September 16, 2009

Shakespeare Cliff Revisited - The Cliff - Walkthrough

Secrets: 3
Author of the levels: Die Basis
Author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level One: The Cliff

AT THE BEACH: Lara begins her new adventure at the beach near the chunnel. After the introductory cutscene go forward and to the left. You have to jump over the fence in the far left corner of the beach. Stand next to the fence so that the sea is in front of Lara and the fence is on her right. Walk backwards behind the tree as far as she'll go. Back flip onto the slope, bounce off and while in mid-air, press and hold Right so that Lara can perform a curvy jump across the fence. In the YouTube clip this jump across the fence is much more complicated (turn towards the slope, jump forward, roll in mid-air, bounce off and press and hold Right), but this is the easier way to do it.

Once inside the fence, climb onto the crates, go to the other side, get down to the ground and pull a lever there. This will lower the fence under the jetty. Climb onto the crates again and from there jump across the fence. Go back toward the jetty, but before diving shoot three large fishes swimming around (barracudas in England???). Then dive under the jetty and pull the underwater lever there. This will open a grate blocking the underwater tunnel a bit further. Swim to the grate you've just opened, dive into the tunnel and follow the underwater passage to a small cave. You cannot climb to the shore there, but you can climb onto a block near the entrance. Take a running jump from that block to clear the water and the steep slope beyond. As soon as you land, draw your guns and start shooting the boxes. A huge spider will appear behind them. The easiest way to kill it is to jump into water and climb onto that block like before; from here you can kill the spider from afar. Once it's dead, take a large medipack from its nest, then shoot the cobweb in the far right corner of the cave, and take a crowbar. Swim back to the beach.

There is a blue box with barbed wire on top at the centre of the beach. Behind it there is a fence with a door. Use the crowbar to open the door, get inside the fence and press a button there to open an underwater grating elsewhere. Go into the water and swim to the right, where you've just opened the grating. Swim into the passage, follow the tunnel until you can stand up in the water. Quickly go to the shore and kill a nasty fish swimming in shoal. Kill a dog behind Lara too. There is another underwater tunnel just beyond the tunnel through which you came, but you cannot enter it right now. If you try, barbed wire will pop up from the bottom of the sea and kill Lara. You have to disable it first.

Turn Lara's back towards the sea. In front of her there is another fence. Go forward to the fence and then all the way to the right. There is a slope there, similar to that one you used to jump over the first fence. Use the same jump to get to the other side of the fence (back flip onto the slope, bounce off and curve to the right). Go around some machinery there and notice the lever with fence on the right. You'll come back to it later. Now go to the far left corner (north-east) and jump straight forward (north) onto the slope. Hold Jump key and Lara will jump forwards and backwards from one slope to another. During these jumps you have to press Right in mid-air (a couple of times) so that she can land on a flat area above.

Once there, turn left (west) and walk to the next slope. Use a standing jump to clear the slope and land on the next flat area. Repeat the process two more times. After the third jump you'll land near a lever. Pick up a small medipack from the ground and pull the lever to disable the barbed wire in front of the underwater tunnel. Slide from the hill to the left, get into water, pick up a large medipack from the bottom (far left corner), and then swim into the tunnel (you'll have problems swimming into this very narrow tunnel, but eventually you'll make it). Pull a lever there and the fence protecting that lever behind the machine will lower. Get to the shore, jump across the fence like you did the last time, pull the lever to open a door back on the first beach, and get on top of the hill like you did before. This time slide down from the hill to the other side (to the first beach). Immediately draw your guns and kill two guards. Take two small medipacks from them and go to the door you've just opened.

Next to the barrels inside the fence there is an opening in the ground. Get into the tunnel, follow it and pick up a large medipack from the grass at the first curve to the left. Climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel, pull up and immediately kill the guard firing at you. Take a small medipack from the ground near the trees, and another small medipack near the barrels. Avoid the fire under the tree. Walk between the fire and the fence, and stand against the fence. Turn around towards the fire and take two steps forward. Take a standing jump to grab a pole above the fire. Swing around it and jump onto the slope on the other side. Slide down to the next area.

OUTSIDE THE COMPOUND: Once here, first go forward and to the right, where you'll see a huge orange tank. Mounted on that tank is another swinging pole. Take a running jump to grab that pole, swing around it and jump onto the hill beyond. Go around the fence on the left and jump to the ground near a small pool. Inside the pool, among the grass, you'll find a laser sight. As you approach the gate, it will rise, and a guard will attack. Kill him. Enter the passage that has just opened and turn left. Between the yellow machine and the wall you'll find some flares. Enter the fenced area, shoot the barrel on the right and take the Trapdoor Key. Before leaving this passage, collect a small medipack from the ground near the tree. Exit to the small pool and approach the orange hut next to it. Use the key in the keyhole on the hut wall to open a trapdoor that is just around the corner. Jump into the opening, enter a small office and take Pool Area Key from the desk. Go outside, climb onto the hut roof and jump over the fence back to the previous area.

Once you get outside the compound, go right and follow the path between the fence on Lara's right and the dunes on her left. At the end of the path there is a burning barrel, but don't go there yet. Just beyond the last fir there is a path across the dunes leading to the left. Follow it. You'll find yourself at the another small beach. Kill the fish swimming in the water, dive in and swim to the sunken boat with skeleton. Once above the boat, take a bag of sand. In a short cutscene you'll see a burning barrel. That's a tip: you need to extinguish that fire with this bag of sand. Return back to the compound.

Go left, towards the burning barrel. Do not approach it, or Lara will catch fire and die. Back flip onto the slope next to the burning barrel, press Jump to bounce off, and while in mid-air, press Left to curve Lara's jump and clear the fence. Once inside the fence, follow the wall on the left and very carefully approach the burning barrel. Press Action to use bag of sand and put out the fire. Now you can crawl under the truck next to the barrel, and take the Battery. Climb up the ladder on the wall and back flip across the fence.

INSIDE THE COMPOUND: Go right (when Lara's facing the fence) and follow the path between dunes and the fence. You'll see a passage on the left. Go there and unlock the door on the left using the Pool Area Key. Be careful not to fall into the pool with acid. Go around it and find a movable crate next to the fence (far left corner). Pull it away from the wall to reveal a switch. Pull this switch to open a door next to it. Immediately draw your guns and kill two orange-suit workers before going in.

Inside the office you'll see a burning pipe on the right, preventing you from taking the key from the desk. You need to find a way to put it out. On the opposite wall you'll see three gratings. Two of them, the left and the right one, are breakable. Shoot at the grating on the right and enter the passage beyond it. Inside you'll find a green movable block on the left. Pull it away from the wall, get behind it and pull a switch that opens the door elsewhere. Go towards the closed yellow door, go right and follow the passage to the end. Pull the lever there to open yet another door. Go back to the yellow door and follow the other passage (to the left if Lara's facing the yellow door). At the end of this passage you'll find five breakable gratings, two on the left, two on the right and one straight ahead. Shoot all of them, take goodies hidden behind them: revolver ammo, flares, small medipack and large medipack, and push a button behind the fifth one. Return to the yellow door which is now open, and enter the next area.

Once inside, go left and down the ramp. Turn right and quickly run into an alcove a bit to the left, to avoid a barrel falling from above. When it rolls away, go down that second ramp. At the top of the third ramp another falling barrel awaits for you. Just run into the alcove on the opposite side and wait for the barrel to roll down. Then go down the third ramp, jump over the barrel to the right and follow the passage to the door that opens automatically as you approach.

THE CRANES AREA: As you enter, two orange-suit workers will attack. Kill them. Starting from the door where you came in, go forward to the end and turn right. At the end of the passage you'll find a blue movable crate. Pull it away from the wall twice, go around it and pull the switch on the wall. It will lower the cage protecting another switch. Go back to the door where you came in, turn right and climb onto the yellow crate. Take a running jump across to the crate where the cage was before you lowered it. There is a jump switch above on the wall. Pull it to open the yellow office door in the main room. Enter this small office, take a large medipack from the desk and pull a switch on the wall next to the door. This will open a trapdoor at the top of the ladders. Get out of the office, go left and turn right, then right again, and you'll see a ladder leading to the walkway above. Climb it and take the walkway on the left. A flyby scene will give you some hints about what to do here. The most important hint is the pipe shown at the very end of the flyby.

On the left walkway stand at the edge of it near the ladder and against the wall. Turn around towards the room. Take a running jump across the small fence into an alcove. Pull up and then push the movable crate once. Under it you'll find Secret #1: three rockets (in inventory that's 30 rockets, actually). Jump back to the walkway.

Jump across the gap to the walkway to the right of the ladder. Follow this walkway around, until you come to the crane. Stand to the right of the crane and look across the room. You'll see another alcove in the opposite wall. Take a running jump to grab the edge of it and pull up. Turn around and jump straight up with Action, to pull the jump switch above. This will open one door elsewhere. Take a run jump back to the walkway, go left all the way back, jump across the ladder gap and continue to the door you've just opened. Press a button inside to open the toilet door next to it. Enter the toilet, draw your guns, jump up and shoot the grating above the toilet. Climb inside the crawlspace, follow it to the end and enter a small room where you'll find another button. Press it to open yet another door. To leave this room you need to push the button that opens the door leading back to the walkway.

On the walkway go left and follow the walkway to the next open door. Go inside and pull the yellow crate to the left of the doorway. Go around it, and notice a switch inside a box you need to open. Behind a crate there is a crawlspace protected by a breakable grating. Shoot it and get inside. You'll end up in another office. Pull a lever there to open the box that protects the switch. Go back and pull that switch to open the gate at the opposite end of the walkway. Get out to the walkway, go left to the end, collect the small medipack from the floor, and then make your way to the opposite end of the walkway.

Once there, stand at the edge of the walkway where there is no fence. Sidestep to the left and pivot Lara diagonally to the right. Draw your guns. You should be able to shoot the grating on the right wall from here. If you cannot hit it, change an angle a bit and you'll eventually do it. Once you break it, jump diagonally into the alcove. Turn around towards the pipe on the wall (this pipe is the one shown in the flyby). Shoot at it (and this was really brilliant!) and the fire in the office that prevented you from taking the key, will extinguish. Safety drop to the floor of the small office, go out to the main room, turn left and leave this area the way you came.

Take the Crane Key from the office desk, shoot the grating on the left, take a large medipack from the floor and use the key in the panel on the wall. This will open the middle grating. Inside this alcove you'll find a switch that turns that acid in the pool into water. Get outside the office, jump into the pool and find an underwater lever there. Pull it to open the other gate in the fence outside the compound. When you get out of the water, another guard will shoot at you. Kill him and take his Trapdoor Key. Leave the pool area and enter the open gate across the passage.

As soon as you enter, draw your guns and shoot the small boxes to the right. Take some flares hidden inside them. Go around the old machine, shoot the barrel there, and you'll reveal a keyhole on the wall. Use the Trapdoor key there to open the trapdoor next to you. Go down into a short passage, climb up next to a computer on the wall and place the Battery there to open the door leading to another area. In the next tunnel keep close to the wall on the left and crawl under two drills. Roll into an area with a mine field.

MINE FIELD: Do not climb down the ladders in the pit, since there is a mine field there. You need a map of the mine field in order to get across and enter the base. You can shoot the planks with Danger sign, but don't climb down yet. To the left and to the right of the mine field there are glassed passages with silver pipes inside. First go to the left and climb into the first passage with a pipe. Follow the passage to the end, crawl under the pipe and save your game before pushing the button on the wall.

Push the button on the wall. It will open a timed door in the opposite passage. You need to be very quick and to use Sprint key abundantly. So sprint along the passage, roll under the pipe, get down to the ground, sprint towards the opposite passage, jump into it (don't climb into it, but jump), sprint to the other end, roll under the pipe and sprint towards the door which will, hopefully, still be open when you reach them (if not, repeat the timed run until you manage to reach there on time). Inside a small office shoot the worker and take his Mine Field Map. Return to the mine field. Shoot the planks with Danger sign if you haven't done it already.

Climb down the ladder into the pit. Examine the Scrap of Paper in your inventory and use this map to get to the other side of the pit. Save often, whenever you manage to jump successfully to the safe square. The camera here is fixed high above Lara, so it makes it even more difficult. The mines are very sensitive, so don't go too near the edges of the safe squares. Once on the opposite side, climb the ladder, go left behind the fence and take a small medipack hidden behind some crates. Return to the ladders and enter the Base.

THE BASE: Follow the long tunnel until you enter a huge base with dozens of doors. Double yellow doors will close behind Lara. You need to open several doors before you can leave this area. But first, take care of an orange-suit worker who will attack Lara as soon as she enters. Go around the corner. All the doors are closed and locked, and you can only open the toilet door at this point. You'll see a button on the wall next to this door. Press it to open the toilet, and enter.

Inside the toilet there are three doors and three buttons that open them. Press the first one and enter the first toilet. Take a large medipack. Draw your guns, jump up and shoot the grating above the toilet. Climb into this crawlspace and take Secret #2: three rockets. Get back to the toilet, approach the third button and a worker who was taking a leak here will attack Lara. Kill him and enter the third toilet. High above the toilet there is a crawlspace. Climb inside and pull the switch there, to open one door elsewhere. Get out of the toilet and go right and then left around the corner. Behind a yellow crate to the left is a crawlspace with breakable grating. Shoot it and crawl inside. In a small room go right and find a yellow pushable crate. Pull it away from the wall, climb over it and press a switch behind it to open a door elsewhere. Exit through the crawlspace.

Go right in the main hallway, and enter the first door on the left. Kill a worker and a guard lurking inside the office. Take a large medipack from the dead worker, and revolver ammo from the guard. Go to the far left corner of the office and take a Door Disk from the desk. In the far right corner you'll find a button behind a yellow crate. Use it to open another door. Return to the main hallway and go right and then left around the corner. Enter the door to the left.

Inside this room there are two computers requiring two different disks. Approach the one to the right and use the Door Disk there. Exit to the main hallway and enter the door ahead. Kill two workers there. Inside the room go left around the yellow crate and press the switch there to move the crane in this room. Climb onto the crate in the corner to find a box of flares behind it. Return to the crane in the middle of the room and enter a small tunnel on the left. Inside you'll find a large medipack on the floor, revolver ammo behind the crate on the left, and a switch behind the crate on the right. Push it to open yet another door. Leave this room and go left in the main hallway. Turn right around the corner, then right again. Save your game and then enter the door on the left.

Inside this room there are two switches with burners. You have to be very fast, and you have only one chance to reach the switch to the right before the flame reaches it. First jump across the burner on the right and quickly go to the switch and pull it. Immediately back flip, roll, and run towards the second switch, straight ahead. Pull it to open the door elsewhere and leave the room. In the main hallway go left, then right around the corner, and enter the room on the right. Crawl under the pipe on the right and press a button on the wall to open YET another door. Exit, cross the main hallway and enter the door on the opposite side.

Kill a guard here and take his Grate Disk, pick up the Hut Key from the desk, leave the room, go right, then left around the corner, and enter the door on the left. Use the second disk in the computer on the left. This will lower the grate protecting a card in the room you've just left. Return to it (when you leave the computer room, go right then right around the corner, and enter the door on the left) and take the Drill Activator Card 1 in the alcove. Leave the room, go left, and you'll see that the yellow door in the corner is now open. Enter the passage beyond it and follow it to the mine field. Go right behind the fence, climb onto the crates and jump over the fence, so you don't have to get across the mine field again. Climb into the passage with two drills, crawl under them and leave this area.

ENTERING THE CHUNNEL: Once outside the outter fence, go left all the way to the first hut where you enter this area from the beach. Use the Hut Key to open the trapdoor, go inside and take the Revolver from the desk. Combine Laser Sight with Revolver and equip it. Go right along the fence until you see Lara looking up and to the right above a locked door. Use laser sight to aim at the grey panel high above the fence, and shoot it. This will open the door. Enter.

Follow the passageway and use Drill Activator Card 1 in the slot to the right. Kill an armed guard and take Drill Activator Card 2 from him. Use it in the slot to the left. This will open the door leading to the switch. Flip it to activate the huge drill outside. Go through the door on the left (if Lara's back is against the switch). You'll see that the drill made a huge hole in the ground. Before going there, shoot the planks to the right, go around the wooden cart and push it to reveal Secret #3: Rocket launcher. Then jump into the hole with water.

Use the underwater lever here to raise the first trapdoor. Climb onto this trapdoor and flip the switch. It will raise the second trapdoor above which is timed. You have to be very quick here. As soon as you flip the switch, pivot Lara just a bit to the left and press Down shortly. When Lara hops back to the corner of the first trapdoor, quickly turn her back towards the switch and jump straight up to grab the second trapdoor above. Pull up and immediately jump forward to grab the crevice on the wall. If you are too slow, the second trapdoor will lower and you'll have to try again.

Shimmy to the right along the crevice until you are able to pull up. Follow the tunnel to a switch. Flip it to open an underwater grating in the pool below. Return to the pool and swim towards the grating to end the level.


Video Walkthrough of this level (not exactly the same as this walkthrough):

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