September 25, 2009

Return to Egypt - Walkthrough

Secrets: 7
Author of the level: Titak
Author of the walkthrough: Nina Croft

Level one: The Oasis

Important note: There are a lot of dark areas in these two levels, which may tempt you to use your flares excessively. However, it may happen that you run out of flares when you most need them, and when you cannot use the trick with binoculars or pistols. So be careful and save your flares whenever you can. Here's a tip: save your game, lit up a flare, check out the area, and when you find your way around, reload and do it without flares.

CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN: After the introductory flyby, go ahead and turn right. Pull onto the higher ground, take a run jump across the pit, then another one onto the stone ledge on the opposite wall. Go left, crawl under the overhanging stone, go down onto the lower stone, and jump onto the stone with a small medipack. Take it and climb onto the higher stone above. From there take a running jump with left curve in mid-air to get into the opening on the left wall.

Follow the path between rocks, kill a scorpion on the way, and on the intersection go left. Kill two guards and enter the building. Inside kill three more scorpions. To open the door so heavily guarded, move a statue to the left of the door to the opposite corner (to the left, not diagonally opposite). Enter a small room behind and collect the Shotgun, three boxes of shotgun shells, flares and big medipack. Then kill two more scorpions and leave.

When you come out of the building, go right, then left, slide and you'll see an opening above a deep pit to the right. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey climb to a ledge in the corner. From there jump on the rocks ahead and enter a dark opening to the right. Lit up a flare and follow the twisting tunnel to an intersection. Go to the right and pick up a large medipack. A guard will attack; kill him and take his Uzi clips. Then exit through the other tunnel and immediately draw your weapons to kill one guard and one ninja lurking outside. Take a large medipack from the dead guard, go to the right then left around the corner to draw attention of the second guard, and kill him, too, taking his shotgun shells after he's killed.

Return to the opening you came here from (it's the one with greenish carved stone, to the left). Remember the same opening to the right, but don't go in there yet. That's the end of the level, and you still don't have necessary items to open it. To the right of the opening you came here from is another opening in the stone. Get in, crawl into a raised opening and take a large medipack hidden here. Taking it will trigger the appearance of another guard, so prepare to fight with him when you climb down.

Between two greenish carved doorways there is a low rock you can climb onto. Take a diagonal standing jump to grab a higher rock above. Pull up and turn right (north). Jump up to grab the edge of the rim and shimmy to the right until you can pull up onto a ledge above the door leading to the level exit. Crawl into the opening and take secret #1: normal arrows and explosive arrows. Go back through the crawlspace and safety drop on the ground.

Go south, turn left around the corner and follow the path to an intersection. Go left and kill another guard lurking near a small lake. You'll find another Shotgun here, in case you didn't pick it up before. Keep going left and you'll emerge above a deep pit. From here you can kill a scorpion on the other side. Turn right to take a diagonal jump to grab a climbable wall. Climb to the left and around the corner, back flip onto the ledge behind, jump into the opening with the scorpion (or climb into it), and take a small medipack. Climb back onto the ledge, jump to grab the climbable wall ahead and climb all the way down to the ground. Kill a scorpion in a way.

On the west wall, to the left of the column you used to climb down, there is a wide crack. Crawl into it to find more explosive arrows hidden there. Go back and climb onto the rock on the east wall. Use handholds in the stone wall to climb up onto the ledge. Go right to the heavily guarded oasis with ruins.

OASIS: As you enter, go left and kill a guard coming from that side. Take the Uzis he won't need any more ;) Turn around towards the lake and kill a crocodile. Go around the lake and follow the path among sand dunes to the left. Kill another crocodile here, and continue to the second lake. Remember this place: there is an opening in this lake, leading to the second level. If you are low on health and want to save your medipacks, you can replenish Lara's health by proceeding to the second level, and then going back to the first one. For now you don't need to go there, before you collect one necessary item you'll going to need later. On your second visit to this lake there will be a crocodile here, so kill it.

RUINS: Go around the lake and towards the building among dunes. The first room to the right is empty. Continue among the dunes and ruins, to a jeep. A guard will attack, so shoot him down and take his revolver bullets. Enter the building to the left of the jeep and climb on the crate to the right, to find the Revolver. Go outside, turn left then right, to emerge to another area with ruins and door you need to open.

Before you get to the business, enter a small building to the right and kill a scorpion lurking there. Climb onto a crate in the far left corner and climb down on the other side. Turn so the entrance is behind Lara. In front of her will be a movable block in the wall. Push it a couple of times to reveal a tunnel to the right. Crawl in and follow it to find Secret #2: shotgun shells, small medipack and grenades. On your way out of the building, a guard will attack. Kill him and go back to the street. Turn right and go towards the big blue door you need to open. To the left of it there is a small corridor. Follow it to emerge to another area. Kill two guards and a ninja that will attack you, and take their Uzi clips and big medipack.

The stairs straight ahead lead to a closed gate, so don't go there yet. The building to the right (behind the jeeps) is empty. The one to the left has a closed gate you need to open somehow. Go further down the street, turn right, kill another ninja, and enter the building to the right, by jumping over the sand. Climb down into the opening, jump over the sand to the left and pull a lever to open one gate elsewhere. On your way back kill a scorpion, climb up the ladders and exit the building. Go left and left again. Go down the stairs which are now on your right. Enter the building, kill two scorpions and pull another lever to open the gate in another building. On your way back kill another guard and take his Uzi clips. Cross the street, enter the building, go around the crate on the right and pick up the Hand of Sirius from the pedestal. Kill two guards on your way back and return to the previous area through the corridor (as you exit the building, go right, then right again).

When you come back to the closed door, go straight ahead towards the pool. Turn left and jump into water shortly, to draw the attention of a crocodile swimming in the water. Quickly get out of the water and kill the predator. Enter a building to the left and turn left at the entrance. Jump up to flip a switch above and leave. Jump into water, swim quickly through a twisted tunnel, getting out of the way of two crocodiles in the tunnel. Quickly climb out of the water and kill them from safety.

On the north wall, between two columns, there is a tunnel. Enter and climb up the pole to the upper level. Take a running jump to grab the dangling rope, swing to the other side and jump in front of a lever. Push it
to open the big gate outside. Take a normal jump from this ledge to end in the water, not losing any health in the process. Swim back to the ruins, get out of the water and go back to the big door which is now open. Enter the hallway and walk carefully in the room beyond, to avoid falling into pits with spikes. Don't waste time shooting the vases, there's nothing inside them. Take a diagonal running jump to the right into the alcove and take Cartouche Piece. Jump back across the spikes pit and leave this building. Now you can proceed to the next level.

To get back to the second lake, go forward then right around the corner, to a jeep. Turn left, go forward towards the palm trees, turn right and follow the path among the sand dunes to the lake. Jump into water, swim down through the opening, to an underwater pool. Swim through a tunnel on the east wall, and turn right to pick up poison arrows from the alcove. Swim through the north tunnel to finish the level. Note: Some players say that there is a medipack here in these tunnels at the end of the first level, but I wasn't able to find it. If you found it, please let me know where it is, so that I can update this walkthrough.

Level Two: Orion's Caves

ENTRANCE: If you need air, swim to the surface and breathe. Then dive again and swim into a small alcove south, to find another Cartouche Piece. Swim towards the building with stairs, climb up the stairs and go left, to the golden panel on the wall. Combine two pieces and use this Ba Cartouche here to open the big door. Enter the hallway, ignore the empty vase, go down the stairs, ignore the second vase and enter the room with pools. Kill a scorpion to the left, and another scorpion on the other side of the pool. Go around the first pool, turn right and find a crawlspace in the corner. Inside you'll find some flares. Take them, crawl back and kill another scorpion. Jump into water and swim to the west. Climb on the last walkway and enter the dark tunnel. You'll emerge in a large room with a pool and waterfall.

ROOM WITH WATERFALL: The big door in one of the hallways here are closed, and you need to find another puzzle to open it. There is another door here, but it is also closed for now. The only thing you can do here at this point is to jump over the fence ahead into the pool below. Turn Lara's back towards the waterfall and swim into the far right corner, to a rock formation (south-west). Climb out of the water to the right (between the rocks and the golden column to the right), go around the rocks (to the left) and enter a dark tunnel to the right. Kill a scorpion here and climb the ladders to the upper level.

In the far right corner there is a dark twisted tunnel. Enter it and kill two scorpions in the way. When you enter a small room with carved pillars, go left and enter the room with transparent walls.

LAVA POOL: Walk carefully here on the walkway, since there is a pool with lava below. Go to the intersection, turn left and then turn around towards the entrance. Below the walkway level, you'll see a ladder. Jump to grab it and climb down on the rock jutting out of the lava. Turn towards the lava pool so the ladders are behind you. Then turn right and walk to the edge of the stone. Jump onto the stone in the corner. Walk to the left, carefully jump across the jutting stone onto the next flat stone. Walk further ahead and turn towards the lava pool. To the right, around the corner, there is another flat stone jutting out of lava. Jump with right curve onto it and get into a crawlspace.

Follow the long, pitch dark and twisted tunnel until you arrive at the edge of a lava pit. Hang on the edge of it, shimmy to the left and pull up. Walk towards the second lava pit. Jump diagonally with Action into the tunnel on the right and pick up some super grenades. A bit further you'll find secret #3: Grenade Launcher. Also find a small medipack. Jump across the lava pit with Action, and return the way you came to the big lava pool, walk/jump around the perimeter, until you come back to the ladders you used to climb down here from the walkway above.

TIMED RUNS: Turn to face the lava pool so that the ladders are behind you. Carefully walk to the left, and climb another ladders here. You'll end up in a small room behind the transparent wall. Save your game, because if you fail to make it through the first timed-run, you'll have to return here from the lava pool again.

Approach the chain and turn Lara so the door is on her left, and the chain is in front of her. Pivot her a bit diagonally to the left, so that she can back flip directly into the right corner behind her (that corner is a bit raised than other blocks). Pull the chain once to open the timed door outside the transparent wall. Back flip twice to land onto the raised block in the corner, and the door leading out will open. You have to be very quick here, because both doors are timed. Jump onto the middle walkway, sprint through the door and continue sprinting straight ahead, through the opposite door, but be careful not to fall into the lava pit at the very entrance to the room. Again, save your game after the first timed run.

Pul the chain once and sprint to the raised block in the corner to open the first door. Sprint through it on the walkway, make a turn to the right and sprint through the second timed door before it closes. Again, watch out of the lava pit at the entrance to this room. Once again, save your game. Pull the chain, go to the slightly raised block to open the door, get out quickly before it closes and go through the doorway on the opposite side. In the small room with carved pillars the big gate is now open. Go through and you'll see a pedestal protected by spikes on the left. Go to the right between two columns, go around the column to the left and flip the jump switch to retract the spikes. Now you can approach the pedestal and take the first Eye Piece. In the following flyby you'll see a gate raises in the big room with waterfalls. Return to that room through the tunnel, getting out of the way of two mummies. Climb down the ladder and enter the room with waterfalls.

ROOM WITH WATERFALLS (again): Now you need to make your way back to the upper level. Go around the perimeter to the other side of the pool. Climb onto the rocks and take a diagonal jump onto the rock ledge to the right. Jump straight up to grab the rock above and pull up. Turn left and jump from the edge onto the walkway leading to the door that requires the puzzle to open. From the outter right corner of this ledge take a diagonal running jump to the right onto the walkway with a small pool. Cross to the other side, and take a diagonal running jump to the right onto the walkway with now open gate.

Run down the stairs and through the twisted tunnel, avoiding the mummy lurking here. In the next lara room go to the right, climb onto a slightly raised block and jump up to grab the monkey swing above. Swing to the other side of the room and release the grab on the opposite side of the lava pool. Enter the tunnel to the left and slide down into the cave with lava pool.

CAVE WITH LAVA POOL: From the doorway go to the right edge of the ledge and take a running jump onto the slope. Slide a bit, jump again with a right curve to land near the secret #4: a large medipack. Turn towards the pool, slide down and jump onto another slanted stone. Quickly bounce off and grab a crack in the wall.

Shimmy to the left and pull up into the alcove with a lever, killing three scorpions in the way. Flip it to open a door elsewhere, and immediately jump back to get out of the way of the spiky boulder falling from the ceiling. Return to the cave and hang on the edge of the alcove. Shimmy all the way to the right and around the corner. Release grab to fall onto a slanted rock below. Press Jump to bounce off and land on another slanted rock. Jump off again and land onto a flat rock in the opposite corner. Climb to the doorway using the rocks above Lara and go through.

ROOM WITH WALKWAYS: Enter the room and go left. Beware of the right ramp, because the boulder will roll towards Lara here. Shoot the vase between two ramps, to get some Uzi clips, and climb up in the hallway above the ramps. Go right and enter a big room with walkways.

Jump from one walkway to another and pull all four levers to open one of the four doors here. Enter through that door (south). If you want an extra kill, shoot the vase to the left of the entrance to wake a scorpion sleeping inside. Go around the corner and take a running jump to grab the ledge on the other side of the pit with deadly spikes. Flip both levers to open another door in the big room. Jump back across the pit and return to the walkway. Head to the west and enter the open door there.

Take a running jump across the lava pit, go around the central pillar and climb the ladders. On your way up the ladders shimmy to the right and land onto a ledge on the upper level. Jump across the room to the ledge on the other side. Straight ahead there is a raised opening in the wall. Climb into it, drop on the other side, kill a scorpion lurking in there and take secret #5: the crossbow. Return to the previous room, find a lever behind the pillar and pull it to open the other door in the big room. Return to the big room and head to the east and through now open door.

RETURN TO THE ROOM WITH WATERFALL: Shoot the vase to kill a scorpion if you want and follow the hallway to a pedestal with the second Eye Piece. In the following flyby you'll see a gate raises above a pole elsewhere. Return to the big room with walkways, exit through the door in the north and go ahead to the other side of the hallway. Shoot the vase if you want to kill an extra scorpion, and climb the pole in the alcove to the left. Flip back into an alcove with a vase. Shoot it and pick up a small medipack hidden inside. Jump across the shaft with the pole, turn left, kill a scorpion in the way and follow the hallway to emerge in a big room above another lava pool.

Save your game and take a running jump to grab the first dangling rope. Pivot Lara to face the second rope, swing and jump to grab it. Swing and jump onto the ledge on the opposite wall. Note: Jumping from one rope to another is never easy. You have to be patient and to observe the situation carefully. If you pivot Lara directly to the second rope and she misses it, falling to the right of it, next time try to pivot her a bit to the left of the second slope. Use Look button while hanging on the first rope to pivot her correctly. Don't worry, eventually you'll make it.

Go through the tunnel on the right, safety drop into the pit and climb the ladder. You'll hear an earthquake that will change the big room with waterfall into a huge lava room. Continue climbing through the hallway, slide down towards the opening above the lava pool.

Don't drop down if you want to take the secret here. To the right there is a dark tunnel. Go in and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the golden walkway ahead. Pull up and go to the other side of it. Stand close to the wall on the right and take a running jump onto the rock formation ahead. To the right and above there is a raised crawlspace. Crawl in and climb down on the other side. Push/pull two statues to the corresponding squares to open the gate. Enter and take secret #6: the Revolver and revolver ammo, guarded by two mummies. Get back to the big room through the crawlspace and drop onto the rocky ledge. Turn to face the room and sidestep to the right, all the way to the wall. Carefully step forward to land onto a triangular rock below. From there jump down to the lower level, losing a bit of Lara's health.

Next to the golden column ahead there is another rock formation. Climb on top of it and take a diagonal jump onto the rock to the right. Jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Pull up and turn around, towards the golden ledge. Jump to land there, go in the hallway, combine two Eye Pieces and use the Eye of Horus to open the door. Enter the tomb.

THE TOMB: So, this is the room where I got stuck the first time because I had run out of flares earlier. I could not see anything, and using the binoculars' light would make my game crash. The trick with pistols didn't work here either. Hopefully, you still have a few flares to use here. The objective is to move two statues at the end of the room to the corresponding squares. The problem is that you cannot see where those squares are, because the room is so dark. Even if you lit up a flare, you won't see anything. The only way to locate those squares is to lit up a flare and throw it away randomly until you find them. Then the rest is easy: you just need to push/pull the statues onto them to open the gate (northern wall).

Enter the next room and take the Hand of Sirius from the pedestal. Go across the water and climb the pole. Almost at the top, jumb back into the tunnel. The flares won't work here either, unless you drop them on the floor. Climb onto a stone next to the carved pillar, go through a short tunnel and fall into the lake at the beginning of the level. Swim through the passage (east) to the previous level.

Level One: The Oasis (second time)

MOUNTAINS: Go back to the first lake, and back towards the end of the level. In the first pit safety drop to the ground, go around the climbable pillar, jump onto a flat spot and climb the pillar until you can back flip onto the ledge behind. Take a running jump onto a triangular stone in the corner, climb up into an alcove above, and take a diagonal running jump into the passage to the right.

ENTRANCE TO THE TOMB OF SETH: Return to the greenish doorway and enter the one you haven't enter yet (the one to the right). Follow the twisted tunnel and jump over a pit with spikes. In the flyby you'll see heavily guarded entrance to the tomb of Seth. Follow the tunnel downstairs. Shoot both vases and take shotgun shells and Uzi clips hidden inside. Go through the doorway, walk to the right edge (right if Lara's facing the room) and take a running jump onto a stone in the corner. Pick up some explosive arrows, safety drop to the ground, kill two guards in front of the gate, and take Uzi clips from the floor next to the gate. In the far left corner you'll find a small medipack.

Climb back up the ladder to the entrance. Walk to the left edge, and take a running jump onto the slope. Keep Action button pressed so that Lara can grab the edge of the slope. Shimmy to the right and pull up on the flat block with a crawlspace. You cannot take the Crossbow in there yet, so forget it for now. Take a running jump onto a ledge to the left (if Lara's facing the room). Go to the other side, jump diagonally to the right to grab the edge of the opening and crawl in. Pull the lever in the small room to retract the spikes surrounding the crossbow. Get back into the crawlspace.

Don't drop down to the ground from the crawlspace. Instead, while hanging from the edge of it, shimmy to the right all the way you can. Pull up onto the slanted rock, immediately jump and make a hard left curve to land onto the rocks above the gate. Pick up the large medipack and safety drop to the ground. Once again, climb the ladders to the entrance, jump onto the slanted rock on the right, grab the edge and shimmy to the right, until you can pull up in the crawlspace. Inside you'll find secret #7: the Crossbow. Safety drop to the ground, place two artifacts in the receptacles in front of the gate, and enter the tomb of Seth to finish the game.

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