeding. Take a standing jump to grab the crevice on the opposite wall. Shimmy to the right, to the ladders, and let Lara pull her feet up. Jump off the ladders, roll in mid-air to land on the slope behind facing uphill, slide down and press Action to grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and around the corner, pull up on the flat ledge and take Secret #5: the fourth Prayer Wheel. To get back to the tunnel is more difficult so save again, just in case. Stand on the edge of the pit with spikes so the pit is on Lara's left. Pivot Lara to the right so that she can back flip diagonally onto the slanted rock in front of the ladders. Below is the screenshot I've made just before the back flip onto the slanted block:

When you land on the slanted block, bounce off immediately and grab the ladder. Climb down a little if necessary, let go the grab and press Action again to grab the crack below. Immediately shimmy to the left around the corner, then around the corner again, to get back on the ledge with another ladder and crawlspace above. Return to the tunnel with the ramp and jump over the hole with the boulder (it is deadly now) and return to the frozen waterfall. Climb the left side of the waterfall all the way up, and back flip onto a flat ledge behind.

Go up this ledge to the other side, turn left (east) and take a running jump to land on the ledge below the ceiling. Go left (north) and jump over some steep rocks to land onto a triangular flat ledge close to the waterfalls. Now save again, because the next jump is definitely one of the trickiest in the whole game. Stand with your back against the east wall and sidestep all the way to the left, but be careful to stay with your back against the wall. Now run forward with a curve to the right, jump at the edge and make a hard right curve to land on the flat part above the waterfall. If you slide down the falls, it means you haven't made a curve to the right hard enough ;) so try again.

Go outside, crawl under the low ceiling, to emerge at the shore of a small lake with some buildings around. In a flyby you'll also see some guards and a sign: "Trespassers will be shot", so prepare for some action. Walk on the ledge to the right of the lake, and stand at the outer corner. Look to the right: there is a guard on the watchtower. Kill him from here, it's safe. Also, don't shoot the fish in the lake, they are harmless. Jump diagonally to the ledge to the right, go down to the lower ledge and around to the right, jump over the steep rocks near the sign and climb on the watchtower to take LMP from the dead soldier. Climb down to the ground, go to the south then left, towards the snowmobile. Turn right at the snowmobile, and go around the snow towards the house above.

Go around the house to the right. Go down on the snow in front of the house, then slide down onto a flat ledge above the lake. Look to the right, where the snow is blue. You'll see a flat block in the middle of the blue snow. Take a running jump to land there. Wait for the boulder to pass, turn to face the lake below and take a diagonal running jump to the right. Climb the snowy ledge to the second house. Go around the house and open the door. As you enter, a short flyby will show you the first house and a guard opening its door. After the flyby you'll be attacked by a guard inside this house, so take him down and take the Binoculars and Flares lying on the floor. Shoot the crate in the far left corner and take the Shotgun. The guard you saw in the flyby will reach you by now, so shoot him as he comes in, or wait for him to come and kill him before you leave.

Exit the house and go right (north). From a flat triangular ledge back flip onto the roof. Go to the east, go down in a small blocked alley with a crate and take Uzi clips from there. Back flip onto the roof from the crate, go to the west, run off the roof and go further to the west (the third house is on your right) and slide to another sign. Go to the edge of the rock above the lake and take a running jump to land on a triangular flat ledge ahead. Jump over the steep rocks and take Pistol ammo. Turn south and take a diagonal running jump to land on the flat triangular ledge to the right. Take one more diagonal running jump with a curve to the right to land on a ledge behind the rocks, where you'll find LMP. Jump into the lake and quickly swim to the other side where you can pull out of the water before Lara freezes to death. Go back to the first house.

Shoot the soldier on this side of the house, go around to the front of the house and shoot another soldier. Take his SMP and enter the house. Turn right at the intersection and open the door to the dining room. Pick up SMP and get back to the intersection. Open the door opposite (east) and avoid the fireplace. Go left and push the button on the wall to open a trapdoor on the other side of the room. Go to the other side of the room and safety drop through the open trapdoor. In the basement shoot all the crates and pick up shotgun shells, Uzi clips and the House Key. Climb the ladders and kill another guard and take his LMP. Leave the room with fireplace, go left and open the door (south).

Climb the stairs and kill a guard lurking there. Take his Computer Disk and leave through the door opposite the fireplace (west). Turn right at the balcony, around the corner and take the Automatic Pistol. Leave this house and go around the lake to the third house (you haven't visited it yet). Unlock it with the key and enter. Take flares from the crate directly ahead, climb the crate to the right and take Pistol ammo, and take LMP to the right of the door. Finally approach the computer at the desk and use the disk there.

After insertion of the disk Lara will say something about a long lost monastery hidden in the mountains and a mysterious artifact. The door to the right will open and a guard will enter. Kill him and take his SMP. Proceed through the corridor you've just opened. Don't jump in the water before you take the Detonator Key from the crate to the left. Then dive in the water and swim to the left (south), where you can surface and pull up from the water. Pick up the Gate Key and SMP on the ledge in the shallow. Press the button here to open the underwater gate.

Before you dive in again, make sure Lara's health bar is 100% full and save your game. Dive in again, swim through the opened gate, and to the left. At the first intersection swim right, not forward (dead end). At the next intersection go left, then left again and follow the twisted tunnel leading back to the lake. Quickly pull out of the water on a small icy ledge in the lake. Turn to the south and stand on the left corner of the island. Take a running jump with no Action and keep Forward key pressed to extend your jump as far as possible, to land on the snowy ledge ahead. Go towards the snowmobile as you did before, killing two heavily armed soldiers nearby, but now, instead of going around the snow and left towards the first house, go right and find an opening in the mountain (south-west).

Climb down the ladders and use the key to open the gate. Enter and jump over the pit. Follow the tunnel and use monkey climb to get to the other side of the cave. Jump onto the ledge to the right and enter the cave to the left. This time enter the tunnel to the right of the cave entrance. Climb down the ladders and enter a small room with detonators. First take Pistol ammo from the corner and go through the opening to the left. Kill one guard, jump over the snow with wires and take flares from the far left corner. If you follow the wires, you'll see a TNT box in the large cave. Return to the room with detonators, go to the far left corner and place the detonator key in the slot. Go around to the far right corner and activate the detonator to blast a hole in the ice outside. Dive in and swim to the right to end the level.

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